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I didn't get a chance to report last week, so I'll catch everything up with this report.


Week 2

Last week the heroes began their trek to Julkoun. The militia provided them a boat and they retained an experienced navigator from the River Otter Inn to guide them up the river. They had to deal with a brigade of Wolf Riding Goblins as the neared the town, but the creatures were soon killed. So fast, in fact, that they forgot to leave any alive to question.


When they got close, they beached the boat in advance of the town and set out on foot, sending the boat back to Daggerford. Reaching sight of Julkoun, they soon discover that the town is infested with Goblins and Hobgoblins and has been fortified for defense. They devise a plan to draw some of them out so they can capture them and question them. One of the party acts drunk and wanders out into visibility of the watch tower. The signal goes off and a band of Goblins and Hobgoblins come out of the gate. The commander sends two goblins to capture the drunk player and bring him back. When they reach the player, they kill one of them instantly and knock the other unconscious and drag him away in an attempt to draw more of them out of the town walls. The brigade sees this and writes off their allies and retreat back into the town. The heroes are able to get some information from the goblin that gives them an idea of how many enemies they are looking at and the fact that they still have a few humans inside they are using as slaves, but that most of them have been taken away to the north.


Trying to throw the goblins off the trail, they create a diversion down the river that can be seen, and then go up to the north of the town and camp for the night. After resting and avoiding the road patrol, they again approach the town, very annoyed by the hard time they are having just getting inside. From their new approach however, they find a wooden bridge that spans the moat some 20' below. Using their druid's owl form as distraction, they are able to take out the goblin in the northern guard tower and using rope, climb down to the bridge. Two of the gnomes players fall however, crashing through the roof.


When they all get inside, they discover Estor, the Priest, who has been hung outside one of the bridge windows. They make their way inside the north door, which leads to the refuge bunker. Fortunately there are no goblins here at this time, but it's apparent that they use this area for a living space. Since no one is here, they decide to try to take a short rest.


Week 3

After about an hour, the players begin looking around the area. There is a well in an adjoining room and two locked doors at either end of the bunker area. They are able to get into the storage area, but don't attempt to open the shrine area. As they are finishing their rest, they hear goblins approaching from the bridge door. Two players speak goblin and hear that they have discovered the hole in the roof and Estor's body having been pulled up. The leader sends two goblins to get Shorg, whom the players decide can't be a good thing. They open the door and two players are able to attack with surprise.


A fairly short battle ensues in which they are able to fairly quietly kill ten goblins and two goblin bosses. They decide they need to move back inside the town basement area and use the Druid's cat form to stealth ahead to assess the situation. They elect to move down towards the Jester's Inn where they are able to sneak up on the Hobgoblin cook and his guards, as well as a large Worg. During the battle, the monk attempts a very acrobatic described attack. He then rolls a 1 and slips on blood and goes sliding prone. Seizing the opportunity, the worg lunges at his throat with advantage and gets off a critical bite, rendering him unconscious. Thanks to the Cleric though, he is not down for long, popping up the next round and taking his revenge on the animal. Moving through the main hall of the tavern, they discover stairs that lead up to a ground level house. At the top of the stairs they are able to make out some goblinoid yelling that seems to be directed at a cowering human voice. They burst through and find three bugbears and a human they are using as a slave servant. The Wizard readied a sleep spell which he cast immediately. Unfortunately, all it did was put the human to sleep. They were not set too afr back though, and it wasn't long before the bugbear threat was neutralized.


After talking to the human, they learn much about their enemies, such as the fact that when the city was taken over, there was a human Wzard dressed in Red Robes that directed the attack. There was also a pretty woman present that seemed to have taken to Estor. He also tells them that there are a few more humans that are being kept as slaves and they are being held in the  Warehouse. He also reveals that they could possibly sneak underground to the warehouse through the basement which leads to a well next to the warehouse. They could potentialy sneak in undetested by the guard in the tower.


Play was stopped there with dicussion of what their goal would be for next time. Do they wish to cleanse the entire town, or do they just want to get the remaining citizends and get out, leaving the liberation to a more suitable force. We'll find out next week.



Not much but I like to put effort in the artwork.

sliceoffruit wrote:



Not much but I like to put effort in the artwork.

Awesome art selections there... I may use some of those.  Thanks

"Well that encounter was easy....er, guys, why is the DM grinning?" (party members last words)

It's not a party till the screaming starts!

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My report is also up, as the group skip ahead a little into the Floshin Estate!


Particular highlights involve an elven goddess taking an interest in the group, the paladin taking a *lot* of damage, and a pool with disappearing fish.


We had three tables this week, with a DM+6 players on one, +4 players on another, and +3 on yet another. The timing made it a bit tricky for this session, but we'll likely reassign people around next week.




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