Episode IV Oozing Madnes & DSP's

I just finished the Oozing Madness encounter from DoD Episode IV. I happened to spike some of my players with madness and they attacked their allies in rage.

I was wondering, does such a madness attack deserve a Dark Side Point?

Babs out!
Good question! That encounter is on deck for my game in July.

I suppose it would depend on how they went about it? I'm really not sure...

I would say that it is NOT DSP worthy, any more than being driven mad by some sort of drug and attacking your companions in D&D3.5 would be worthy of making the PC evil.

At worst, an attonement.

Of course, if they go for something besides a simple attack, and add things like torture, that is a dfifferent matter...
Since they are forced to attack, and have no say in the matter, I'd say no DSP.