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Hey everyone,


I'm trying to get an idea as to how deadly this dungeon ended up being for everyone in general. How many PC deaths or TPK's has your table had this far?


I ask because prior to the last session I had 1 death and several close calls. But with our most recent session we had a TPK. This was due to the lethality  of the encounters combined with some poor dice rolls and the party making a sub-optimal decision (not an outright bad decision, but just not the best one).


I have been warning my players all season that death is a very real possibility in this dungeon. Normally I might lean in the PCs favor with a situation like this, but given the spirit of the adventure I decided to let the dice fall where they may. In the end it was still fun and I know a few of the players were looking forward to being zombies for flavor purposes and a couple others were interested in making new characters after having gotten a taste of this season's offerings.


so what is your body count looking like?

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So far at our table, 1 death (OK 2 if you count the pack horse). And technically they were turned to stone and abandoned. I generally feel like the monsters don't stand a chance against my players.

2 deaths at my table so far but several close calls

"Well that encounter was, guys, why is the DM grinning?" (party members last words)

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No deaths, yet.  On the other hand, we tend to run larger than typical groups.


We almost lost one to a Will'o'wisp tonight (rolled the save exactly).  And if they had used their save or die attack exclusively, instead of zapping several times, they probably could have killed a couple.  But since my personal opinion is that the Will'0'Wisp shouldn't be one of the scariest creatures in the dungeon I cut back on how often they would use it (Seriously, that ought to be limited, either with a situational restriction or a recharge or something...).



Two deaths that I know of in our store, but it's getting close to more.



I think the upstairs table had a TPK, but my table has had only one so far. As soon as things get too hairy, they run away! I'm so proud...

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TiaNadiezja wrote:

We have 3 different tables this season of Encounters with 2 TPKs, 2 deaths, and many many many close calls. Some areas are definitely more deadly than others!!! It's important to note that the table I'm running ran into Tarul Var (18th level legendary lich with 4 dread warriors) and stood no chance whatsoever. No softballs in that encounter!

Last night's game suffered inter party conflict...


After another player's drow druid continued to blast PCs with area effect spells, my monk PC beat the ever-loving crap out of the drow.  This prompted the player to realize what a jerk he was being.


Score:  Lawful Neutral human monk that doesn't like non-humnas 1 vs. Neutral Neutral (with evil tendencies) drow druid 0.


The druid lived = impossible to kill him without a coup de grace, and my monk wouldn't do that.  But visions of the Sheriff of Nothingham's pumeling of the gate guard in the movie 'Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves' certainly comes to mind.


After calming down, the player loudly announced his drow druid was leaving the party.  Good.  And the player later said he would bring back his human bard.


The dungeon is tough enough, let alone having a player purposefully damaging the fellowship.  He did area effect spells twice the week before, and my PC warned him...


Besides, any smart player would position AoE spell's center point where the spell would damage the 'huge nasty creature' WITHOUT harming a hair on any of the other players.


Some peoples' children...  :-(

TPK once and 2 deaths. I DON'T MESS AROUND.

We had 2 TPKs (4 PCs per table) last week, plus an additional PC death that week. Otherwise, we have had 1-2 PC deaths at other tables throughout the season.


I don't know about last night. I had a car emergency and couldn't make it.

The group I run had a near total party kill three weeks ago. They were in the Abyssal Prisons and had just triggered a random encounter that ended up being a Sector Encounter with a Vrock. When the Vrock used its Stunning Screech in the hallway right outside the Lich Tarul Vals quarters. He heard it used True Seeing to look in the hallway, Mage Handed open the door, and dropped a Cloudkill on the party. The next round he did it again, and the whole party (except for the Wizard who was now out of range of the second Cloudkill) went negative. With a 20 on her Death Saving Throw the Cleric recovered and ran for the Black Gate they had just come through. The Mage, who had the Gate Key, opened the Gate but did not have enough time left to activate it that round. The next turn Tarul Val, who had a 23 for Initiative, dismissed his Cloudkill (to protect the Dread Warriors, who had been fairly useless in the fight) and started to follow. As he passed by dying party members he used his Legendary Actions for his Touch Attacks, knowing that the damage would count as Death Saving Throw failures and kill them dead, dead.


The Gnome Wizard, and the Human Cleric (and the Clerics imaginary friend, a Magical Pony (don't ask)) escaped and closed the Black Gate behind them. Tarul Val quickly made an Arcanna check to try to figure out where the Black Gate had led to so he could follow them. On the other side the Gnome Wizard, with Advantage from the assistance of Syranna the renegade Red Wizard, turned off the Black Portal so the Lich could not force his way through, and rolled a 28. Taking an hour to retry the Arcanna check, and granting himself Advantage by getting a Red Wizard to help him, the Lich Tried and failed again anyway. After killing the Red Wizard assistant, in a very Darth Vader like manner, for "failing him for the last time"  the Lich is now lose in the Dungeon, hunting down the other parties. To make matters worse he has the Helm of Telepathy he took off of a dead PC and can now listen to their communications.


After a short rest (during the hour the Lich was trying to break in) the two survivors healed themselves, gathered three new friends - two who were being held as reserves in the starting chamber and a Drow who was wandering lost in the Dungeon, started to clear another zone instead. The Alert Level is now at 11.



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No TPKs at my store. Even after splitting the tables up we had another group of 5 new players come in leaving both tables with 7+ again. Luckily, I have a 3rd DM coming in for the last two sessions and continuing with us from there on out.

As for deaths this is what I can recall at my table

  • Dragonborn Mage: 2 times (once shortly after coming back to life in the undying labs)
  • Woodelf Rogue: 1 time

Boscos wrote:
the Lich is now lose in the Dungeon, hunting down the other parties. To make matters worse he has the Helm of Telepathy he took off of a dead PC and can now listen to their communications.


Oh, that is beautiful. I wish I'd thought of that!

We've been running with 8 or more characters most nights, so they've survived a lot of very hard fights.  There have been many, many (down to the last death save) close calls, no one bought it until last night.


Druid got downed by a wraith in the Temple of the Forest.  Then a Wisp went at him to give him the kiss of death.  I described it as him having a vision of a beautful maiden beckoning him to embrace her.  Then he made the save and decided that she must have had a wandering eye.  When the second wisp went after him, he failed the save and determined that she must have been the more beautiful sister of the first one.  I let the player run that Wisp for the rest of the fight.  Party was so griefstricken, or horrified, that drow evoker threw down his last spells as magic missiles to finish off the Wisps before they could get anyone else.


Then I let that player (and backup DM) take over as Eira.  She had a brilliant near TPK after her bad side came out and she sabotaged a black gate overload attempt.  Close, but not quite.

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