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I highly doubt it would ever happen, but if WOTC owns the rights to the older versions, why not do a reprint? I am a BD&D gamer, and dont care much for the newer systems. I would love to see a limited run of those sets again. I have obtained some through Ebay, but those will safely remain in storage.

These new systems focus too much on feats, skills, and all sorts of other things. It doesnt *feel* like Dungeons and Dragons anymore for some reason. Sure the old systems had their flaws, but tables were simpler to work with, IMHO. Throw a bone to us old timers and do a reprint!

But if I did have any suggestions for future versions, its this: simplify, simplify, simplify. Return to tables. There's too much math going on to make the game run quickly and smoothly. In a typical combat sequence, Im too busy trying to remember what my attack bonus is + my modifiers, + this + that... on and on. And it becomes way too easy to miss something. I simply want to beat the dog snot out of that orc so I can find out what he knows about the missing crystals. Give me a THAC0 so I know what to roll, and lets do it. The rules today have gotten way too technical and I find that it removes the fun out of the game. A party can traverse a kingdom on horseback in a matter of minutes in real-time, but combat can take 20-30 minutes in real time (when in game time, its only a matter of minutes). And there's only so many ways you can make combat "interesting".

My opinion of course.. happy gaming to all, even if you are a fan of the newer versions
BD&D was collected in the Rules Cyclopedia which includes the rules from the D&D boxed sets, Basic, Expert, Companion and Masters.
Guidelines to develop and play characters from levels 1-36.
Lists of weapons and equipment.
Expansion rules including optional skills and talents.
An overview of the Known World and the Hollow World settings.
Rules to convert games and characters to AD&D 2nd ed. and back again.
They never did a AD&D compendium, but did do a 3x one.

Originally Posted by WotC_RichBaker In related news, I'm afraid I'm going to have to confiscate your 3.5 rulebooks, and force you to convert to the new edition. Where do you live?
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