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Hello all,

I am 36 and have been playing since I was 10. I am sitting here with a friend of similar history and we are having a debate.

The questions are:

Do we old-schoolers need to fall in line and play whatever is new in order to not become obsolete?

Will we end up slowly but surely loosing players if we don't try to attract younger players who *assumingly* will be playing the newest thing?

Are there more players that are from the 80's familiar with 2nd edition than there are new players familiar with 4th or 3rd even?

Aren't they all just different games and why do I need to play what the companies are trying to sell at the present time?

Sure tournament play is contemporary, but why do we need to keep changing how we play at home?

Are we the only old-schoolers asking these questions?

You're not alone. There are groups that play 1e, and 2e, you just have to look for them.

There are many that don't want to go to 4e, and are going back to their old 1e, and 2e rules sets, typically those that upgraded to 3.X and didn't like it, and like the thought or actuality of 4e worse.

1e, and 2e only die if people stop running them. Yes, they might be small numbers, but there are people out there.

I've been buying up all the 1e and 2e books I can find on ebay, and passing them out for free to potential playerskeep those versions alive.

There are a few groups that play 1e, and 2e on OpenRPG. I am going to be running 2e Birthright pretty soon, here, on openRPG.

Check the Out of Print forums:

Good luck.
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Thank you. You're sat night reply alone made my point to my friend.

Everyone hast to answer these questions for him- or herself. Noone is forcing you to switch to a new edition if you don't want to.

I think there are people playing every edition of D&D that was ever released. You may want to have a look at the ENWorld forums as well. There are several members still playing OD&D.

Myself, I started playing with AD&D 1E in 1984.

Many years later, I suffered from burnout after my 2E Darksun campaign ended prematurely and didn't play any RPGs for two years.

D&D 3E managed to get me interested again and I started a new campaign when 3.5 was released.

Now I can't wait until 4E is out since it seems to focus on the things I currently consider fun, but I will still continue playing 3.5 until my current campaign is finished, which may well take another one or two years.
I wish the companies would continue to publish the modules for the older editions even though the new rule books are available. Isn't there enough demand for it?

Thanks for your thoughts guys.

I wish the companies would continue to publish the modules for the older editions even though the new rule books are available. Isn't there enough demand for it?

Have you tried searching for them on the internet?

Pretty much all of them should still be available either as free downloads or inexpensive pdfs.
Yeah. There's tons out there, I know. But it's still not the same as having a nice bound module with pictures.

... also ... what's the status on having virtual game rooms? I'd definitely use a site that provided integrated video feeds for several people. We have some friends abroad and the technology is all there to make them feel like their sitting with us at the same table. Customized video conferencing is what I need.

Are you aware of the previous edition downloads page on the wizards site?

It has a long list of 2nd edition products offered for free.
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