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Here is our week 4 session write up (our week 4 but session 5 including the Launch - boy this is going to get confusing).


I think if the heroes hadn't fled from the vampiric mists we would have had a TPK, and I didn't even use all 8!

"Well that encounter was easy....er, guys, why is the DM grinning?" (party members last words)

It's not a party till the screaming starts!

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I'm calling it Week 4, with the launch being Session 0.

Here's my writeup!


This week, we entered the dread Room 10 and faced a lich. One PC died, and the others turned and ran.

I've been slacking on the reports.


My players started out rolling for their first trip randomly. They ended up in the Ooze Grottos. After dealing with the oozes in the first room, they got weirded out by the wights and oozes in the "temple" and just fireballed them and left. Two oozes chased them (extremely slowly) down the hallway to Sarkalla's room. That was a huge fight, with Sarkalla's slow spell really putting them in their place. The dwarf mage failed three times to cast dispel magic, getting a "4," "5," and "6" on the die and using up his 3rd level spell slots. Three deathlock wights casting eldritch blast (one got KOed almost immediately) gave them what-for -- since the slow spell kept them from moving far enough to reach the wights, they were really harried. They finally got lucky when two oozes emerged in consecutive rounds from their tanks and harried two of the wights. It ended with the warforged fighter and the half-elf rogue down, the warforged paladin almost out of spell slots, and the dwarf mage on single-digit hit points.

They were put out with how little treasure there was here (the Ooze Grottos is probably the worst section, treasure-wise). Sarkalla babbled insanely and told them the "greatest treasure" was through the south door (not a lie -- she's talking about the Red Wizards' triumphs with the White Maw, Red Master, and Black Elder).

The following week they hit the Immortal Caverns. The White Maw encounter was a little boring, but tough for them. They had the idea to use the ooze prods to hit the floor; I ruled that when they did that, the White Maw didn't get an opportunity attack against that character on his next round. They then took one look at the Ooze Master and noped the heck out with the black gate. The warforged paladin thought he could fight the OM, but when hit by a slow, the rest of them took the black gate exit. I almost killed the paladin, but a character who had saved managed to manhandle him out of there since he was too slow to do it on his own.

They took a short rest in the Gatehouse, then decided to use Sarkalla's key to hit the Shrines of Binding. They hit the Temple of Plague and traded fireballs with the Red Wizard there (I made him an Evoker). They rescued the Chosen and left the room, some of them being carried since they were overcome by the fumes.

This week, they hit the Temple of Shadows, easily dealt with the inhabitants (thanks to a timely daylight from the cleric) and actually kept the drow priestess alive, despite how imperious I was acting. They then hit the Temple of Ooze (more oozes!) and had a big fight with the Red Wizard there (I made her a Transmuter). I wasn't sure how to interepret the walls attacking, so I made it like falling blocks. They released the Chosen after the battle, so I didn't bother running the tiny combat with the aftermath.

I'm hoping next week is the Shrine of Suffering. This group played through Murder in Baldur's Gate and one of the players became the Chosen of Bhaal -- I'd love to be able to run the Shrine of Savagery encounter. Plus, they've spent some time in the Shrines but haven't bothered to check out their function, which is practically the only way to figure out how to get to the Phylactery Vault.

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TiaNadiezja wrote:

Game HQ - OKC

Well, I decided to be a player this season, but I will still do some reports. 

Our store is running 5 full tables, so our DMs are trying throttle us a little so we don't finish early. Throttling is not really needed though. This is a very deadly dungeon and I know that some deaths are emminent. 

  • Our group started off in the Forest of Slaughter and have been slowly fighting our way North to try to reach Golem Labs. We have fought our way through many deadly creatures and managed to talk our way our of at least one fight, with some Barghests, and get their help on another, (Perytons). We didn't have any choice than to deal harshly with the Trolls. Last night we found ourselves trying to sneak past 2 Behirs when a Red Wizard with some Dread Warriors came in to feed them at the very moment we began our sneaking. Being somewhat diguised, we were able to convince him that we were supposed to be there right about the time the two Behirs attacked. We dealt with one while they were forced to deal with the other. The breath weapons are very deadly and just about took us out right off. We were able to recover, but the Paladin was swollowed whole. Fortunately it was late in the fight and we were able to kill the beast and get her out of there before she suffocated. At the end of the fight everyone was down except the Wizard, who had one HP, having been Spared from Death just 2 rounds ago. He let fly his Scorching Ray and hit with enough to end the horrible creatures existance. Then is was potions all around. After that fight, our party is completely taxed. We will have no choice but to go back and take a rest.
  • Group 2 is systematically taking everything out in the Predator Pools, making their way South. They seem to be headed for the Ooze Grottos
  • Group 3 is dealing with some sort of curse in the Far Realm Cysts and asked for help from us just before our fight. We didn't have anything to offer, but now after the fight, we do have a remove curse scroll to help them. So that's a good thing.
  • Groups 4 is beginning to clear north through the Master's Domain.
  • Group 5 has unfortunately landed the losing ticket and is currently embattled with Tarul Var himself in the Abyssal Prisons. Their fight lasted the entire session and had to be suspended until next week. They only managed to land two arrows and a little Spike Growth damage. It's not looking good for them as they are on the run. TPK is the odds-on favorite surrounding their fate.  
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