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An even longer session and the heroes are deep in the bowels of the Floshin Estate - and deep in trouble!



"Well that encounter was easy....er, guys, why is the DM grinning?" (party members last words)

It's not a party till the screaming starts!

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I switched the map to the awesome map from the Kill the Wizard Lair Assault.  The upper levels had the gnolls, dread warriors, animated statues, and the imp in the central hall.  We cut the session short, but I expect the party to investigate the side rooms and then move into the rooms below next week.   Followed by the finale in Daggerford.

Game HQ - OKC

This week we had 5 full tables


My players left off last week having driven straight to the heart of the Floshin Estate. They were in the barracks room and found Shalendra's journal, which revealed a great deal to them. With a new understanding of the weight of their mission, they pressed on into the Shrine of Corellon. Here they find Corellon dececrated and foul undead creations guarding their advancement. Reacting poorly, the Dread Warriors get off an early barage of javelins and begin retreating down the opposite hallway. The battle wight is able to escape into the back room, but the dread warriors are not so lucky. They are forced to stand their ground as the monk is able to catch up to them and halt their retreat. The Druid then places a Moonbeam behind them and forces the issue.


Just when things seem to be going well, Shalendra appears in the doorway at the end of the hall and blasts a Fireball spell at them and does devastating damage. She then quickly hides from sight. In a surprisingly cunning move, the Cleric places a silence spell in the Gateway room that Shalendra is in, effectively forcing her out of hiding if she wishes to act. After another round of combat against the undead, she does indeed come out and again blasts a fireball at the Shrine room. This time three heroes go down, wiping out the Cleric, and silence, the Bard and her song, as well as one of the mages. To make matter worse, it's not long after that that the Imp, Tyrob attempts to suggest that the Druid "get while the getting is good." Fortunately, the Druid passed his saving throw and hung around to help get his friends on their feet. Meanwhile down the hall, the others see a strange fiery elemental creature appear, move tawards them and then disappear..... not good.


With Shalendra out of heavy spells, she now places a flaming sphere in the hallway to make things difficult. The undead should have been dead long ago, but are doing amazing at passing their Con saves and keeping alive with 1 hp. This is not a popular mechanic with the players as they are now in recovery mode distributing potions and healing spells. At this point the elemental appears near the Cleric, having just been spared, and hits him with another blow that knocks him down again. He then disappears. Another unpopular ability with the players.


The monk and one of the mages are able to finish off the undead, when Shalendra decides to join the fray. She comes out blazing with a swift magic missile and two long sword attack, dealing brutal damage to the monk, leaving him with 1 hp. At this point, the cleric, have been once again spared by the Druid, comes in with his Channel Divinity: Radiance of Dawn, hitting Shalendra so hard that it knocks the possessing beast temporarily out of her. A few potent magic missiles after that and they are able to knock Shalendra unconscious and drive the demon from her. 


After that, it is a simple matter to finish off the elemental, who fails to Extinguish. 


Healing Shalendra back up, they are able to learn much information, most importantly about the wards around the estate, the location of bloodgate keep, the reason for the portals and who the demon is and what his plans are. She begs the PCs to take her back to Daggerford to see her brother whom she hopes to plea for forgiveness. She also drops the wards of the estate and restores them to their proper operation, driving the remaining undead out.


We stopped things here and will pick up next week wrapping up and business in the Estate and heading back to Daggerford for the conclusion.

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