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                ACT 1 IS COMPLETE! Interlude is finished and ready for a nice holiday break. Another week goes by, another new player for the table. After the holiday break I will definitely be running two tables. However, I had quite a big battle planned for tonight so I did 1 large table with 11 people. It went smoother than I expected given the amount of enemies that I threw out there and the number of PCs in play, made for a pretty epic fight. I actually managed to combine two of the interlude confrontations into one session, everyone had plenty of fun.

Players this week are:

  • Drea – Orcling Barbarian
  • Jason – Dwarf Cleric of War
  • Rob – Dwarf Fighter
  • Tony (new player) - ??? Ranger (think human)
  • Rico – Woodelf Druid
  • Brandon – Halfling Rogue
  • Trevor – Highelf Evocationist
  • Tom – Human Cleric of Flame
  • Derek – Highelf Paladin
  • Lee – Human Paladin
  • Sean – Human Rogue


                The session started off with me laying out some info that Baerick & the emissary gave up after spending a few days in captivity (this also gave an excuse for the party to rest up after the beatings they took on both fronts during the last session). Mostly painting the picture that there is the massive Black Ice prow in at Lac Dinneshere, and since the party is piecing together that Black Ice = Trouble I am hoping that they would be going there next. After the information was given out we moved outside where Helda was getting ready to head out to another one of the towns (just happens that she is going toward Lac Dinneshere first) for pick up some more wares to sell when she ventures back south after winter. The party gladly accepted her offer to continue to be her guard during the travels.


                The group was readying the wagon for departure when a rather large group of humans came up squakin’ about how the future of Bryn Shander is already looking brighter since Speaker Gant took over. This surprised the group for a couple reason. First, when they left Bryn Shander about a week ago Duvessa was in change and she and Gant were working on trying to figure out who is ruining her name. Second, what was a group of nearly 40 humans doing in the dwarven valley, most with mining gear on? The party first asked about “Speaker Gant”, and the status of Bryn Shander in which the leader of the group of humans filled them in on the recent political happenings (all spun in a positive light for Gant). After that, the Bryn Shanderites(?) jumped directly into their offer to buy the mines. As you can guess, this did not sit well with any of the dwarves.


                Flustered that the “townies” would even consider such a proposal sent Stokely into a stammering stuttering mess, flinging every dwarfish curse in the book (all in dwavish). As Stokely paced in frustration the party & Helda took up the rebuttal on behalf of the dwarves, which was an obvious “NO”. Seeing how they were not going to get much further with the negotiations the group from Bryn Shander was ready to leave when the Cleric of War started running his mouth and threatening the group to never come back or else it would mean their heads. Such an open threat made for a hostile environment. Not one to back down from the challenge, the appointed leader of the Bryn Shander miners came forward and started a rather heated argument. However, before it could come to open blows Tony, the new Ranger, offered a challenge of single combat to prevent a mass all out brawl. If Tony wins, the Bryn Shanderites are not to return to the Valley with discussions to buy the lands again, however if the Bryn Shanderite wins then Stokely will agree to come and discuss the offer, and only discuss, at a future date (the only reason they made this offer is because a quick glance shown that there should be no way that Tony should lose this fight). Seeing this as the best solution (and having no intention of keeping his word about not returning if he loses) the spokesperson for Bryn Shander agreed.


                The two combatants took up their weapons while the onlookers formed a little schoolyard circle around them. Rob was quick to engage one of the miners in a small bet. A quick round ended in parries and misses for both warriors. With the start of the next round Jason opted to cast bless (and did not attempt to hide that he was casting a spell). The enemy landed a hit on Tony, but for minimal damage and Tony returned the favor with a near max damage hit, taking the enemy out in a single blow. Seeing a weakened opponent, Drea (orcling-barbarian) charged in took a single at the Bryn Shanderite only to get pushed aside by both Tony and the Bren Shanderite. Seeing the outside influence of the party member the surrounding members of the Bryn Shander group took up rocks and pelted both Jason and Drea demanding that they stop cheating.


                Neither Drea nor Jason took kindly to this (Drea didn’t care that she interfered and Jason saw that he did no wrong (both ingame and in RL). With combat interrupted, both original combatants seethed their weapons and started to move toward the two that interfered only to see Drea take a swing and hit one of the miners and Jason charge another. Both Jason & Drea connected and a ruckus erupted, but it wasn’t a full on fight. Both Jason and Drea were quickly restrained by copious amounts of miners and then the miners agreed to leave however they were taking both Jason and Drea with them and placing them under arrest. At this point both Jason and Sean tried to speak to Jason’s innocence (neither getting that Jason was in the wrong) only to get pulled down to the carpet (in game) by the miners and the party about how he, a goodly priest of Moradin, would interfere with a legitimate one on one challenge. In the end, Jason agreed to go peacefully as long as he was given a fair trial (which he would surely lose) and was removed from the map but Drea broke free and mauled one of the miners while running back to the group and ending with a death of one. With that, chaos started to erupt and Tony laid a fog cloud over the miners. Jason still accepted his fate and the miners did not give chase, but swore they would be back to get the little ugly child.


                As they were talking a few members picked up on the sounds of a faint drumming, Rico shapeshifted into a hawk to scout out what it could be. After a quick scan of the surrounding lands Rico discovered that there were a group of warriors (he could tell they were had weapons and were wearing furs but could not tell if they were hostile or not) coming from a mountain path toward the valley (nearly at it). With that, Rico found a tactical area to land and warned the group that they were going to have more visitors (about the same time as the Fog Cloud was laid). As the party turned around they could see the first few of the group of new visitors coming down the mountain trail, a few of the party members (Lee and Sean) headed off toward the newcomers while Brandon tried to find a place to hide (he didn’t like the feeling he was having in his gut). As Sean and Lee approached the warriors took aim with bow and javelin, only to miss. No false words were exchanged, only battle calls to Auril. Seeing that their new visitors were not the friendly type the group grabbed their weapons and headed to meet the new threat. Brandon went into the mines to navigate to the closer spot where he could sneak in behind them, sadly he was not familiar enough with the mines and failed all his navigation checks (2, 3, 4, 3 and a few other bad checks) effectively taking him out of the game by time he decided to turn around and was able to make it out of the mines.


                At this point the party started to split up. Some members opted to stay by the fog cloud incase the miners came back, while the ranged moved behind some cover spots and Lee and Sean pressed further toward the attackers. As more attackers filed down the mountain path Trevor let a Fireball go (he has waited since MiBG to do this), connecting with 2 and singeing another 3. Two of the attackers started to cast spells of their own, one failed to connect with Trevor but another managed to place a Hold Person on Lee. Seeing the plumes of the fireball above the fog cloud Jason attempted to break free from his captors and actually succeeded getting back just in the nick of time. As the fight progressed Rico managed to find a spot along the ridge that allowed him to cast Plant Growth (I didn’t realize it was a ritual) leaving a small path for his teammates to get through and followed the next round up with Spike Growth. By me not checking out the wording behind Plant Growth made this a CRAZY combination that pretty much ended the threat of any more attackers joining and allowed for the range to pick the stuck attackers off with ease.


                As the party was focusing on the attackers a giant skeletal dragon swooped down upon the ranged group and a mysterious lady appeared. Without warning the lady launched an ice spear into the group, not hitting anyone directly but connecting with splash damage. The dragon lashed out, barely missing one target with its jaws but successfully hitting Trevor and knocking him prone. With 2 deadly foes entering the fray the members who were guarding against the Bryn Shanders return now turned their attention to the dragon. The first few attempts to slay the beast were all made with ranged piercing weapons and had little chance of hitting the skeletal menace. However, as the party grew braver their attacks turned from ranged attacks to melee attacks, finally connecting and causing some damage. Derek opted to go for the lady instead of the dragon, landing 2 nasty hits followed by Trevor launching a scorching ray at her but only connecting with 1 of the rays.


                At this point the group that was handling the raiders started wrapping up their targets thanks to some fantastic (yet not legit) field control. That portion of the party then turned their attention to the dragon and lady. The dragon kept shrugging off blows by the adventures and landed a nice claw and maw combo on the party. The lady, nearing the end of her stability, launched a massive ice spear (maximum level) at Derek, connecting for a whopping 40 points. In the end it was the adventures that prevailed over attackers. Tony managed to land a killing blow on the lady, causing her to shatter into snowflakes and while warning the adventures that this is not the end. And as the witch drifted away in the breeze the skeletal dragon crumbled to the ground.


                As with all my combats (due to the size of the table) there was no time left to really go over what the outcome will be because of this and will be the first topic of conversation at our next meet up.


Thoughts: I really enjoyed this session. I liked how the group handled the group from Bryn Shander and I was really interested to see how they would handle trying to free two of them members. Sadly, those members were able to escape. On the plus side, it gives a nice plot point for those two to be hunted down by bounty hunters and make it so they are not welcome in Bryn Shander (they really didn’t oppose Gant and wanted to stay out of political affairs). It was fun to spread the party out, and nice to see more tactical spells in use to shape the battlefield to fit their needs. I felt that even with a beefed up Ice Witch she went down pretty fast. Of course, it didn’t help that Derek landed nearly ½ her effective HP (including the Ice Shield) in 1 hit. The spells she wielded were fun to use, and made the enemy feel powerful and deadly compared to the most the other enemies in play. I am really looking forward to the follow session, although I am not sure how I will handle future sessions with such a large table (luckily next session will be smaller since Jason, Lee & Drea at the minimum won’t be there).


Another good read Sublime :-)


Our session write up is here.


I had planned on running the Interlude this week too but time was against us (as well as seriously inclement weather) so that will be covered when we return in the new year.


Hopefully our other DM will be available to join us again then as running an over-size group makes combats drag somewhat, though 2 of this weeks players most likely wont be there for further sessions due to Uni and work commitments.


I'll take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too.

"Well that encounter was easy....er, guys, why is the DM grinning?" (party members last words)

It's not a party till the screaming starts!

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We had four full tables this week at Game HQ in OKC. and several new players. I think we are actually going to have to form a 5th table.

My table is a little behind most groups, but we did get a lot of ground covered this week. 


Last week, the group escorted Helda to the Dwarven Valley with Hengar in towe, as they have promised to accompany him to the Elk Camp to assist them in their conflicts. Stokely addressed the party and make a strong plea for them to stay and help unite the divided clan and also help clense the zombie plague. However, as much as the dwrven barbarian wanted to stay, they had promisde Hengar to go with him into the glacier. They have pledged to return the the dwarven valley after they are don however.


Whe they arrived at the Elk Camp, it was recovering from an attack of Bear Clansmen who had taken prisoners. They had a brief meeting with the King and Shaman of the tribe and got as much information as possible, and then with the strongest Elk warriors, including Hengar, they set out for Evermelt.


When they arrivedat Evermelt, a battle was waiting for them. Unsurprised, the Bear Clan warriors did their best to stave off the Elk's attack. The heroes presence proved to be overwhelming for the Bear however. It wasn't long before all of the Bear clansmen above the surface were killed or rounded up. Finding evidence that they had been taken into the lake and down the water chute, they followed. They decided to tie a rope around the lead dwarf and that everyone else would just hold on to the rope for stability. Big problem with that was the the dwarf lost all control and after splashing down in the first pool, failed to grab the shore and then quickly went over the 30' waterfall into the cavern below. This meant that the rope was not a force of stability and everyone had to let go of it in order to not also be pulled over the falls. only a couple of heroes managed to keep from taking the plunge. One brave soul tried to pump for a hangin staliactite, but being made of ice, it was very slovk and his Wulgar impression "fell short": Landing in the middle of what appeared to be a sacrifice ceremony, angry woemn in animal skins immediately attacked them, to say nothing of the Shaman casting dealy spells at them in the name of Auril. The women savages were dispatched fairly quickly, but the Shaman did some real damage, knocking two of them uncounscious. Fighting trough his elemental attacks, they finally killed him. 


Next week holds more HUGE surprises for them. 


I was really happy with this session. After running a theatre-of-the-mind session last week that was ripe with combat slow-downs, the great tactical maps for these encounters, coupled with a focus by everyone on expiditing combat, really allowed us to cover much more ground.



Week 5 1/1/2014

This weeks party;

Kor - human paladin

Kayla - elf mage

Ko'Dal - elf bard

Klepto - drow rogue

Goldsong - halfling fighter


So as planned Kor rejoined the party in the Dwarven Valley. The group was presented the option of leaving with Hengar to help the Elk tribe or staying with the dwarves. Despite Kayla's logical arguments to go the group chose to stay. As Ko'Dal put it "its less cold here" and Klepto & Goldsong felt "there was more loot with the dwarves". Both of these characters are interested in getting Black Ice to sell. Which is quite funny since that is just the players reaction not using any kind of influence mechanic of the ice.

So I had Maurice (not here this week) & Danlor (out for good) agree to go with Hengar. Nalden (not here this week) went with Helda to try reasoning with Baerick.

After much discussion trying to get more info on the zombies the party finally set off to try and resolve this threat. I had them encounter a small, only six, band of zombies at the dwarves' temple. The fight went very bad for the party. Kor was knocked out in the 2nd round, Klepto took significant damage and Ko'Dal was knocked out in the 4th round. I was shocked how hard this fight that i thought of as a teaser ended up being. After they finally defeated the zombies and healed up i had them quickly get to the nexus where i ran that encounter. The party all chose to escort the dwarf survivor back to battlehammer hold and rest again to heal up.


I was quite upset at tonights conclusion. I really wanted & expected to get to the end of an act 1 story line this week.

Having 2 characters knocked out spurred a lengthy discussion/disagreement over what exactly the "stabilize" rules meant - which we never quite came to an established agreement on.

I dont want to throw an npc cleric in to disperse band aids or convienently load up the group with potions. I want them to have a sense of danger but, them wanting to overnight rest every time they get some bumps is gonna drag this out.

Nalden & Maurice should be back next week and since the party will be running back to BH Hold after just a few hours excursion i think I will just have them happen to have not left yet. With the group fully reunited I will allow them the option of quests again.


(editied to fix the screwy format from posting with my phone)

Any input on "stabalize" rules? Am i missing something or did i not read deep enough. You hit 0hp then roll saves until someone heals you or you die? Does a stabalize stop the save rolls? Does a stabilize grant 1 HP?

Gonchar wrote:
Any input on "stabalize" rules? Am i missing something or did i not read deep enough. You hit 0hp then roll saves until someone heals you or you die? Does a stabalize stop the save rolls? Does a stabilize grant 1 HP?


A stabilized  character stays at 0 HP but they don't have to make saving throws. Characters can make a DC 10 Wisdom [medicine] check or one use of a healer's kit as an action to stablize someone else.  If they receive no healing the stabilized character regains 1 HP after 1d4 hours.


Source: Equipment pg 9, How to Play pg 23

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Ok thanks. That first bit about stopping the rolls is what I was looking for. I guess I missed it while looking through the How to Play chapter.

Love reading everyones' games. Makes me excited to get back into the swing next week. That and the fact that I got the magic "Pound O Dice" for Christmas. Have a few D20s waiting to attack those pesky adventurers!

Hey everyone.  I have enjoyed reading all of your posts, they have helped me a lot.  I am actually not DMing an Encounters game.  I as a matter of luck started a 3.5 game set in Icewind Dale a couple of months ago.  I had no idea that LotCS was coming out when I started this campaign, but when I finally heard about it I found that it would be perfect for my game and quickly adapted it. I thought it might be interesting to some of you to see a timeline of how my campaign has went down so far.  You will notice from my timeline that my game was set in a completly different time, notiably 100 years in the past and at the end of winter instead of the beginning.  So the Battle of Icewind Dale is fresher in the minds of the people of Ten Towns and the winter is not beginning but becoming more violent when it should be subsiding.  



Captain Azurl'bal - Human Swashbuckler/Rogue

Henry the Hand - Human Rogue/Ranger

Ruckus Hammerfist - Dwarf Cleric

Brother Randale - Human Monk

Silt - Elf Druid 

Sir Leandros Titus - Human Paladin

Edward Cyher (Formerly Henry the Hand) Human Wizard

Loot - Gnome Bard

Joel - NPC - Half-Elf Bard/Harper Agent 


Timeline of Events Thus Far

Alturiak (February) 19, 1373
- Orc captors march the party out from beneath the Spine of the World to the eastern tundra of Icewind Dale near the Reghed Glacier.
- Barbarians from the Tribe of the Bear attack the Orc slavers and the enslaved party. The party is able to free themselves and destroy both the orcs and the barbarian raiders.
- The party loots supplies and seeks shelter in a mountain cave, but not before killing an Ice Mephit who called the cave its home.
- Wolves attack the party during the night and nearly kill Leandros.

Alturiak (February) 20, 1373
- Following Joel the Roamers advice the party sets out west for Ten Towns. 
- Late in the afternoon the party is beset by ravenous ghouls, yet thanks to Ruckus' faith in Moradin they where easily turned and destroyed.

Alturiak (February) 21, 1373
- The party continued their march west to Ten Towns without incident.

Alturiak (February) 22, 1373
- The party finally arrives in Bryn Shander, the capital of Ten Towns. 
- The party split up and visted the local taverns and merchants to get a feel for the town.
- Henry became friends with a woman from Amn named Bloodril who was the proprietor of a small hostel called the Snug Haven. She was being pursued by assassins and asked for help.
- Later that night the party foiled an assassination attempt on Bloodril by killing the assassins who where apparently working for the Shadow Thieves of Amn.

Alturiak (February) 23, 1373
- The party took a contract from the hunter's guild to kill a particularly vicious tundra yeti located near the Kelvin's Cairn mountain. 
- The yeti was soon destroyed, but not before the vile creature rended Azrul'bal into pieces.
- The party was able to negotiate with the Temple of Tymora to resurrect the swashbuckler. This left the group not only copperless, but indebt to the temple for an additional 2000 gold pieces.
- In desperate need for cash the group took another contract from the hunter's lodge, this time for the heads of two Verbeegs or half giants. 
- The Verbeegs where found near the town of Good Mead gorging themselves on the good people's livestock. A hard fault battle ensued, yet the party was victorious without any casualties this time.
- Ruckus then started acting strangely by building a fire in the sheep's pen and then succeeding to eat livestock he felt was owed to him. An angry mob including an elderly dwarven war veteran promptly knocked some sense into the crazed cleric.

Alturiak (February) 24, 1373
- Father Laak the High Priest of Tymora offered the group a quest to repay their debt. A group of Tymorian Friars went missing while they where investigating rumors of a temple of Shar (the evil goddess of Darkness). The debt would be repayed if the party found out what happened to the monks and they would be paid 5000 gold pieces extra if they completly wiped out the temple.
- After an eight hour walk the group reached Lonelywood Forest. A white rabbit sent by Tymora lead the party to the illusionary entrance to the sanctuary.
- A bullmastiff from the Plane of Shadows was quickly destroyed at the entrance.
- The party entered a pitch black tunnel and where soon ambushed by a trio of crazed monks. The party now hardened by the horrors of the Dale quickly cut the monk fanatics down.
- The group then broke into the inner sanctum of the temple at the very moment priestess of Shar where in the act of sacrificing a gnome prisoner.
- An epic battle broke out among the pews and bloodstained frescoes of the chapel. Although most of the group was drained of their strength, paralyzed, doomed, or cursed the group some how vanquished the cultist and their shadow minion.
- The gnome turned out to be Loot, a bard, and a friend of Joel the Roamer. He was quickly welcomed into the party without much question.
- A Sharian knight in full black ice armor was killed as he exited the temples kitchen while eating a piece of bread. 
- A full search of the temple resulted in finding much loot and a tortured young woman from Lonelywood named Lola. 
- The final area of the temple was an unworked cavern with a dark pool of water in the center. It was here that the group encountered Lord Nazeal, a shade, and emissary from the Shadovar city of Thultanthar. He was in the middle of "something" with the captured friars of Tymora. When he seen the torch light of the party he slit the throat of one of the friars and called for the shadow dragon Nyx to join him. This very young shadow dragon was intended to be a gift to the priestess of this new sanctuary.
- The shadow dragon flew thirty feet up into the center the cavern. The battle weary group at that point decided to retreat. Henry who had sneaked inside the cavern from a secret entrance decided to take a sneak attack on the shade. His shot was true, but Lord Nazeal returned the arrow with a shadowy fireball that shook the walls of the cavern. Henry soon joined the retreat.
- The temple raiders made their way to the Ramshackle in the town of Lonelywood. The Ramshackle was equal parts inn, tavern, brothel and lumber storage warehouse. The owner was a retired sawyer named DeGrootz, who graciously gave the group free room and board for returning one of his best working girls Lola. 

Alturiak (February) 25, 1373
- With help from his god Moradin and a feat of great willpower Ruckus was able to beat the domination of the black ice. The crew was happy to have their friend back.
- Conversely Sir Leandros Titus succumbed to the power of his newly acquired armor made from the same evil substance. It quickly made him belligerent. Which lead to him slapping one of DeGrootz working girls and then storming out of the Ramshackle.
- The party headed out after breakfast for Bryn Shander. Excessive snowfall made the trip take 10 hours.
- The group reached Bryn Shander right on time to witness a siege by tundra yetis and verbeeg giants. Something that looked like a barbarian woman with antlers was seen in the distance sliding effortlessly around on the snow and giving orders to the invading monsters. 
- A bearded wizard and a beardless dwarf who where sitting on a merchant cart blocking the gate joined in the battle with a scorching ray of fire and a twirling hammer of mithral. 
- Yells from inside the town alerted the group that this siege was from all sides and they witness the citizens of town take up arms in defense. 
- The group waded into the yetis, brutally cutting them down with sword and fist while the invading verbeegs where intercepted by a pack of wolves summoned by Silt the silver haired Elf.
- The crafty crew led by Captain Azrul'bal took full advantage of the lupine diversion and unleashed a volley of projectiles at the lumbering beasts. 
- The siege was soon repelled. The freshly fallen snow shined bright red as scores of yetis laid before them. Fortunately only a dozen citizens laid with the beasts. 
- Silk and Ruckus helped the dwarf merchant Helda Silverstream and her wizard bodyguard Edward Cypher right her overturned cart. She told them that she was a warrior and smith of Clan Battle Hammer and needed escorts to the Dwarven Valley on account of the escalating beast attacks on the road. Her people where under attack from undead in the mines and civil unrest had broke out due to the discovery of the substance known as black ice. Ruckus happily accepted her request and they made arrangements to leave within the next few days. 
- A high pitched voice cried out in anguish in front of a ransacked alchemy shop. Ping Fuzzelcutter the gnome alchemist, barber, wig maker and proprietor of the shop complained loudly about paying protection money to a Luskanite named Slim the squizzy leader of a band of thugs called Ship Rethnor. Since they failed in protecting his shop he wanted his money back, and was willing to offer a life time discount at his shop for helping. Joel the Roamer said that he would investigate this Slim character and that he would meet the group at the Hooked Knucklehead at sun down.
- The Bryn Shander guards where overheard blaming the yeti attack on a barbarian spy and thief that showed up the day before. No doubt barbarian shamans where controlling the weather and wildlife of the Dale. Trying to soften them up for a bigger attack to come. 
- Azrul'bal took little time to listen to any of the rabble's pleas. He was dead set on claiming his reward from the Church of Tymora, and seen the yeti marauders as nothing more then an inconvenience between him and a large sack of gold coins. 
- The pirate also paid no regards to the hoarse cries of a half dead barbarian strapped to a pole in the center of the market. Luckily for the barbarian the ever curious druid stopped to hear this story. Apparently, he was Hengar of the Tribe of the Elk. He had journeyed to Bryn Shander to ask for help in his tribes battle against the Tribe of the Bear and something he called the Snow Witch. On his arrival he was quickly accused of theft by a merchant who just happened to be a wide eyed zealot of Auril. 
- Azrul'bal told Father Laak of the unfortunate fate of his friars and graciously accepted a reward of 5000 gold pieces for his trouble.
- The group then spread out. Some sold items, others bought mead, but Silt convinced of the barbarians innocence lobbied for Hengar's release. Talking to a guard led to Sheriff Markam, and that lead to the Speaker of Bryn Shander, Duvessa Shane.
- A portly man in elaborate robes is overheard speaking to Duvessa Shane just as Silt arrives at the Speakers Palace. "I will do my utmost to find the one you seek, my most loved Speaker". When he notices the unkempt druid's arrival he turns his noes northward and makes his exit. 
- The female Speaker had little patients for Silt's plea. She seems impatient and overburdened with her responsibilities. Silt makes her believe that letting the barbarian die would just complicate her problems and begs for his release. He also pries into what her conversation was about with the robed man. In frustration she admits that she has an unknown rival that is smearing her name and swaying public opinion against her. Wanting very much to separate herself from this nosy elf she agrees to lower Hengar's sentence from death to banishment and agrees to reward Silt if he exposes her political rival. Silt promptly frees Hengar and tells the barbarian to meet him outside town the next morning. 
- The whole party reconvene at the Hooked Knucklehead at dusk. Upon their arrival the friendly serving girl Izzie tells them that Joel is upstairs in Slim's private suite and he wanted them to join him. 
- Upon approaching the door to the suite Randale overhears an argument between Joel and an unknown man. "Slim you ****ing rat! I know what you are up to." Said Joel. "Shut up Joel! You no nothing you miserable little Harper." yelped the other voice. "I know that you are nothing more then a pawn of the Host Tower of the Arcane" replied Joel. "Tell it to Tymora" said the unknown man as a loud BOOM sound shook the private suite's door.
- Brother Randale slammed into the locked door blasting it off it's hinges. The lifeless corpse of Joel the Roamer laid motionless on the floor. A pool of blood surrounded the concaved opening that was once the bard's face.
- The enraged group rushed into the room and where met by a motley crew of pirates wielding scimitars. A gangley bucktoothed man stood in the back holding a smoking pistol. A red skinned hobgoblin stood to his right also holding a pistol and longsword. 
- Randale somersaulted onto a poker table and unleashed a flurry of blows upon the first two goons as he deftly deflected a shot from the hobgoblin's deadly pistol. 
- A vicious melee ensued. The groups new wizard unleashed a cone of fire as a magical hammer appeared behind the rogues and slammed down hard. Wolves where also summoned and Silt let loose a tanglefoot bag that nearly missed it's mark on Slim.
- Slim seeing the battle not going his way yelled " ****, cover me Maerick!" and then barreled out a window into the snow. 
- During the chaos Loot the Gnome dexterously played a song of courage, and more dexterously looted a potion from his good friend Joel's haversack.
- With a flying jump kick to the temple of his head Maerick the shank was dead. The last couple of injured thugs surrendered and the battle was done.

That's pretty awesome.

Cool to see this stuff being worked into real games.

     Our group continues to be about a month behind.  This may also be the last Encounters adventure at this site.  Nothing certain, but...


    The group had ended last session very battered.  However, the enemy barbarians we were fighting were also hurting and I expected a victory, even if it was not sure we could fight on.  But the arrival of two new players made things almost easy.  They were a level lower than the players they replaced, but were unwounded and still had dailies.  So the battle came to a pleasant end. 

      The next skill check, trying to deal with ice cliffs, was a success compared to our previous skill challenge, but since the last one was a complete disaster...  So we came out a little battered from falling down.

     But now we took on more hostile barbarians.  Since the DM let us keep our two NPC helpers, the fight wasn't too bad.  And we were soon rescuing several barbarians.  However, they told us that their leader had been taken off for special handling, and off we went.  That led us to the ice witch and her pet dragon, who were mean.  However, we focused fire a little bit [not all that much.  The dragon was bloodied when the ice witch went down].  So the enemies both shattered into ice cubes when we dropped her.  But then we got a image saying that this was just a clone and she would be back.

      Again we were up against closing time and had to postpone the last part.  Hopefully our missing players will be back next time.

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