Week 9 - Field Report

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I think a comment one of my players posted after the session (on the Facebook page I set up for us) sums it up nicely


"Duels, corrupted sisters, sewers, secret meetings, ear eating maggots, barrel of gold, trip wires, mugging flaming fist members, stealing weapons from the house of the said Flaming Fist member, wand of fear inducing ray that talks at night, half-orc nightmares, gelatinous cube, rats, taking to rats, chasing rats, watching buildings, terrifying guard, jumping out of windows and pit fighting. I think it is safe to say today was eventful."


My session write can be read here.

"Well that encounter was easy....er, guys, why is the DM grinning?" (party members last words)

It's not a party till the screaming starts!

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