4E PDFs: I'm ready to buy.

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Isn't D&D Insider supposed to be a giant rules suppository...

Ouch. These anti-piracy measures are getting more and more invasive.
Isn't D&D Insider supposed to be a giant rules suppository and compendium that you subscribe to?

Private Snowball!
However most people I know would not pay for PDFs because they are:
  • Too easy to pirate for free

Very true. If you dont mind breaking the law. And I do not advocate breaking the law. I will say that if you dont mind breaking the law, there are some very very interesting 4th edition pdfs bouncing around the bit torrent world. I have not downloaded them myself, as I like to see creative people get paid for creative work. But I did have someone more or less say, "Hey, check out what I downloaded", and believe me I took a long hard look.

I am still of course ordering hard copies of the books. I personally find .pdf files that were created to be print materials not as user friendly as digital materials. I find it much more enjoyable, and faster, to flip through a hardcover book (at least a gaming rule book, there are certain cases where searching a .pdf archive would be vastly more efficient) than to try to find my way through .pdfs, especially when I am still learning the rules and am bouncing from section to section of the book.
No kidding.

I do have one of those torrents, but only because I agreed to run some of the Game Day stuff at my FLGS, and need to have an idea of what I'm getting into before I do so. My Amazon order arrives on the 10th, according to them. It is being prepped for shipment, and my PayPal debit card has been charged. SO I have paid for those books.

But seriously, would it have hurt WoTC to have said, "Hey, the game releases only the day before... maybe we should move the date earlier, to like Tuesday?"

I'm only keeping the torrents because I like the ability to C&P stat blocks of monsters for game prep. After I make sure they match, as apparently, the one I have is a pre-final version print proof.

If WoTC made a legal, purchasable PDF, I'd delete these and buy those. I already do it with White Wolf.
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