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I would like to see the following settings:
*Eberron and *Faerun, *Grayhawk, *Ravenloft (Maybe as part of the Shadow Lands?), *Dragonlance, *Magic: The Gathering, *Dark Sun, *Planescape, *Starjammers,

*Astralmar, *Fairie, *Oriental, *Roman Empire-ish, *Conquistadores in America-ish, *BC 40,000-ish (With dinos!), *Underwater, *Sci-Fi, *Modern, and *Steampunk settings

I would also like to see some more Rules Expansions and World-building tools, like

*Battles (including rules for leading regiments and tactical combat)

*Politics and Subterfuge (More story hooks than mechanics)

*Mystery storylines and Puzzle-making tips, plus tips for upping the tension
and adding the 'gotcha' factor to a game

*Alternate magic and game mechanics


*Game mechanics for sailing ships, summoning spells, pets, and personal steeds

*Bestiary for normal filler-animals



*World Creation Tools
To be honest I'm just looking forward to the Forgotten Realms books,...however...I would LOVE to see what they can do with Greyhawk.

Overall I would love to see more CS and sourcebook material as opposed to "books of prestige classes".

I want to know more about the lands we play in, and bringing what's written in the novels into sourcebooks for us to play in would be, imho, at the very least amazing.

Here's to hoping...

Oh and I think Psionics will probably be seen in PHB2. That's just my own guess.
A redesigned CS book series. New powers, rituals, feats, skill abilities, items, fine in creating a world, you need to change the window dressing to fit the look. But adding races and classes hurts DMs who are "purists". I have one DM who refuses to use anything from a campaign setting book unless the game he is running takes place in that world. Which means I have never gotten to play my Changling Rogue that I always wanted to play, or the Artificer class, or any of the FR subraces.

One or two races, of course, but later publish them outside that setting. A class is fine, like the swordmage, but if more than one is going to be done, go the full distance and make a world-specific power source for it (techno-magically powered Artificer?). If WotC were to keep those things which matter most, races and classes, in the PHBs and MMs, there would be less complaints of "I love (race/class/paragon path/destiny) X, but why would I want to buy Spelljammers just for that".

Which seems to be what WotC is doing, releasing multiple "core" PHBs. But still, the FR setting is supposed to have the swordmage, which is considered by many to be the only Arcane Defender to be released. Also a role and class I personally want to play, but won't because my group and I have strong feelings of loathing for FR and will not be purchasing that setting.
A new Libros Mortis.
A new book on monsters classes.
A book that included Warforged and Drow.

Though definitely the undead book. I'm apalled at the lack of summong spells. It seems the Death Master template is the only thing that comes close.
Fruedian Slip?

That aside, I'd like to see a steam punk setting. Something very Victorian, with steam work golems, magically enhanced trains, Air ships, decent guns, and a lot of running through the fog at night by gaslight.

Put some moderns into a D&D setting and cripple electricity, then they will have to make do with steam engines and mechnical controls alongside magic, the situation is similar to steam punk.
Since Hasbro and WoTC are one big happy family
Transformers RPG
Marvel Superheroes RPG
and oh yeah...
A new version of the Star Drive RPG w/ the mecha rules from d20 future
And not the broken version WW put out a fully functioning add on Plane. Where you send all your broken or too well put together players characters to die. Or become gods of their own realm. Either or really, just a well thought out Ravenloft would be joyous.
Book of Vile Darkness!!!!!

I second that. I'd also like to see the freakin' Sorcerer class make a return before the PHB 2 in 2009.
BoVD is fine as long as it's handled MUCH better. It's probably Monte's worst supplement. BoVD was too immature, too cartoony, and too overpowered. If you're going to do a book on evil and call it Mature, do it right. M-rated does not equal mature.
My list is pretty simple:

A couple of settings, with a couple of books. Ravenloft, Dark sun.

ONE book with some simple stats and conversions for Eberron. Nothing else.

One more book with classes, items, prestige classes, stuff like that.

One more book with feats and spells and powers.

Two more monster manuals, maybe.

That's it.
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