Website Updates, and DM Screen

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While I sit waiting for Amazon to send me my books wondering why you would hold Gameday only 1 day after the launch and days before many will get there books, I had another thought. Why does it take WOTC a week to update the website at the start of every month to show us which products are coming this month, which ones are coming out the following month and which ones were available last month? The last two months I kept meaning to post about that, but forgot, but here it is the 8th and we just got that the 3 4th addition Core books are available this month. In addition they've let us know that H3 will be available next month (oh wait thats not right, its H2) and the player character record sheets and the DM Screen, except of course despite Wizards still saying on there website that the DM Screen will be available next month (July), everyone else (including Amazon and B&N) think the product wont be available until August, somehow despite what WOTC says I'll bet I am not going to see the Screen at my doorstop until August. Also why exactly are the novels no longer listed in the products on the website? List novels for products and you get 60+ for 2007 and exactly 1 for 2008 "Rani and the Wedding Ghost". In the first 5 months of the year I've read alot more new FR, DL and Eberron novels then the yet to be published RWG (its coming in August), yet they dont show up on the website, how is that a good idea? And this is something thats been done well for years, now WOTC apparently can't keep the items actually being sold listed correctly on their website. Finally, by count, we seem to be getting far fewer D&D books/accessories/modules then either of the previous two years, given what we are expecting to see in 2009 (7 books or so plus two for Ebberon) that trend seems to be continuing, is that really a model that WOTC thinks will grow the market and make them more profitable or are the counting on DDI and the Ezines to make up the slack for selling less product?