[Dawn of Defiance] - Our Story

Ill publish here how my campaign progress, for others to read.


Human Jedi Consular
Human Soldier
Human Soldier
Human Scout / Soldier
Droid Scoundrel
Human Noble

6 players due to there always are someone that can attend, due to our work schedules not always overlapping. For most of Ep 1 we have had 5 players however.
Episode 1 - The Traitor's Gambit

The players arrive at the Sel Zonn station, knowing each other, and just travelling through.
While walking down the Promenade they are approached by a wounded female begging for help. The players try to talk the stormtroopers out of arresting the female, but when one of the players try to escort the woman out of Harms way, the Stormtroopers and their allies open fire on the characters with inten to kill.

Promenade Shootout
Nothing special abot this encounter, except that in my opininon, the stormtroopers are WEAK. The whole encounter was over in 2 rounds.

The woman introduces herself as Maya. She guide them to a hideout located behind the Delgas Medical Supplies. Byrann Fenn is not the Ally with Switch, i changed her allegiance to Pro-"rebellion" instead and the location of Mayas hidout.
She tells them about the cargo and acquire theire help to retrieve it while she recovers from her wounds.

Starage Bay V14
The players bribe themself past the 2 gamoreean guards, and meets switch. They have some difficulties getting the info (rolling badly on the Persuasion rolls) but manages in the end to Buy the information from Switch. Switch becomes grateful to the characters after the Ganga Lors atack which they end quickly. One of the players playing a Droid goes down in this encounter, but switch uses his contacts to help the droid out in the "Mecanical Allies" shop (he is the Information Broker for switch, not hte doctor, on some level it made more sense that a droid had contact with him instead of a doctor)

Blue Deck
The characters did not discover that the empire was transporting the goods away until the players arrive at the Cargo Bay. The Jedi takes over the Repulsor Skiff, and use it cannon against the rest of the imperials. This fight was a bit thougher than the Promenade Shootout thanks to the speeder early in the fight.

Surviving Felucia
the trek through felucia and Survival skill used seemed just odd... The "encounters" did not feel right for a failed Survival check (stepping in the pool of acid or setting of strange fauna that explodes should not be the resut of a failed Survival check, but of a failed Perception check...) Survival checks should be to keep themself n top fighting shape on the trek, perhaps with Persisten Conditions on failed checks.. Forgot to add the Stormtrooper armors on "display" as suggested here to show the felucians allegiance (which i intended), so the whole fight with the Felucians and the arrival of the previous Separatist soldier "saving" the players seemed odd as well... they where shooting at his friends after all, and he had no previous knowledge of the characters...

Felucian Village
The players befriended the fellucians, saved the children and everyone lived happily after. Until the Chase scene.

Scout trooper Chase
The players mounted theire kybucks. And the question was immediately asked by the players (with episode 6 in mind) "Can these really outrun a Speeder!?"
I said that due to the vegetation of the planet the Speeder bike could not run at max speed, and that the Kybucks could much better dodge any obstacles in a path than a speeder could, since they could react on their own accord. The players shoot down the Speeder, one Stage away from the end of the chase, i didnt introduce any new bikes instead made them roll a perception check so they noticed the humming of more speeder bikes ahead on hte outpost.

Communication Outpost
The players snuck up on them, but failed when they got close. The two speeder bikes used the cower from the mushrooms to hide and making sure they took as few shoots from the characters as possible, this became a potential deadly encounter as the players got pinned down by the Troops at the station and the Speeder bikes flanking them. In the end only 2 characters where left, and there where 3 Stormtroopers and one Speeder bike left. The players used Destiny points to survive (auto crit on bike). Also burned through a lot of Force Points for those that went down.

The Imperial Prison
Sneaking in through the crate, the players used theire first encounters to disguise themself, using the officer uniforms and Stormtrooper armors gathered earlier.
The Prison as a whole was challenging, but they avoided a lot of damage by peruading the guards using Dracos name after reading the message to gain surprise on most of the encounters.

All over it was a average experience. A few details seemed odd, some places the encounters was to easy (why downgrading CL 1 Stormtroopers to WORSE CL 1 Stormtroopers?) but some encounters made the character sweat.

Seemed like they enjoy the game and campaign overall, and they cant wait to get on with the next episode.
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