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My Walmart order says "Your order is being processed. It is estimated to arrive between Friday, 06/06/2008 and Friday, 06/06/2008. "
lol. I don't really trust that, and yet...Amazon won't even put a 6/6 delivery date on the thing, so I'm staying with Walmart, even though the cost is now approximately even.
I'm in the exact same boat, hoping for the exact same thing. I *SO* want those books on Friday, not Monday.

Good luck. I pre-ordered through amazon. I contacted them today to see if it was even *possible* to get the book on the day it was released.

Their answer?

And I'm quoting here (I just copied this from their e-mail to me):
"Please note that could ship this item only once this item has been released and we receive copies."

Ignore the grammatical error. Clearly, the upshot here as *I* read it is that the book won't be shipped until the 6th (once it has been released.)

So, thanks Amazon, and thanks WotC - apparently, somewhere between the two of you, I'm not getting my books on the day they are released (I even paid for 1 day shipping, but it's 1 business day, so that means Monday the 9th.) Perhaps, WotC, the future, you could release it on a Wed or Thursday (or heck, Monday for that matter.)

You do realize that is just a scripted response from a service center in India right?
You do realize that is just a scripted response from a service center in India right?

Next you're going to tell me that D&D is a role-playing game, right?

The entire message wasn't totally scripted as part if responded to specific items I placed in my e-mail to them. The follow-up e-mail I sent to them was responded to by an even less scripted response.

I have been pre-ordering from amazon a long time now. Every pre-order I have placed has been delivered on the release date including the last 3 Harry Potter books, even though the expected ship date in my confirmation email is always listed as the release date.

The only thing I can ever think of not getting on release is Mario Kart Wii which for some wierd reason was released on a Sunday, but I did get it the following Monday.
I spoke to the local store where I ordered my books. They haven't received them yet, but when they do they aren't releasing them early unless WotC releases retailers from the street date. Since they are a small operation, being cut off from WotC would be bad for them. My guess is WotC doesn't care about "losing" sales from a few small stores (by cutting them off), as those customers will still buy their product elsewhere.

Moral of the story... the little local retailers have to play by the rules, the big boys don't.

Actually, small game stores get them from regional wholesalers not WotC directly. They will not violate the date; its not good business practice and subject to fines and other punitive actions like-we wont sell you our product anymore. Ian.
Well, I'm buying from my FLGS, and I'm proud to pay full price. The guy running the place has been awesome for just about anything you could think of, and Amazon can afford to lose the money.

I've not heard of any early release from him.
Alright, so here's my two cents on all of this.

I used to work at AAFES until very recently (maybe some of you know about these? On every military post in all the states and overseas as well) and I can honestly tell you that even this store, which I kind of view as a big chain not a mom and pop store, were STILL afraid of raising the wrath of the publishers. Heres why;

Someone gave an example of if the publisher's cut off Border's they would lose thousands of dollars. But the thing is they wouldn't cut off BORDER'S, they would cut off the one store that presold before hand (works the same with all stores, was the order associate and thus good friends with everyone including the major publishers that we dealt with). Therefore, THAT Border's would lose out on the next big release (sorry border's on second and main, no huge bestselling novel for you), and all the people who really wanted the book would just go to another store to pick it up. Publisher still gets the money, just from a different store.

Sorry, but if someone really wants the book, they're not just going to say 'aaah this store doesn't have it, I guess I won't buy it.' They're going to go to other stores/ go online and get it. This is true 98% of the time.

As for fines and such, yes they are out there. I remember Harry Potter coming out and going DIRECTLY into the cage with only two keys, the area manager and loss prevention manager. When it comes to big street dates (and I count D&D as such) stores don't want to mess with getting the big ban.

Argue with me if you'd like.
So I pre ordered on the 4th Jan, the MM and DMG arrived last Wednesday (28th) and the PH this Monday (2nd) from chapters.ca. Now I'm not complaining that I got the books early but I feel bad for FLGS, first they have to try and compete with the Internet chains on price but now they have to coop with unchallenged early release, if I was a retailer I would be
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I just picked mine up from a retailer here at a local mall. I went there to see if they had a sale on all 3 books together, and when I walked up, lo and behold, there was the cardboard display with the books inside.
I just picked mine up from a retailer here at a local mall. I went there to see if they had a sale on all 3 books together, and when I walked up, lo and behold, there was the cardboard display with the books inside.

Does the retailer rhyme with "Maldencrooks" or "Porters" Express?
Does the retailer rhyme with "Maldencrooks" or "Porters" Express?

I can neither confirm, nor deny that question.
I ordered from amazon.com strictly because the two local shops I'm aware of are owned by the same guy and managed by arrogant pricks that I refuse to give my business to. I'd buy from a local gaming shop if there was one that wasn't run this way...

Well, if you ever have the time, drive to the Oakland section of Pittsburgh and give Phantom of the Attic a try. Great stores (one for comics, one for gaming), the owner Jeff is a great guy, and the staff is pretty cool, too.

Of course, gas does cost, but if you're ever in the 'Burgh...
Does NZ count? Got mine this afternoon which counts as Thursday...