Anyone finished Dawn of Defiance campaign?

Hey guys, our group just started this yesterday and I noticed that the last adventure has yet to be released. So I was wondering has anyone finished the 9th adventure? If so what did you do next, write your own or put the campaign on hold?
If any of you creative people wrote your own ending any chance you could post it up here?
No luck here; my DoD campaign is on hiatus until the last round is released.

I am writing up an episode 9.5 to help fulfill the Destiny of a couple of my players whose backgrounds and story arcs pretty much are out of synch with where I think DoD is going. I also have bee building up an alternative bad guy, as my party has killed Draco now twice. :-)

Pete C
we stopped ours after episode 7, and left it as a cliff hanger. We are playing D&D 4th edition for until we reach 10th level... after that we're closing out DoD and hten back to D&D. At that point I'll probably start a home brew adventure that we'll hit after the D&D party hits 20th... and so on...

Jedi Dade
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