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I figured this was a great resource to have in the LotCS so why not have it in SotSC.


Here is my work in progress for a beastiary for level 6-8 playthrough. I upped most creatures AC by 1 or 2, increased hit dice by 4 for most and then increased damage either by a small amount or by granting additonal hits and other fun things. I still have about 14 more to go and need to revamp the casters as well but I won't be able to get to that until closer to the weekend.

Side note (it wont let me edit my last post) the Google Doc converted the information so it displays a bit wonky. I am doing it with Word 2010 in a two column format so if anyone is interested in it just let me know and I can send a cleaner copy via email.

I recommend deleting this thread and then posting here


I will keep the first post updated with all custom monsters and maps 

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