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I think short-term. Where the hell are my Channel Divinities for the Malign Deities? Why this wasn't included in their entries in the DMG is beyond me.

I think I'm going to stock my dungeons full of good-god worshippers so the players don't have an unfair advantage over NPCs. Let good slaughter good for a change.
perhaps somes of the Good ones could be adapted. Or make them up.

Players are discouraged from evil characters as ever (for good reasons), so they concentred more on Good ones.
Players are discouraged from evil characters as ever (for good reasons)

Yeah, they didn't touch on those reasons at all in the books. Irritating at best, as they just neglect these rules and make vague suggestions on how to adapt existing material to suit our needs. Hiding behind a mask of creative freedom is no excuse for designer laziness. This hampers us DMs by sloughing more work off on us, and supporting a weak business technique of selling us future information that should have been provided in the core rules.
It's not lazyness, they said in every imaginable article that touches the topic, that evil players are a 'no go' at the moment.
I bet you 10-1 that Hasbro wants to try and avoid "negative press" from angry ultra religious organizations, and so they say: "No evil PCs" to WoTC. As if "No Evil PCs" will stop a bunch of that group of people near Ft Collins from book burning (I'm not exaggerating, over the past 10 years that church group has burnt everything from MtG cards to Pokemon. I'll never forget seeing pictures of Pikachu in flames. lol).

What I find ultra amusing about this situation is they then turn around and let players play Half-Devils and Warlocks. lol
It's not lazyness, they said in every imaginable article that touches the topic, that evil players are a 'no go' at the moment.

I don't care about evil players. I care about evil NPCs. Bark, I can't create them without rules for them. Bark.

I'm the DM, I need to make my villains. Give me the rules to do this instead of forcing me to create them, therefore doing your work for you, WotC. Also, if you're going to leave out details for material you mention in the main book, at least include the philosophy for doing so within the book itself. Instead they just wheeled out the Malign Deities, said, "My, aren't they frightening," then wheeled them away again.

And just to indulge you your tangent, there aren't any rules in the game forbidding players from playing evil characters, there's merely a lack of support. This means the designers are procrastinating on creating this support, a.k.a. laziness. They'll want you to shell out another $35 for these rules by coming out with a weak supplement by the name of The Villains Handbook (or VHB), or some crap. But will we? Maybe not as they forced us to make these rules ourselves. Again, a foolish business plan at best.
The Monster Manual has many clerical spellcasters examples in it, from the Kobold Wyrmpriest to the Deathpriest Heirophant, they do not use Channel Divinity for any of these. Monster & NPC creation is not the same as PC creation any more. If you want a Troglodyte priest of Torog take a look at Torog and his commandments and come up with features or powers dealing with them.

Originally Posted by WotC_RichBaker In related news, I'm afraid I'm going to have to confiscate your 3.5 rulebooks, and force you to convert to the new edition. Where do you live?
Evil PC where ALWAYS discouraged. They tend all too often disruptive to group fun - jerkasses at best.

Intraparty warfare is NOT fun.

You don't need much explanation when you realise what is Evil, really.

All in all, make up your own stuff, it's not hard. I bet some of the good divine feats could do again even, reflavored. Be creative and stop awaiting for stuff.
Also, IMO, the Channel Divinity feats aren't all that great. They make you more versatile, but at the cost of the other uses of Channel Divinity.

"Ah, the age-old conundrum. Defenders of a game are too blind to see it's broken, and critics are too idiotic to see that it isn't." - Brian McCormick

one of the best characters EVER in a game i ran was an NE bard, in anotherwise LG and NG party. he was involved in all kinds of selfishness and generally ego-centric behaviour

eventually he WAS killed by other party members, after we, as a group, felt his story was over. in a VERy dramatic way

one of our players, at the time, was a semi-pro artist who ended up painting his death in an oil painting

(incinerated by a 16-dice spellfire blast, when only having 2hp left, BTW)
The thing is, you don't need Channel Divinity feats for evil NPCs - they just have whatever powers are appropriate. Feats are pretty much a PC-only resource.
My god, I've seen the light! Less information is always super awesome. Screw those pesky rules.

Unfortunately Channel Divinity is but the surface of the problem.

Mr. DM: All right, you guys smoked the deathmaster and his spellbook lies on the ground awaiting your perusal.

Mr. Player: Sweet, I snatch that **** up and find the spell that he used
to animate the dead.

Mr. DM: Sorry, you don't find it.

Mr. Player: Uhh, what?

Mr. DM: WotC was too lazy to make that power into a full-fledged spell attainable by any characters, even evil ones.

Mr. Player: 'the hell?

Mr. DM: Don't worry, I'm certain a supplement will come out detailing this or a similar power in the future. You'll be able to purchase that book off Amazon.com for a moderate fee. Until then we'll consider the deathmaster's book written in an ancient script called Amazonite. When that supplement is released the spellbook will become readable.

Mr. Player: Then what the hell is that last bit in the Gentle Repose ritual about?

Mr. DM: Apparently it's only there to stop Vampire Spawn.

Mr. Player: Go touch cocks with SATAN!

I agree with you, Mr. Player. I agree with you...
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