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So timing is a big deal in this adventure and I want my players to know that. I have been trying to figure out different ways to tell them without telling them and I came up with this idea:




I made sure to match the graphic style of the adventure as well.


To  make this work, just load up the photo album below on your tablet and raise it above your head when a day passes. Maybe add a sound effect of a clock being struck?


The visual should trigger that the date is important and the action of you silently switching it should really illustrate the importance of what day it is! 


It just occured to me that I should have made the background get more frost over with each swip! Oh well



Date Gallery Link



Check out my Ultimate Resource Link as well 

tabletless DM

sadface haha

Im just going to have to print something out and keep it visable


My players didn't get it. "So wait acouple of days and unwind." "You... you don't want to do that.."

Yeah I need to crank up the urgency a bit. Hard to casually get all the info about the various plotlines to the players without just force-feeding them stuff. At least for me it is.

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