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This post contains spoilers for the season, so don't read it if you're playing!


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I've started running this late (and haven't read every word of the adventure yet), but I've got a very active paladin in one of my groups, and I'm concerned about the possibility of using divine sense when interviewing Pencheska. It seems as if revealing her true nature would affect the adventure considerably. Of course I might be missing something, but even if it ends up being hard to explain, I can imagine a scenario where the paladin would attack her based solely on the use of his divine sense.


Any thoughts?

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I'd guess that using her natural charm the paladin wouldnt have a good cause to use his divine sense while interviewing her, and if he did she could use her innate Suggestion power to disuade him.



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I considered the same issue myself, but it hasn't come up yet.  If she's given them a good reason to use Divine Sense, then it would be a fine way for the party to tumble onto a different path to figuring out what is going on. 


However, I also wouldn't let paladins run around Divine Sensing willy nilly.  It requires an action and concentration.  I would encourage the player to describe what it looks like when they use Divine Sense and make it clear that it isn't a subtle operation.  The power doesn't say so, but you could easily assume that using Divine Sense would also reveal that the Paladin is doing it (think sonar ping).


Assuming she is detected that way, I'd have Pencheska charm someone else into occupying the Paladin while she gets away.   The burden of proof that she is other than she appears would be on the party's shoulders.  If they manage to take her down or unmask her, Baazka can work without her, or she can be replaced, or she can be resummoned.  If she's captured somehow, its not like she's going to reveal anything under torture, she's from hell and is magically bound.  As an accomplished liar, she'd be happy to play mind games with her interrogators all day long until Baazka frees her.

A couple options: 1. Pencheska is actually just a consort. Some unnamed NPC is acutally the mole, maybe a doppelganger as Curran.. 2. She retreats to the Duke's protection and he refuses to believe the party - instead has them arrested (or the threat is implied). 3. Jump to the finale and the party dies.
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