Week 6 Reports

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Game HQ - OKC: We had 4 tables running this week. Since everyone was running a behind in the story, we decided to play eve though it was an off week.


For my table, The party continued on into the lair of Iceingdeath and did battle with the Ice Witch similicrum and the undead remains of Iceingdeath. I probably didn't tune this battle as well as I could have. While Hedran did put up a fight, it was not as close of a battle as I would have liked. Lessons were learned for the final battle. I put the stats I converted them to in my original converson document. Anyway, her shield was effective and I positioned her on a raised precipace, both of which mitigated the damage to her, but they owned the dragon pretty hard and pretty quick. The PCs are level 5 and were exploiting Haste with full effect. I had some bad rolls as well, so it wasn't as big of a challenge for them as I would have liked. As a general rule, monsters are pretty underpowered vs. PCs of equal level. For the final battle, I will be adding some reactions, greater defenses and more utility to the monsters to make it more challenging for them.


Next week they will be travelling back to the Dwarven Valley and will find the effects of the interlude in full swing. Thar be zombies!


It's apparent that I will not get through all the content in this adventure before the season's end, I think I've said this before, so I'll be scripting a more railroaded version of the final 5 weeks of this season in order to get them to the final fight when they should.