Did your store order the Launch Event kit?

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I've seen a few people saying they didn't receive the Launch Event Kit. Here's the question: Did your store actually order it?


There were two events to sanction. The first was the actual Encounters season (running for the next 13 weeks or so), the other was the Launch Event Kit. The store also needed to separately order copies of the adventure (as they're regular product).


If your store did all of those things, you should have:

* The Launch Event kit - expanded first encounter adventure and poster map.

* The Encounters kit - notes for using the adventure in Encounters, 20 dice and two sets of 10 NPC cards

* The "Legacy of the Crystal Shard" adventure


In our case, the Launch Event kit arrived a few hours before the event (and almost arrived afterwards), but it was sent.




Mercenary Market got the Launch Kit, but we ended up running it week one--hard to cram all the action into two hours.

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My store had the launch event kit and the encounters kit a week ahead of time. I got the adventure about 3 days ahead of time.

I'm not 100% sure. I asked if the store was running the launch event, I was told they didnt have plans to but if I got a group together I could. So? My store did not get the Adventure modules until Tuesday November 19. When I got the Adventure module they did not provide or mention any of the extra Encounters material.

we got our Launch weekend and Encounters packs about 2 weeks before the event, just a pity the actual adventures werent as readily available.

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The store did not register in time for the launch weekend and did not sign up for official encounters. I am still running it and I'll miss the cool dice and the.... um... that's it. It seems like all the bonus material comes with the Launch packet. We got the adventure on Wednesday and hour before we were to start. Fotunately, I had pieced together a yeti attack based on all of the reviews and downloadable content like the beastiary. Next season we will not be doing Encounters at all.

    Just got the module, when people are posting about week 4.

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