Holiday gifts for the PC

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I figured I would post some of the items I will have for my players during the holiday season. My plan is for them to meet a mysterious dwarf in an outlandish red outfit in the mines and bestows each of them a gift. Still unsure if I will allow them to pick or if it I will have them roll for initiative and then do a White Elephant exhange. Probably the W.E. idea.


Ring of Memory: A ring that is both frowned upon and loved by members of the magic community. Fledgling casters and trinket chasers love this ring since it allows them to expand their spell repertoire; however the purists of the casting world consider it a mockery of hard study, dedication and devotion. This ring allows the wearer to know 1 extra spell; this spell is considered to always be prepared. The spell memorized by this ring must be at least 2 levels lower than highest castable spell level (minimum 1st level). Each time the wearer gains a level in with a class that has the ability to cast a spell they can change which spell is known by the ring. If you change the spell known by the ring, roll a D20. On a 1, the ring learns the new spell but loses the ability change which spell is known but it.


The Martyr of Mines: A Warhammer of Dwarven make, the original wielder was known to wander the halls of the Dwarven mines in Icewind Dale helping lost dwarves find their way back home. Rumored to be one of the blessed of Moradin, the unnamed Dwarf eventually fell in battle when he was overwhelmed by a throng of goblins. The wielder can focus on the weapon to always determine which way is North, but to do so brings them great pain in their arms when doing so. It is also rumored to give off a faint glow when goblins are near.


Errtu’s Claw: A fine dagger made from a demon claw (rumored to be the great demon Errtu). Runes adorn the blade and when they have tasted blood they give off a deep red glow that shows the hunger of the blade. Those who have carried the blade in the past tend to not do so for long, telling stories of horrible nightmares that have altered their psyche to the point of braking. Due to its demonic origin the carrier of the dagger feels no effects of temperatures as low as 0 o F or as high as 120 o F. Starts off as a +1 Dagger.


Scarf of the Wind: A lovely scarf that offers no warmth but is a marvel to look at. Said to be the creation of a djinn who fell in love with a mortal woman it is easy to tell that the scarf was a labor of love. The scarf’s color always reflects the color of the sky, slipping from soft blues to deep midnight purples. While wearing this scarf the wearer gains a +2 to initiative checks and can pick-up on minuet changes in the atmosphere around them.


Oaken Staff: This staff is made of oaks as old as the world, with a core cast of silver. Despite being wooden on the outside, the staff will harm creatures that require silver weapons to be harmed. Additionally, the staff can be used as a conduit for any spells that require a range of “touch” allowing them to be cast through the staff (grants a +5 ft. to the range of the spell).


Gloves of Magic Missile: Wiggle your fingers and make enemies drop! Created by a crafty mage that felt he wanted to appear as if he wasn’t using a wand so that he appeared more formidable than what he really was. Each one of the fingers on these gloves hold a single magic missile that can be cast once per day. Due to the force exhorted when unleashing the missiles only up to 5 missiles can be shot off at a time.

The gloves regain 1d4+1 expended charges each day at dawn.


Spectacular Spectacles of Magnification: One of the early works of the Gnome Tinkerer Zanlannan Millstone, these glasses look like a normal set of glasses but with 3 different colored lenses that can be flipped down in front of the standard lenses. The colored lenses magnify the wearer’s vision, granting a +1 to hit with spells with attack rolls and weapon attacks. But they are not without fault. Whenever the magnification lenses are applied the wearer’s vision is blurred except for that which is in the given range and also paints the wearer in a magical glow that matches the lenses color making it impossible to hide.

Red: 0 – 20 ft.

Blue: 25 – 60 ft.

Yellow: 65 – 150 ft.


Beljac’s Mighty Sap: 1d4 bludgeoning damage. Beljac was once one of the mightiest bouncers in all of Faerun, said to have arms made of titanium and a temper of a wild boar. One of the main reason’s Beljac was so effective in his line of work was that he never resorted to a brawl when he didn’t need to, instead he often used his Sap to knock up unruly customers. Upon retiring he gave his sap as a memento to the barkeep that he once protected, only to have it stolen from the barkeep. If the sap hits a humanoid target that is at ½ health or less the target must make a Constitution save of DC 15 save or be rendered unconscious. Only 3 targets at a time can be knocked out at a time this way. Does not affect undead, celestial, abyssal or constructs targets.


Endless Quiver of Shiver: Unknown in origin, this quiver looks as if it is made of ice and is cold to the touch. Whenever an arrow is removed from the quiver a new arrow takes its place. If the recently drawn arrow is not fired within a minute of being drawn from the quiver it magically begins to melts away. When an arrow from the quiver strikes a target the target must pass a Constitution saving throw of (8 + attackers Dex mod) or have its speed reduced by 10 ft for 3 turns. If the same target is hit 3 turns in a row it must make a Constitution saving throw of (8+ attackers dex mod) or be frozen for 1 round.


The Fool’s Edge: Once the possession of a court fool this soft plush long sword was used in many of his routines until one day a spell was cast on it by a wizard who wanted to cause some mischief to make it so the blade of this toy had the effect of the real thing resulting in the death of another jester. The weapon’s appearance of a plush toy allows the user to carry it into many situations that normally call for weapons to be removed. The wearer will also be judged as a simpleton, allowing them to behave in a bit more outlandish behavior and get away with it.


The Beggar’s Small Clothes: A musty and crusty looking pair of small clothes. In reality, this pair of underwear is a gift from Vergadain of the Dwarvish pantheon. When wearing the underwear vendors feel sorry for the wearer (even if they cannot see the garment) and are will to part with items a lower cost as long as it isn’t an outlandish request, granting a discount on prices at shops (discount up the DM, may vary by shop). Also, once per day the user can shake out the small clothes which not only freshens them up it also produces 1d10 gold pieces.


The Stein: A giant maul that was once carried into battle by the dwarf Mondrik Brewlode. Mondrik was never a great fighter but was always a fantastic brew and upstanding drunkard. Never wanting to leave without a mug of beer Mondrik hollowed out the head of the maul, making it into a cup for beer and also greatly reducing the weight of the weapon so it can be handled with one hand. Haela Brightaxe found the weapon amusing and blessed it so that it still strikes as hard as a normal maul and even allows the weapon’s head to magically fill with divine beer once per day. Although Haela is no more the magic bestowed on the item lives on.


Chain of Command: A whip that reeks of cruelty. Commonly used by Fiendish taskmasters when ordering around lesser beings that have become their slaves, these whips are precision crafted and allow the user to apply their Dexterity bonus to both hit and damage. Upon a critical hit the wielder can trip, disarm or use the Command spell (granted by the whip upon critical hit) on the target. The Strength or Dexterity saving throw for the trip and disarm is (8 + attackers Dex mod) while the DC for command is (8 + attackers Cha mod).