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Okay. I haven't been to my FLGS in a while, but I was there this weekend to post an ad looking for players for my new 4E game. Imagine my shock when I saw the DM's Screen sitting by their 4E display.

I gawked...Then I drooled...Then I gawked some more, walking around the castle in slow circles imagining how it would look on my gaming table. Then I asked the attendant about it...Then I sobbed

For those who are as late to find out about this as I am. It is a limited edition DM screen given to stores that purchase $3000+ (Retail) of 4E merchandise.

Now the question comes in, if any of the WotC marketing guys read this. What are the chances of a non-limited edition version of this screen being available for sale in the not to distant future?

I plead, I beg, I offer cash
I do not know how the two will compare, but there is a 4e dm screen in the works. looks like august
I think he's talking about this...

Yup...That is goddess that has been haunting my dreams *sigh*
Mmm, tastes differ... I find it ugly... :embarrass
Pay $3000 to get a limited edition DM screen? That might explain the large pre-orders...

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