Your 6th of June or Mine?

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I'm from New Zealand. Its the 6th of June here sooner then it is for the US (it seems to be around 4 in the afternoon when the D&D site puts up new art and excerpts). Will I have to wait till its the 6th of June for you guys before my local shop is allowed to sell the books, or will I be able to get it as soon as the store opens?

Just curious.
I'm from New Zealand too. My local store quite clearly said "The 6th", as in the local date, for when they'd start selling it, dependent on courier reliability.
Yeah, thats what I thought my guy said too, but I thought I'd see if that was what the case would be.
It'd make sense to have it local time - it'd be kinda odd otherwise.

So the question is, any real hardcore gamers gonna fly somewhere to get it a few hours earlier - then fly back to get double the opening night goodness?
Playing Scales of War


Heck I'm doing a midnight release at my store in Louisville, KY.
Heck I'm doing a midnight release at my store in Louisville, KY.

And here, I move from Kentucky back to Florida!!!!!!!!

Oh well, it's not like I couldn't wait another 8 - 9 hours to get my books anyway.
Heck I'm doing a midnight release at my store in Louisville, KY.

Is this at Book and Music Exchange?
Ya since we already have a magic the gathering tourney.
I decided I'll stay till about 1 am to do a midnight release.
On Saturday June 7th 2008 we are doing Worldwide D&D Gameday

Full now 1st game at 10am to 2pm ran by Chris Quisenberry
Open 2nd at noon to 4pm by Donny Rhye
Open 3rd at 2:30pm to 6:30pm by Chris Quisenberry
Open 4th at 4:30pm to 8:30pm by Donny Rhye
Open 5th at 5:30pm to 9:30pm by Kenneth Murrell
Open 6th at 7:00pm to 11:00pm by Chris Quisenberry

If we don't have 5 players to start games will start later.

Call, Post or e-mail to reserve a space.
Donny Rhye 502-969-4403
Email D.rhye at

Book & Music Exchange
5400C Preston Hwy
Louisville KY 40213
Too bad I have to watch the kids that Saturday. It would be cool to see how Donny and Kenneth actually DM. I know they suck at playing Magic. ;)

Btw, that is a joke. I do know Donny and Kenneth.
The store I shop at is doint a midnight release, too, in Massachusettes. I've got a prior commitment for Saturday, been trying to decide if I can stay up that late to go pick up some books.
The store I go to (The Gamer's Lounge in Sandusky, OH) is actually gonna sell the books when they get them today.

Or at least give the books to the people who prepaid for them, myself included.

On Game Day, I'm actually pulling double duty. I'm DMing the Game Day module as well as hosting Dungeon Feud, using actual software that mimics the Family Feud game.
Well I got my copies yesterday, which granted was 3 minutes ago. This was in Australia. The shop actually had them the day before but wasn't allowed to sell them yet.
Anyone know where I can downlaod the NEW SRD for 4th edition? I browsed wizards and cant find a link for it anywhere....

please help
My copies were shipped by on the 4th and, to my delighted surprise, they arrived in Galway, Ireland this morning. Well done to the Irish and UK post offices!

Can't wait to break the shrink wrapping and enjoy that new book smell. Ahhhh.

Will 6 o'clock never come? ;(
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