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...but will there be psionics in 4.0? I don't live near any of the demos, and I've been away from the forums for months. Anyone know if I can still play a psychic warrior or an elan psion?

Edit: yes, I meant to say "answered."
There will be Psionics, they have said it will be integrated as a normal part of the game like Arcane and Divine. However it won't be in the first PHB. It will probably be in PHB2 coming out next year.
While, I have seen no such confirmation of psionic classes, and do not speak for WotC, I'm going to say yes. I know I've seen psychic damage listed, from a monster in KotS (clay scout), and I believe the Illithid will have much in the way of psychic damaging attacks. So, if there is a specific damage type, I would guess that classes/powers that use that damage type are not far off.

I'm guessing as early as PHB2 will we see some psionic classes. As for the elan and specific classes, I couldn't say.
The smart money is on psionics to appear in the PHB2, which I predict to show up in the first half of 2009. Maybe even the first third.

One major reason is that the Eberron campaign setting, which psionics is a prominent part of, is being released in '09.
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