Any chance of a 3.5 Class Compendium?

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It would just be, well, USEFUL.
As would a Feat Compendium (to an extent) and a Spell Compendium II (include infusions, invocations, powers, and spells published since Spell Compendium), but I doubt it, which is why I'm working on my own Feat Compendium and consolidated spell lists.
The chance is exactly 0%.
The chance is exactly 0%.

QFT... 3.5 will be going the way of the Do-do when 4.0 is released. At least in WoTC's eyes.
It would just be, well, USEFUL.

It would also be the size of the Oxford English Dictionary (unabridged edition).

However, it would probably end up being cost prohibitive for anyone to publish, except for fans on the forums.

3.5 will be going the way of the Do-do when 4.0 is released. At least in WoTC's eyes.

"will be"? As far as I can tell, it already has in their eyes.

Not a problem for my group. As the primary DM, at least now I don't have to worry about a player bringing in another suppliment for my approval. We have all the books we need and/or want; and we already know what material from each one fits the game world.

With all the 3ed material in our possession, we have many years of gaming ahead before we've explored it all.

So, it is definitely up to us fans to create our own 'compendiums' as our needs dictate.
I hope they atleast release some of it to the SRD.
(And I mean "some" I only want warforged and Artificer, no way in hell I'm buying a £20 book for those two things)
I'm sure there is no way WotC is devoting any time to consolidating old material, even if just in a PDF form on the website.

I'm not sure a class compendium buys much anyway. Here's why I say this. The main times a player needs to access the class information are when they create the character and when they level up. So even if they need to access Complete Divine once in a while, it'll probably be rarely during game play - especially if they summarize any unusual powers/abilities on their character sheet.

Likewise, the DM rarely needs to access the class material either - just when making a new NPC for example - and then usually it's once and done unless the character will be a long term recurring one.

For the many DMs who use published adventures some or all of the time, most of the adventures (certainly the ones that appeared in Dungeon magazine) had stat blocks that included all you needed to run an NPC for that encounter including summarizing abilities of non-standard classes from the supplements.

Now, if there wasn't a new edition coming along and they were looking to make a sourcebook that let people get all of the various optional classes in one place without having to sift through 20 books, some that are out of print, I might see them making something like this. But a feat compilation would certainly provide more bang for the buck in my opinion.

QFT... 3.5 will be going the way of the Do-do when 4.0 is released. At least in WoTC's eyes.

WotC stopped caring for 3.5 4 years ago...
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