Magic Items?

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My characters all finished MIBG and I want to give them items that are themed from the game. 

Here are some I made up but I feel I could do better:


Candlehallows' Whispering Candles
"Longest Lasting Lamps and Magically Made Missives in the Lower City."
Long dark green almost black colored candles that seem to have no distinct markings other than the Candlehallow house logo pressed into the side.

Property: Each candle has a mephit magically trapped in its tallow. As the candle burns, the merphit continually voices back whatever sounds it heard while the tallow was being prepared, in the voice of the speaker. Different voices can be recorded in different cables, so when they are burned they can make the sound of a conversation or musicians playing together.
The candles seem to have been prepared before hand with an unknown message but the message can be ignored if you want to write over it. There is no way to find out what the message is and retain the usefulness of the candle. 

You can also forgo the random option and chose one these recording types:
- Conversations with Koren, 'Why I'm so great'
- Vocal performances by noted bards (by Nume the Bard)
- Unexpectedly utter the roat of an owlbear
- Unexpectedly utter an embarrassing sound
Burns for 1 minutes x3


Felgoyr's Fireworks 
The fireworks are all in ornate and long sticks of color and decor.

Property: Each one seems to have been prepared before hand and produce unkown results. x5
You can forgo the random option and chose one these firework types:

-Torches or candle wicks that burn in various hues, burns as long as normal torches (x5)
-Smoke effects, smokes for 2 min (x3)
-Flash effects, choose a color (x5)
-Flashfire rub to add to food to add distinctive smoky flavors (x10)
-Epic Tales by Koren, these display 3 images that are meant to be displayed along side a story of great importance. You can decide on which story to have in the candle before hand. (state 3 picturesque stories) (there is a chance the story will be replaced by Koren. 5 seconds each (x1)
-Basic shapes. Displays a shape of your choosing for 5 seconds (x2)