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Sorry I'm late posting this, actually surprised no-one else had started a thread yet, but here is this weeks session write up.





"Well that encounter was easy....er, guys, why is the DM grinning?" (party members last words)

It's not a party till the screaming starts!

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We had a lot of combat as the group fought gnolls in Phylund Lodge. Lots and lots of combat.


Scourge of the Sword Coast, session 8



Using miniatures and 3D dungeon pieces made it better, of course!



Game HQ in Oklahoma City


We had four full tables playing D&DNext this week, down from our usual five with one sick DM.


This update covers my tables last session, plus we had one week that we were unable to meet. As a result we are running a little behind in covering the content. We may need to meet an addtional day or two to get were we need to be at the end of the season.


After a long and very hazardous journey to Firehammer Hold, in which they sustained an ambush from Orogs, they finally made it to their destination. Rising on the Iron Road into the timbered countrside, they come to a crossroads. Not too far ahead and off in the valley below, they see circling birds. To Their right is a trail that leads down to what looks like an abandoned logging community. And not too far ahead of them is what looks like the gates to Firehammer Hold. At the crossroads is a dwarven statue that looks to have been defaced, and based on their knowledge, by Duergar. In light of this, they decide to take precautions and take the time to set an alarm spell on the three doors and lie in wait to see what they can see. That night, the far entrance, door is set off and again goes off about 45 minutes later, but it's too dark and far for them to see who it was from their vantage point. At least now they know that there is activity and it's going on at night.. they are convinced of a Duergar infestation. 


They decide that they know enough about the duergar that they are activeat night, so they will wait until daylight in an attemp to catch them unaware. Inspection of the main gate uncovers little and tey move on to the next entrance where the hostel is. Searching the northern room, a nat. 20 is rolled. They find a secret passage and gain entrance to the hold. From here they proceed on through the upper level complex, systematically taking out all the Deurgar they encounter. They move through the Gathering Room and as more deurgar come out to fight them, they discover the secret passage into the barracks area at the heart of the keep. They did sustain heavy damage from the fire trap in the drinking room, and the priests proved to be formidable casters. Several times characters were knocked out of battles falling unconscious, but in the end, they were able to keep fighting and handle the onslaught. They finished in the barracks looking through to the inner rooms just inside the last entrance. They see more deurgar out there and will have to deal with them either attempting to escape or retreating down to the mines to warn the others. either way, there will be no time to rest as they try to contain the remaining forces, probably only about 5 deurgar total. 


Next week, descent to the mines and their attempt to resucue the slaves.  

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