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So we finally finished with Harpshield Castle, at the cost of three pc's lives.



"Well that encounter was easy....er, guys, why is the DM grinning?" (party members last words)

It's not a party till the screaming starts!

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Nice write-up Vobe.


We have 5 full tables this week. I'm pretty surprised we have been able to sustain that many players the entire season.


My table returned from Firehammer and met with Isteval and Darfin. Darfin explained the problem at his estate and appealed to the characters to aid him. They were also very excited about the possiblity of joining Jekk as he was preparing to travel to Hapshield in pursuit of the Bloke. The party was evenly split on which route to take, but finally decided to help Darfin and set out for the Floshin estate. There was also some role play in town as the Druid saw fit to releave the statue of Dumathoin in Firehammer of his gleaming jeweled eyes. He finally realized that it was the source of his cursed luck. He was creative enough to use the Sword Coast Trader's Bank to tranfer funds equal to the value of the recently hocked gems, to a Dumathoin Shrine in Waterdeep.


Since we are running so far behind in the adventure this season, I opted not to run the Swan's Nest area and brought them straight to the Estate proper. The entrance encounter proved to be very challenging for them. One of the Gnome casters was pinned under the portcullis and impaled through his leg. Fortunately he passed his Con save and didn't pass out. He was soon freed by the strength of his Druid partner, now free of his curse, all while sustaining a barrage of arrows from the gnolls behind the walls. Meanwhile the others were fending off the onslaught of the Dread Warriors. Those guys are awesome and I really like them. One of them made his zero HP Con save 3 times! The fight taxed their resources, but fortunately they chose a very direct route through the Estate. When they got to the stairs, they didn't mess around, going straight down to the basement. They had to fend off some animated armor suits on the first floor, but after that it was on to the bottom floor. They made their way to the Barracks and investigated that and the prison. They found the mace of the dead Tempus priest. We ended action at that point. They will be moving north towards Shalendra this coming week. I'm also going to allow them to find Shalendra's diary in the barracks before we move on, for the sake of giving them some story background. It should give the final battle with Shalendra more context and meaning.


Everything seems to be leading up to the final showdown with Maldwyn and Natyssa. Can't wait!

That seems excellent - we've actually been at an Encounters high for numbers this season. In fact, only the unreliability of our back-up DM has meant we haven't always run three tables!


Our eleventh session is recorded here: The Duergar of Firehammer Hold


Our idiosyncratic schedule means that our next session will be our last. I think the other table has progressed further than us, but I'll find out next week.


At present, I'm making plans for how we'll run Dead in Thay. It looks like I'll be the co-ordinating DM, and I've got at least three other DMs ready to run tables.




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