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Well... It didn't really, but it may have if he'd seen what's been going on.

I've been playing D&D for the better part of 15 years. I want to make this very clear, I love this game... a lot. A good deal of my disposable income has gone to TSR & WOTC over the afore mentioned time frame. I'm not happy with what I'm hearing & seeing so far.

I work for a major computer & OS manufacturer. Customers have been accustomed to features in our operating system & expect that those features they use , to be there in future releases. Adding functionality to the feature is good & most times welcome. The problem comes in when you start taking the feature away abruptly. This sort of "Tom Foolery" is what sets people off.

You cannot give a baby candy & then take it away.... no matter what your reasons, justified or otherwise, without a lot of crying. For good, better or worse, I sincerely doubt that I'll be switching. At least not without some major home brewing which I honestly don't have the time for. The trouble I have is that I like a lot of the mechanics changes & really hate others. I'll name a few examples:

1. New Magic Missle

Usable at will

Loses it's caster level damage adjustment
It doesn't hit automatically?????

2. Fireball

That big old firey burst of damage we know & love

Once per day?????
Again loses it's caster level damage adjustment

And then there is the Monk & Druid.... Yes I know these are not "Core Classes" in the traditional sense. But hearkening back to Baby/Candy... Taking features away from folks who have been using them for the last 8 years is just... well... wrong!!!

There are other examples out there I'm sure. I just won't know until I'm able to see the finished product, so I'll refrain from complaining further.

You have not release the core books yet WOTC.... Please reconsider some of these changes & fix them before release.
I highly doubt 4E had anything to do with Gary's death. Despite not liking 4E I think its wrong to make that kind of accusation.
As we say in french... You don't make omelettes without breaking eggs.

When things change, things may not change as you like - but the changes can be good noneless.

Customers can live with removing needless, badly done functionalities - not every customer like 'features creep'. And understand why, if explained well.

Also, the books are done and already prereleased.

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1) The title of this thread is INCREDIBLY tasteless!

2) The books are going to be released in 6 days. Do you really think WotC is going to recall all those books, pulp them, change around Magic Missile and Fireball, and then print up new books, over something so miniscule? Are you kidding? As for your points...

So what if Magic Missile doesn't autohit anymore? You get to fire it off all day. So you're going to be hitting a lot more often with it then you possibly coiuld in prior editions, even if it isn't autohit.

Fireball is daily. And? It was daily in every prior edition. You had to memorize it several times over to get more uses out of it.

As for caster level damage adjustment, damage is handled differently in 4E, so they're not going to port over that system "just because".

You're right, though, in that some people are being babies about certain things. Whiny, nagging, and completely unreasonable. There's nothing you can do to satisfy those people no matter what you do, so why bother?
(This thread title will ensure at least one flagging.)

And rightly so, being one of the most distasteful things that could have possibly been written.
I highly doubt 4E had anything to do with Gary's death. Despite not liking 4E I think its wrong to make that kind of accusation.

As I stated right away.... "Well... It didn't really, but it may have if he'd seen what's been going on."

The not releasing thing is wishful thinking... my point here is you cannot put features into a game that a good amount of players have come to love & enjoy & out of hand dismiss those folks by removing content.... adding content is fine but removing content is almost always a bad idea.
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