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So,... how do I actually make use of D&D Insider?

It says I'm currently logged into D&DI. But, I'm not paying anything and I can't actually get to any of the digital resources (character builder, etc.)

When I click on any of that stuff in the sidebar it just takes me to an ad for it and tells me all about how cool it is.

How do I get an actual account and start using this stuff?
And why isn't this explained anywhere?
Was Wondering the same thing myself. This getting way confusing
My guess is that it was suppose to go live with 4E, but someone dropped the ball.

I am also awaiting links or an explination as the advertised address of dndinsider.com just takes you to the generic wotc site with the info on the cool new stuff that you can't touch.
This helped me to understand a little bit.

It kind-of addresses the issue, but focuses more on the pricing scheme.

Personally, I prefer the monthly fee. Now, don't misunderstand me... I'm not saying that I prefer $15 a month. That is definately steep. I'm just saying that I prefer paying a flat rate (which I do happen to think should be lower.)

But, here's this,... for what it's worth.

I see alot of these threads poping up... WoTC Should really make it more clear on the site that it isn't just the compendium coming soon, it is pretty much all of DDI (cept dragon and dungeon).
lolz. y'all should have checked for traps before you went there.

seriously though. WotC should state what the hell is going on a bit more clearly. I want to be able to play DnD at the game table over the internet because putting together a group of more than 3 people (including DM) is just so freaking hard.

1st campagin I ever played was with me my friend and the dude that I live with. we got halfway through the quest and we had to stop because it was getting late and my friend had to go home. we never played again.

2nd campagin was good for about 3 months then the DM's "special" girlfriend cheated on him and needless to say that ended the campagin a bit abruptly. we got fast fowarded to the end of the DM's story arc which ended with my character being one of the only ones not dead at the end of the campagin. while i was happy with the conclusion of the campagin because it gave me the chance to kill a werewolf that I had been adventuring with since the first quest as well as a universe destroying thing that merged our DnD universe with another one. I had fun while it lasted but the forced ending because the group fell apart and didnt make the experiance as good as it could have been.

3rd campagin, we had four players, we never could get the entire group together all at the same time so we had to play catchup alot at the beginning of the campagin. we must have sat down to play like 3 times before one player blew up over something not related to the DnD game durring the play of a completely different game. which lead to the inability to play DnD at all because we lost two players.

This time we are having a difficult time finding a group that we can play with. so far we have DM, 3 players, and one player that "might" play. these things can be fustrating. so i personally cant wait to get a crack at the DnD insider things that can feed me the DnD I want.
I submitted a question to WotC Customer Service, we'll see what they say.

I've been having the same confusion.
The D&Di is free for right now and should be while they are getting the applications ready.

The only thing live at this point is the Dragon and Dungeon magazines, with the Compendium coming online soon. The other applications will be rolling out in the months to come.

Here is a quote from Ken Troop on the current order in which the applications will be made public:

Page 2 Issues

1) Order of Release for Applications

Someone asked about what the likely order of release would be for the applications. This list assumes the Compendium is already out there.

a) Character Visualizer -- this application is currently the closest to being done.
b) Character Builder -- this application is also close to being done, but slightly farther away than the Character Visualizer. I understand that for many people, the Character Builder would be great to have as soon as possible...if we can get it out first, we will, but the way that things look right now, it's likely to be second.
c) Game Table and Dungeon Builder -- many people are very excited about the Game Table...but it is also the most complex of all of our applications, as well as the one that needs the most "game" and user polish of all of our applications. This is the application that will take the most time to complete and for which the schedule is least reliable..."is it done" is not the only question that needs to be answered, but also "is it fun?"


This thread has a GRZ interview with Ken Troop the Executive Producer of D&Di. Someone provided a transcript later in the thread for those that can't watch the video.
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