Enhancing DoD: 6 - The Core of Corruption *SPOILER*

Whether in planning beforehand or during the game session itself, almost every GM makes changes to a published module. Sometimes the changes are necessary, sometimes they just add to the fun.

What changes have you made to The Core of Corruption? How did they turn out? Would you use these tweaks again or recommend them to another GM?

Feel free to post links to your session threads.

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Jaws of the Sarlacc

I played the game before I ran it this time, so I had a pretty clear player picture. There was a few things that just irritated me, and a few things I noticed. After reading it I made a few changes. So, from the top:

The approach towards Coruscant had two things I really didn't care for. The first was the "drive-by-Force-scan." In the group I play in we have three Jedi, none of them are me, but I thought it was a bit unfair not to give them any chance of scanning back. The GM looked really silly just saying "oh, it flew past too fast for you to do anything." When I ran it I let them roll a DC 30 Initiative check to get a chance to sense it. They all failed miserably, ubt it let them feel like they had some control.

The other thing was the crash. I'm all for adding in system damage, but having something break even on a successful check felt forced. I'm very anti-railroading, and even though this doesn't quite qualify as railroading, it came too close for me. I had them make the check, and if they beat the DC by five they'd take no damage. The pilot did it, so no random system damage. Having to report made them all very nervous though.

On that, I had the officiers who took the report come in on a Lambda-Shuttle, the type generally carried on Star Destroyers. After the Force-drive-by earlier, they were more than a little worried. I thought they were going to snap right there and start shooting.

On planet one of their first acts was to rent an airspeeder. They didn't feel like buying one since they only thought they'd be on the planet for a day or two. I had the meeting with Tero go as described, but had him walk out with the players. As they got to their speeder, they noticed a small speeder chace just ending. Tero made comment about how that pilot must have been an idiot to try flying outside the skylanes without a Class II Transponder. They, being a bit cheap, decided against getting one, but I thought it was a good time to bring it up.

During the Level 188 Entry encounter I moved the nozzels for the gas up high enough that characters with melee weapons couldn't hit them. I didn't really think the Soldier would use a grenade, but it was pretty funny when he did.

Since my groups most deadly characters are ranged fighters, I gave Nolor deflect instead of Block. It was more useful to him.

I also did a bit with the various interactions, most of which I can't even remember. I go with the flow more than notes. But those were my main changes
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So here I am to once again ask, if you wanted to use Switch in this adventure, how would you do it. I think that this adventure has some of the greatest opportunities to use Switch as a contact or to do some work for him.

EDIT: One way that I would use Switch is in the "Following Leads" section of the adventure as a contact that can give the heroes information about the various things they're supposed to learn about. Especially Resh. Also, Switch could contact them and ask them to get him a "Class III Restricted" transponder, which would allow the heroes to find out about said transponder and possibly want to acquire one for themselves. Of course I also like Raul's idea (above) for letting the heroes know about the transponder.
WINNER OF YOU BUILD THE CHARACTER #6 - Qui-Gon Jinn "For 300 years we prepared, we grew stronger. While you rested in your cradle of power." -Lord Malgus, The Old Republic Trailer "Am I the only one that saw the film and thought Obi-Wan was expressing an opinion of moral superiority/ideological victory with his statement? Y'know, instead of stating to the highly experienced combatant in front of him the obvious fact that he stood a few meters below him on the vertical axis?" -d20 Radio regarding Obi-Wan's comment to Anakin "It's over Anakin. I have the high ground."
How to add switch, if the player want to contact him he can direct them to Eatoa - who will send them to Resh...

He might also be able to help track down CZ-3T6 - pointing the players toward CoCo town... and lettng them go from there.

However reading it through again I'm changing this:

Tero Reskan has no real defined purpose other then to be the "contact"... and that bothered me. So what I'm doing is taking the location from episode 7 "safe house of the dead" and using it as a safehouse that Tero places the players in. This blends nicely with the idea that they should not lodge near their ship in case they get into trouble... un-huh... it also lends itself to the players getting to "know" the tennants as described in episode 7, so there is some emotional impact when they get smoked in 7. Tero is also going to be my "schill" to get them the info on permits for speeders, general locations of "stuff" etc. In short I'm going to make him very helpful to the players.

I'm going to populate the safehouse with families, as well as other "rebel" types, and Tero is going to be like the local good samaritan, always lnding a helping hand to those in need - especially if they have no love for the empire. I already have couple of ideas for annoying but in the end helpful kids running around the safe-house. I think that I may have them be the initial "gather information" sources that lead them to Eetoa and or point them to other contacts that take them to the outlander club.

This will give the players a "base", and allow for the roleplaying ties to be created

Jedi Dade
Hmmm, my group is halfway through DoD 5, so I'm beginning to look into DoD 6.  But then I find that there are only 3 posts regarding this module!

I'm guessing that more than 3 of you have run this module... right?

If you have, please share any changes you made.  Also, maybe you can help me out with a few concerns I had as I read through the module.

Actually, I guess all of my concerns could be summed up in a single question:

Is this module way too easy?

At the beginning, the PCs are level 11.  Halfway through, they're level 12.  Yet most of the enemies they face are CL 7 or 8.  I suspect they're going to breeze through most of the encounters without breaking a sweat.

And I understand the fact that by level 12, they are the equivilent of Jedi Masters (in theory), and so they really should be considered awesome, and should breeze through most encounters.  So, in principle, I'm okay with 3/4 of the encounters being a simple mop-up excercise.

But even the "hard" encounters seem like they're easy.  They made Lt. Dos CL 11, but he's got all his levels in Noble and Scout.  My PCs are only level 10 right now, and they already they would destroy him in 1 round.  He's only got +9 to attack, and a Ref of 24.  And his "bodyguards" are only CL 7!

Even Sisla, the bounty hunter, is only CL 10.  He's got a much more reasonable Ref 30 and +12 attack.  But he's essentially all by himself, since his allies are only CL 7.

The climactic battle with the Inquisitors also seems too easy.  2 of them are CL 8!  They have 7 levels of Scoundrel, and 1 level of Force Adept:  Ref 28, +8 to hit, and UtF +11.    If either of them damage anybody, I'll be surprised.  Nolor is CL 13, and could provide a somewhat reasonable challenge, if it was a 1-on-1 fight.  But with such lame allies, it'll essentially be him vs. all the PCs.  I except this "climactic" battle to last about 2 or 3 rounds, tops.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am quite capable of simply adding levels to some of the enemies to make them tougher.  I have no problem doing that.  But I wonder if maybe there's a chance I'm wrong about all this?

For anybody who has run this module: were the encounters too easy?  Or was there some factor that I'm not considering that actually makes these encounters more difficult than I'm making them sound?

I don't want to increase the difficulty if it's going to lead to a TPK.  Please share your experiences with the difficulty of this module.


I agree old benn that these encounters do look abit light in the characters. But then I think this mission is more about the characters investigative abilities than combat.

I've been planning to run this adventure as a way of letting the characters feel how capable they have become combat-wise. The constant rising ability of foes does seem bizarre otherwise if even stormtroopers and general security units are still giving them a tough time (in a stand-up fight that is). Let them dominate the encounters if they wish....but remember....these are intelligent enemies still, and each encounters comes with many hazards and obstacles to challenge the players. Also they are on Coru - I mean - Imperial Center! Try to give the impression that these foes are unlimited, that the more fights they get into the more heat and attention they will bring to themselves and their plans. Escalation should definately occur - I'm going to use the Elite Stormtrooper detail from Gem of Alderaan as an Emergency response squad.

However, that said, it is fine to play the general mooks this way but I certainly feel the real antagonists (like Sisla and Nolar) are really not upto scratch and should certainly give the group more to play with. Not sure what to do here...more levels? more minions? more home turf advantages?

I would really like to hear from sommeone who has played through this already to know how it runs as it is.

As they will be on coruscant for 2 adventures I am ok with starting small on the challenge front but I want the players to be running from stormtroopers after a few encounters (regardless of how easy they are to kill). Comlinks, air support, public announcements(the loyal citzens of the emperor will be more than happy to report terrorist activity), Inquisitor drive-bys, ambushes....these should all build to keep the characters lying low.


-Excellent. Rise, Lord Eli, newest Hand of Karsus...
Has anyone tried turning the collapsing skyscraper sequence into a skill challenge? If so, how did it turn out? If not, what would you recommend?

I have just begun the adventure and the characters are already ducking their heads when potential imperials attention rears it's head. I think after First to Strike they have a respect for how hard the imperial forces can be even when faced with low-level stormtroopers. Knowing they are at the heart of the empire means they are being extra careful.

We'll see how things go....they are already grumbling about the fees they are having to pay Laughing

-Excellent. Rise, Lord Eli, newest Hand of Karsus...
Does the collapsing skyscraper seem overly unrealistic?  I'm having trouble visualizing a 200 story building that falls "slowly".  So slowly that you can actually survive it.  And if I can't visualize it, I certainly can't try to describe it to my players.

When I think about a collapsing building, I immediately think of 9/11, and there's no way you can survive that.

I think that trying to convince my players that it is plausible to survive such a collapse would make me look silly.

I'm more inclined to let them get to the speeder that the Inquisitors came in on, and let them steal that to get away.

Does the collapsing skyscraper seem overly unrealistic?  I'm having trouble visualizing a 200 story building that falls "slowly".  So slowly that you can actually survive it.  And if I can't visualize it, I certainly can't try to describe it to my players.

Have you ever played Zelda: Ocarina of Time?  That castle collapses pretty slowly.

I think that trying to convince my players that it is plausible to survive such a collapse would make me look silly.

I'm more inclined to let them get to the speeder that the Inquisitors came in on, and let them steal that to get away.

Letting them get away in the speeder's not a bad idea.  Remember, they can also use the building's safety system tractor beams.

WINNER OF YOU BUILD THE CHARACTER #6 - Qui-Gon Jinn "For 300 years we prepared, we grew stronger. While you rested in your cradle of power." -Lord Malgus, The Old Republic Trailer "Am I the only one that saw the film and thought Obi-Wan was expressing an opinion of moral superiority/ideological victory with his statement? Y'know, instead of stating to the highly experienced combatant in front of him the obvious fact that he stood a few meters below him on the vertical axis?" -d20 Radio regarding Obi-Wan's comment to Anakin "It's over Anakin. I have the high ground."

The group has just bested the Inquisitor Attack....and with a few tweaks it provided a comfortable challenge for the group. Nolar was pretty much left as is. The only changes I made were I swapped Equilibrium out for Block and Mobility for Weapon Finesse.....finally I gave him Con 13 which had the side benefit of giving him the shake it off feat.

This maintained the stylistic feel of Nolar as a tough and incisive Inquisitor. Shake it off balances the loss of Equilibrium and Weapon Finesse better refelcts his agility in combat.

The Force Interrogation power also worried the PC's nicely as Nolar tortured the hapless Jedi's mind throughout the fight whilst using Force Grip. Even though he didn't quite manage to break his Will(the prescence of his the Jedi's allies helped him make it through).

The only major upgrades I made (which applied in the rest of the Spire also)  was to make all the Coruscant Guards Veterens (CL 8), in addition to having 4 of them(2 guarding each apprentice), and to rework the apprentices (detailed in the spoiler).

I wanted to keep the scoundrel feel of the Apprentices (Fool's Luck, skills etc.) but to also make them a more credible threat in combat. By including Jedi training into their levels it meant I could now swap Equilibrium out for deflect and free up some feat space. I like to think of these Apprentices as waifs or scoundrels picked up off the streets by the Inquisitors to undergoe extensive Inquistor training(reflected by the jedi levels).

In addition, I noticed that thier strength is listed as 12 but the statistics had been built as if it was 14 so I corrected the number.


Inquisitor Apprentice (2) CL 9
Medium Human Scoundrel 4/Jedi 4/Force adept 1
Force 5; Dark Side 13
Init +11; Senses Perception +10
Languages Basic, High Galactic, Huttese plus one other
Defences Ref 24 (flat-footed 22), Fort 22, Will 26; Deflect, Dodge
hp 65; Threshold 22
Speed 6 squares
Melee lightsabre +11 (2d8+6) or
Melee lightsabre +16 (2d8+6) with Acrobatic Strike or
Melee lightsabre +9 (3d8+6) with Rapid Strike or
Melee lightsabre +14 (3d8+6) with Acrobatic Strike and Rapid Strike or
Ranged blaster pistol +11 (3d6+4)
Base Atk +7; Grp +9
Atk Options Acrobatic Strike, Rapid Strike
Special Actions Fool's Luck
Force Powers Known (Use the Force +11): dark rage, Force Slam, Force Thrust, rebuke
Abilities Str 14, Dex 14 Con 10, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha 14
Talents Deflect,Channel Aggression, Disciplined Strike, Telekinetic Savant, Fool's Luck
Feats Acrobatic Strike, Dodge, Force SensitivityB, Force Training (2), Improved Defences, Point Blank ShotB, Rapid Strike, Running Attack, Weapon Focus(lightsabre), Weapon Proficency (lightsabres, pistols, simple weapons)B
Skills Acrobatics +11, Deception +11, Initiative +11, Perception +10, Persuasion +11, Stealth +11, Use Computer +10, Use the Force +11
Possessions lightsabre(self-built), Black jumpsuit, code cylinder, comlink, blaster pistol, various personal belongings

Overall the battle worked out well....with many force points and destiny points being used (as befitting a final confrontion)...however despite these upgrades the battle was still comfortably won with none of the characters getting in too much danger of death. That said, the PC's worked well tactically and were unnerved by Nolar's capabilities enough that they won't want to tangle with a the Inquisitors unless they have to.

Tactical note: As the area is large it is difficult to get the Apprentice's to work in tandem if they appear at opposite ends as mine did(map didn't seem to explain where the other turbolift was). Keep Nolar behind his allies as he throws/Grips the PC's telekinetically. With abit of manuvering you should be able to split the characters up or knock them off the edge with combinations of move object/force thrust/force slam.

We'll see how the escape goes next session
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I was working with a co-worked to fix the collapsing skyscraper. Here's what we thought: the whole thing is under construction over the Western Sea, elevated 300m above the water by repuslor lifts. When the Inquisitors blow the place, the repuslors self destruct. The tower spins as it falls, creating a round of combat like in Inception with bouncing off the walls. If after two rounds they don't get to the speeder and escape. The tower hits the water, and the not finished part shatters, and the top pounds into the water, Half the floor vanishes (replace a map tile with a flooded map tile), and a window shatters, creating a tidal wave hazard.
Any ideas on refining this?
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I like the dynamic change of scenery...a zero-gravity round, destroyed walkway, flooding and shattering windows....a lot to keep the characters on their toes.

With such a short time frame, I would suggest making it clear where the characters need to go (perhaps have the speeder hovering near the stairwell where nolor arrives from), otherwise you may find the characters dithering. Start the destruct sequence early-mid combat to add all important tension. Time-limits worry characters far more than dangerous npc's. This will also mean when the destruction happens you can have some cool terrrain-warping fights.

Lastly....make it belivable that the characters survive the collapse. So far you have given them 3 rounds to get to the speeder...it will be tricky for all of them to get there probably (it is a big area and 'heroic' characters may stay behind to hold of the inquisitor). Explain to them that even after the collapse they are still in danger, increasing the hazard each round they remain perhaps:

1st round - Flooding
2nd round - Collapsing debris
3rd round - Power cables electrifying water
4th round - Explosions

and so on...

Don't forget there will be coruscant guards(and possibly more inquisitors) swarming the are looking for survivors soon enough.

-Excellent. Rise, Lord Eli, newest Hand of Karsus...
Very good ideas, Eli.
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Inquisitor Apprentice (2) CL 9
Medium Human Scoundrel 4/Jedi 4/Force Adept 1
Force 5; Dark Side 13
Init +11; Senses Perception +10
Basic, High Galactic, Huttese plus one other
Defences Ref 24 (flat-footed 22), Fort 22, Will 26; Deflect, Dodge
hp 65; Threshold 22
Speed 6 squares
Melee lightsabre +11 (2d8+6) or
Melee lightsabre +16 (2d8+6) with Acrobatic Strike or
Melee lightsabre +9 (3d8+6) with Rapid Strike or
Melee lightsabre +14 (3d8+6) with Acrobatic Strike and Rapid Strike or
Ranged blaster pistol +11 (3d6+4)
Base Atk +7; Grp +9
Atk Options Acrobatic Strike, Rapid Strike
Special Actions Fool's Luck
Force Powers Known (Use the Force +11): dark rage, Force Slam, Force Thrust, rebuke
Abilities Str 14, Dex 14 Con 10, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha 14
Talents Deflect,Channel Aggression, Disciplined Strike, Telekinetic Savant, Fool's Luck
Feats Acrobatic Strike, Dodge, Force SensitivityB, Force Training (2), Improved Defences, Point Blank ShotB, Rapid Strike, Running Attack, Weapon Focus(lightsabre), Weapon Proficency (lightsabres, pistols, simple weapons)B
Skills Acrobatics +11, Deception +11, Initiative +11, Perception +10, Persuasion +11, Stealth +11, Use Computer +10, Use the Force +11
Possessions lightsabre (self-built), Black jumpsuit, code cylinder, comlink, blaster pistol, various personal belongings

A small point, but I'm afraid this stat block is illegal RAW - the Inquisitor Apprentice only has 2 of the 3 Force talents necessary to qualify for the Force Adept PrC (I think the original writeup had the same problem as well).

You'd need to swap out Deflect or Fool's Luck for a Force talent (Force Focus perhaps?) in order to make the stats legal RAW...
Since my gaming group has a couple weeks off because of the lousy timing of christmas and since I have NOTHING to do at work today, I decided to start thinking about the next couple of episodes. I'm only about half way though Core of Corruption, but I've already run into a pretty huge snag: Resh. It was made prettty clear back in episode 2 that Darga was only marginly aware of the project, not that important and never really that far up in the food chain. And now suddenly we're finding out that he had a man oun Courscant who was keeping an eye on the project, that he communicated with a droid in the Sarlacc Project?

The hell?

Why did this not come up back when the players were putting the thumbscrews to Darga three episodes ago? By this point, the players have pretty much dismissed Darga and his operation as the catalist to the arc and not all that important to the project. That's some pretty slopping writing!

Anyway, I think I've got a fix. After the colapse of Darga's operation, Resh has been poking around on his own, trying to find something useful that he can leverage as a trip off planet. So while Resh knows what he knows about Sarlacc, Darga did not by the virtue that Resh found out after Darga's death.
Okay, my changes thusfar:

* I dropped Tero Reskan from the game. There's nothing he does that the Resistance Members in the Safehouse cant do, and he vanishes after this episode.

* The game is pretty linear. It goes from Resh to Dos to the Spire itself. I've left the droid and the other leads in in case they follow things up in a different order, but Resh -> Dos -> Spire makes the most logical sense.

* Absoultly, positivly move the Safehouse up to this episode. That way you can get as much time as you can for the players to become attached to them before you gun them down without mercy. Here's the cast of chartacyters I've come up with:

Ashlyn (human female) - the leader of the cell
Onna (human fermale) - Her daughter
Shaneesa (Twlek)  - a 10 year old who handles her gun like a natural. Cute as a button too
Jex (male human) Crumugonly con artist
Thaben (Falleen female) The cell's technical expert

Make Shaneesa percocious and well capable of handling herself on the mean streets of Courscant. Do everything can to endear her to the players, make her tough, a fighter, someone who has the potential of being a big cog in the upcoming rebellion. That'll surely twist the knife when she dies.

Instead of just doing the sign/countersign thing, I ran them around a bit more. They were given insturctions to call this droid shop, claim that your R1 unit has a burnt out sonic oscillator and say that you have a six year extended warrantee if asked. The man on the other end says that he's backed up with work and they should go get lunch first. He recommends The Plah Bowl in green sector, 7th level while they wait. He hears the sping soup is quite good.

When they get Sping soup, there's a hastily written note at the bottom of one of their styrophome bowls, with an address - a nearby outdoor plaza.

And there they sit, in the outdoor plaza, while the members of the cell check them out and make sure they're not being tailed. When they are sastified, they send in one of their agents - a kid with a balloon. The kid trips, looses her grip on the balloon and starts bawling her head off. That should hopefully get one of the soft hearted players over to comfort the kid, who then tells them "Can you help me find my mommie?" leading the character off by the hand to find her mom.

Over by one of the public bathrooms, Mommie greets them. "Sorry about the run-arround. We needed to be sure that you were who you said you were and that you wernt being followed." She clicks her comlink once and Shi gets to make a search roll to spot the sniper on the roof across from the plaza as Shaneesa vacates her high ground. "I'm Ashlyn and that's Onna." The kid beams. "Lets get you out of here before we start drawing attention."

* Combine the two chapters. I'm still workling out how to implicate Varth in the safehouse attack and how to make the PCs realize the fleet is in trouble - perhaps a memo or broadcast from the Imperials in the assault? I'm not sure yet.

Now that I'm this far into reading the adventure, I have to say I can't get behind the way the collapse of the spire plays out. Five minutes for total building collapse? Why don't the inquistors serve tea while they're at it.

I can see why a company might not want to make light of a disaster like the collapse of the World Trade Center, but we've got a pretty good source of first hand information on just how something like this might go down. It was roughly 30 seconds from the catastrophic structural failure to the final collapse. The TV mast and roof from the North Tower struck the ground about 11 seconds after the descent began. The central core of the lower 60 floors completely collapsed within 10 to 15 seconds after being bypassed by the falling upper floors. But since you don't want to outright kill the players, I think 30 seconds should be more than enough time.

Also, thinking of ways to survive the collapse, ironically the detention block cells are logically the most likely to survive intact. Think of it - they're high security, structurally reinforce metal boxes designed to be tough as hell. They would probably survive a collapsing building pretty well - only leaving the problem of the sudden deceleration trauma to overcome.

Also, the aftermath is WAY too clean. Sure they had time to evacuate the workers, but it was only a few minutes from the discovery of the infiltration to the final collapse - there would be loads of civilian casualties from just the surrounding debris. That's a perfect way to play up just how nasty the Empire can be (and by extension, give the players a moment or two of making a difference with personal heroics). And the streets should be way more chaotic, with a cloud of dust and debris everywhere, spread to the surrounding buildings and streets.

I like the inception spinning colapse thing. It reminds me of the Falling Ship level from Dark Forces 2: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ey2PQHDNhM4

I don't think that collapse can be directly compared to the TWC.  The two biggest differences that come to mind are the materials and that the spire was an incomplete work which meant less falling mass.  If the WTC had just fallen one floor at a time and NOT picked up a huge amount of additional mass with each step it could be a "slow fall."  I've heard about planned implosions that really didn't work because they just blew out a single floor an everything above it just dropped that far and stopped; the spire may be far from complete but if each "floor" can slow the fall it may make it survivable.  I'd also guess that the upper levels may have had some build in repulsor technology to help keep the building stable, especially during construction, and that this helped slow the collapse.

To me one of the most outrageous "mistakes" made when building the adventure was how those apprentice Inquisitors were constructed.  I'm not going to argue about their level but how there were built would have me screaming at anyone who posted that build.  It was just stupid (sorry to however wrote that) to go Scoundrel7/Force Adept1 and have proficiency with the lightsaber.  I mean you can go Scoundrel1/Jedi6/FA1 and have EVERYTHING those characters have listed plus a dozen more hitpoints and one more feat to play with as you aren't spending one on Lightsaber proficiency.  Don't want that feat you could turn it into a talent by going Scondrel1/Jedi5/Soldier1/FA1 granted that technically gives a feat for the level of Soldier.

The other enhancement this adventure really could use is to break out the squad rules for those groups of lowly troopers.   
I don't think that collapse can be directly compared to the TWC.  The two biggest differences that come to mind are the materials and that the spire was an incomplete work which meant less falling mass.  If the WTC had just fallen one floor at a time and NOT picked up a huge amount of additional mass with each step it could be a "slow fall."  I've heard about planned implosions that really didn't work because they just blew out a single floor an everything above it just dropped that far and stopped; the spire may be far from complete but if each "floor" can slow the fall it may make it survivable.  I'd also guess that the upper levels may have had some build in repulsor technology to help keep the building stable, especially during construction, and that this helped slow the collapse.

Less mass in the spire, but I think the physics are more or less equil, even tho one is a chaotic scattershot attack and the other is a controled, designed demolition (consipericy theroys of "It was an inside job aside" aside, of course). The reason I'm thinking that the Spire will be much faster (and probably on par with the WTC) is that its a self destruct - the charges are designed specificly for one thing, to maintain security by blowing the whole mess up should there be a danger of it falling into enemy hands. If that's a security measure to prevent security leaks, it should take the same time as it would take me to walk to the corner store to implement.

To me one of the most outrageous "mistakes" made when building the adventure was how those apprentice Inquisitors were constructed.

Ah, since I'm playing the game with the D6 engine, I havent run into that problem. I throw out all the stats and just build my own.

So tonight's game, we managed to get through Resh and his bolt-hole and up to finding Agent Dos at the Outlander club. While they did have the Rodian Mugging Encounter down below and the Bigot Goon Squad in the upper levels, we haven't had any fighting.

They took an interesting approach to dealing with the Bounty Hunters trying to get into Resh. Instead of fighting Sisla and the mob of bounty hunters, they approached openly, not drawing their guns or acting hostile at all. They said "We're not here for the bounty, we just want a few moments to talk to him. We can get the door open for you, and you're welcome to him - we dont want to get in your way. We just want 30 seconds to pick his brain."

They were very persuasive, rather charming and rolled really well - so I figured what the hell!

Their security expert rolled really, really well on their Open Door skill, managed to pop Resh's Panic Room and the hunters stunned the hell out of the Sullustan. Then the players set about a very clever ruse (with some hunters playing dead) where they had gunned down the Hunters and rescued Resh, that they were from Darga's organization and they were keeping his empire running in the wake of the Hutt's death. Very clever - getting Resh to open up and tell them everything he knows about the Sarlacc project without ever firing a shot.

So far they haven't jumped Agent Dos yet. They've been keeping the club under surveillance, watching him and his decoys come and go - several nights now. They're trying to come up with an angle where they don't have to jump the agent, perhaps some kind of pick pocketing or something - but then we had to quit for the night.

Given the tactics so far, I'd say with 100% certainty that they will NOT attack the Walker when they flee Courscant.

That is flipping clever, EK.
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Well, we finished up chapters six and seven last night - and it was BRILLIANT!

When we last left our heroes, they were trying to figure out how to get the code cylinder from Agent Dos, since none of them had a pick pocketing skill of any note. The fielded a couple of ideas, ranging from slipping a Mickey into one of his drinks to simply just jumping him, bonking him on the head taking it and throwing his body over a ledge. Eventually they settled on a plan thanks to a an environmental change.

Just for a change of color at the Outlander Club, I had all of the various screens showing the Galaxy Cup championship Frungy playoffs ("the sport of kings"). With a enthusiastic mob of three rival club supporters in the bar, it was easy to act as Frungy hooligans and set off a riot. One player tipped a beer into the lap of one supporter while wearing the scarf of another club, a couple of well placed insults, timed during a critically bad blown call and the place erupted into a riot. Under the cover of chaos, they were able to make the switch without Dos being any the wiser.

Now the clock is running. They hightail it to the construction staging point for the spire, overcome the reasonably slack security at the construction yard, steal workmen clothes and some appropriate ID and sneak into the back of one of the trucks heading up to floor 185. I was fully expecting a fight when they got to the Control Room, but when explaining themselves to the head technician, they offered up a pretty significant bribe (pretty much all of their operating cash) to ignore that their IDs were not scanning properly. Given that they were pretty smooth with their con job, I decided to let them slip past. Besides - there was plenty of fighting just around the corner.

So, up to floor 188. They tried to con and bluff their way past the security booth, but sometimes you just have to shoot somebody, They popped the lock on the security booth door, unleashed a costco sized can of whupass, exchanged grenades and generally made a mess of the room. They managed to turn off the ray shields without destroying them, subduing the guards in the detention block and set about downloading the Sarlacc plans in a conveniently placed computer terminal.

Okay since I wanted to have the players send the Sarlacc plans back to the fleet without having them return to the safe house first, I give the Cell one additional piece of equipment that they gave the players - a one use, super secure comlink system stolen from the ISB. Think the high tech equivalent of two tin cans on a string. The players can use the one off comlink to get the plans out of the spire just in case they don't make it out. This lets me spring Varth's hit team without the messy business of sending them back to the safe house and then finding some way to get them out again while the Empire drops the hammer.

So they send the plans - and then in the process of backing up another set for themselves, one of them finds a memo from Admrial Varth to the Inquisitorius fully detailing the players. their descriptions, and everything the Empire would need to find them. The thing is - the players went in with really good disguises and forged IDs that Varth didn't know about - the Empire was looking for the wrong people all this time!

With this bombshell dropped, it was time to fight Inquisitor Nolor. They were all at the detention block end of the hall when the door at the turbolift end snapped open and this dark fellow with two guards appear at the end, lightsaber lit. And one of my players said "I turn on the ray shields".

And this dramatic moment was ruined as we all bust out laughing at the totally deadpan way she said that.

It did buy them enough time, however, to blow out the back wall of the spire with every explosive they could get their hands on. To hell with fighting this guy - they just wanted to get away STAT! So they jumped off the building, figuring that they had a few seconds to figure out what to do next. And so it was grappling hooks and ropes into the girder framework below floor 185 just as Nolor blew out the shields (and most of the detention block wall) with a massive Force blast.

One of the players asked "The traffic that's near the spire - is there a non-imperial secruity speeder nearby? Local police and not stormtroopers?" Sure, what the hell - so she started acting like a drunk and belligerent construction worker shooting her blaster near (but not actually at) the cop, hoping to get his "better investigate the trouble maker" attention. So while they acted drunk getting the cop close, our almost-but-not-quite Jedi warrior held off Nolor with every underhanded trick she had in the book.

Realizing that they were about to get away, Nolor set off the self destruct, beginning the collapse of the spire. They leapt over, subdued the cop, shook loose Nolor as he jumped over, managed to shoot his lightsaber when he tried to throw it and hit the speeder with it as he fell away - basically getting away just barely by the skin of their teeth.

To be continued in the Chapter seven thread. . . .
So here I am to once again ask, if you wanted to use Switch in this adventure, how would you do it. ... ... ... One way that I would use Switch is in the "Following Leads" section of the adventure as a contact that can give the heroes information about the various things they're supposed to learn about. Especially Resh.

I myself am currently reading all the adventures in the DoD series, noting down the core of each, and adding changes from these message boards in a simple text file. It came to my attention as well that after the end of the first story arch, Switch suddenly disappears, which is kind of sad. I'm brainstorming to get him in more often when possible as well; personally, I find the Resh-approach the most logical.
The PCs arrive at Coruscant, knowing WHAT to look for, but not WHERE. What if Switch lets them know, as a reward for helping him in previous adventures, that an old associate of the late Darga has been spotted on Imp Center? After all, Switch IS an information broker by trade; he'd know this would interrest the PC's one way or the other. Besides, with Darga's involvement in the Sarlacc Project, it's the only solid lead they'll have for now.
From there, Resh can tip off the PCs about the Spire ánd Lesan Dos; I'd drop the CZ droid alltogether, as it seems a tad superfluous.
Just my two cents.
I do sort of get the impression that this was the developer's intent -- to have Switch be a recurring source of information to the characters if they negotiate for him to do so in their first meeting with him in Traitor's Gambit

My Alt-U PCs (I'm going to be running DoD twice, simultaneously -- once for a Canon group and once for an Infinities group) agreed to be informants to Switch for one year, so he'll often repay them in kind with information.

I'm interested to see what my Canon PCs do in their encounter with Switch one week from today.
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Overview, Episode VI
An overview, summary of the episode and things encountered in it, including Wookieepedia links.
I like to write these notes because it makes me remember to think about ways to flesh these out.

Episode IV
Episode V
Episode VI
Episode VII

- Content -
Core Worlds > Deep Core > Corusca Sector >Coruscant System > Coruscant Planet (Also known as Imperial Center)
Hyperspace Bouy IC-772 > Imperial Center Approach Vector ICAV-7A > Imperial Center Landing Vector ICLV-0192R > Private Starport, Cloudscape Platforms > Platform CP32L

Docking: Direct, internal or parking platform at the mid levels
Hotels: The Imperial (luxury) Sleep Center (mid) & Gert's Low Street Hostel (low)

The Works
Rodian Consolidated Refineries (mentioned only)
Droid Services
CoCo Town
Commerce Guild Warehouse NW-99c
Crystalline Plaza
Core Craft
Imeici Spire

Ships & Vehicles
Onderon Sky (YT-1300)
Action VI Transport
Imperial Star Destroyer

Star Destroyer Assiduous
Imperial "RaDAir" Rapid Deployment Airspeeder
Eeetoa Ro's banged-up Speeder Bike (same stats as Aratech 74-Z without weapons)
Imperial HSP-10 Pursuit Airspeeders

Unique Friends
Captain Adrian Verana
Admiral Gilder Varth
"Familiar yellow-silver astromech droid"?
Bail Prestor Organa (mentione as "benefactor", but not by name)
Agent Tero Reskan (sign/countersign "We broke our droid."/"I hope you ment to.")
Gelnar Tol (Starship designer, Duros)

Generic Friends
None beyond the Loyalists if moved from Episode 7 to Episode 6.

Unique Foes

Imperial Customs Agent Talee
ISB Agent Lesan Dos
Lesan Dos clone Nonul Weran
Chokoo Thool, leader of the Rodian Thieves
Sisla the Devaronian Bounty Hunter
Inquisitor Nolor

Generic Foes
Imperial Spies on Resurgence (Mentioned Only)
ISB, Imperial Security Bureau (Mentioned Only)
Coruscant Guards
Coruscant Guard Veteran
COMPNOR Supporters
Arakyd FSD-6D Flying Surveillance Droid
Detention Block Guards
Inquisitor Apprentice

Other/Unaffiliated NPC's
Protocol Droid CZ-3T6
Resh (Sullustan with info on Imeci Spire)
Eetoa Ro (Information broker)

Core Craft techs
Core Craft chief administrator
Core Craft sentries
Core Craft construction techs
Core Craft senior techs
Celor Teon (Core Craft senior tech)

BoSS code
METSOP (Message to Spacers)
Talkstar One (defunct city entertainment newsnet)
Imperial Senate (Mentioned Only)
Republic Senate (Mentioned Only)
Commerce Guild (Mentioned Only)
New Order

- Adventure -
Part 1: Into the Core

1-2 days for Admiral Varth and the Resurgence Crew to analyze data.
Introduction by Admiral Varth, yellow/silver astromech droid and Captain Verana.
Mission: Discover and stop the project
Reward: 5000 credits, equipment/weaponry from Resurgence and repairs of the ship. Can borrow Onderon Sky (YT-1300)

The Four Leads
 1. Frequency for Sarlacc Project
 2. ISB Agent Lesan Dos (unknown attachment to the project)
 3. CZ-3T6 (protocol droid, discovered on outgoing messages)
 4. Sullustan Resh (former associate of Darga the Hutt and tied to material delivery)


Core Worlds > Deep Core > Corusca Sector > Coruscant System > Coruscant Planet (Imperial Center)

At Hyperspace Bouy IC-772
- Use Computer DC15: Scene much like what was on holoprojector.
- METSOP (Message to Spacers) direct ships to contact Imperial Center control;
- Linger too long and get stern hail from space traffic control droids, then ordered to Imperial Center Approach Vector ICAV-7A.
Closer to spacelane
- Pilot DC25 to avoid an Action VI transport (mobile hazard, p173 Core Rulebook, +10 vs RefDef, 4d10+10, attract Imperial System Patrol Craft which stop ship to scan for damage and take report from each).
- Whether or not they collide they blow out some couplings and motivators; DC25 Mechanics: Systems are damaged, DC30 Mechanics for temporary bypass and DC30 Mechanics +1:30h to repair, Periodic Pilot DC25 to keep the ship on course while repairs are made.

Use Computer DC15 2h Follow prescribed path (periodical pairs of TIE fighters scanning ships, fail and they hail, scan and electronically verifies that transporter and licenses).
Start a fight and eight TIE fighter reinforcement arrive in 2 rounds and Imperial Star Destroyer.
Star Destroyer Assiduous appear halfway and other ships are ordered to halt when it passes.
It's followed by a TIE fighter patrol.
- Force Sensitives must Use the Force DC25 to cover themselves from force users.
Finally they are ordered to Landing Vector ICLV-0192R
Ad-hoc XP Reward: CL11 encounter, reduced by unnecessary risks, large fines or combat.

Cloudscape Platforms
Use Computer DC20 to follow directives. (fancy stuff: airspeeder patrol and order them to land at a garrison, ship is searched, ID's are scrutinized)
Greeted by female Human Voice to platform CP32L.
Met by Agent Talee (imperial officer, p280 Saga Edition Core Rulebook) and 4 stormtroopers (page 279, 2 regular, 2 heavy) who inspect personal IDs and licenses, inspects cargo (perception vs stealth for hidden items), ask question for irregularities, fish for information. Infractions are given for incorrect licenses, 500-1000credits each (must be payed within 4 hours). If a scanned hero turns up as wanted he is arrested (backup arrive after 20 rounds, Rapid Response Force encounter).
Ad-hoc XP Reward: CL11 encounter if less than 15000 in fines, reduce for unnecessary risks or large fines, skip if they enter combat.

Encounter 1: Rapid Response Force
Goal: Avoid arrest
Challenge with 4 Coruscant Guards (CL 8) and 1 Coruscant Guards Veteran (CL 9)
They use Imperial “RaDAir” Rapid Deployment Airspeeder (CL 9)

Docking, Accommodations & Transportation
 * 500/d by a Gather Information or Use Computer DC20 check (mid levels)
 * 1000/d plus additional services such as refueling.
 * 4000/d for an internal hangar.
 * 500/d luxure room (The Imperial provide almost any service, but privacy need bribery. Aliens unwelcome)
 * 200/d mid level (Sleep Center, alien guests tolerated)
 * 100/d or 50/d with poor security, aliens commons (Gert's Low Street Hostel)
 * Taxi 50/h, Public Transport 200/w
 * Rent: Speeder: 60/d, Average Landspeeder 150/d, Luxury Landspeeder 300/d, Airspeeder 1500/d
 * Class III Restricted transponder (fly outside established traffic lanes)
  From Eetoa Ro or another shady agent
  Gather Information DC35 (DC25
with Connections), starting bid 30000
  Ad-hoc XP Award:
CL 12 for aquiring a Class III Restricted Responder

Part 2: In the Heart of the Empire
 1. Find Tero Reskan (Call comlink code, "We broke our droid", await reply "I hope you meant to")
 2. Learn about the Imeici Spire (from Resh, CZ-3T6 or transmissions)
 3. An ISB cylinder (learned from Resh, aquired from Agent Dos)
 4. How to enter (from Resh and investigating building)

Encounter 1: Rapid Response Force
Condition: Failed skill checks, indiscreet investigation etc...
Goal: Avoid arrest
Challenge with 4 Coruscant Guards (CL 8) and 1 Coruscant Guards Veteran (CL 9)
They use Imperial “RaDAir” Rapid Deployment Airspeeder (CL 9)
An additional force arrive after 5 minutes.

Encounter 2: No Aliens
Condition: When investigating the upper levels if being non-human or have visited non-Human contacts/vendors
Goal: Avoid anti-human sentiment groups
Challenge with 4 COMPNOR Supporters (CL 8)
Combatants reduced to 25hp or get -3 condition will flee. They may attempt deception when doing so. Captured may declare they are supporters of the New Order.

Encounter 3: Rodian Fuming
Condition: Lower levels or factory scetor known as The Works
Goal: Avoid thieves
Challenge with 4 Rodian Thieves (CL 6) and Chokoo Thool (CL 7) and a Cloud of Noxious Fumes hazard.

Following Leads
The leads can be taken in any order.
Contacts: possibility of imperial informant
The force: Fail Use the Force with 10 or more attract suspicions. Ignored by ISB without good evidence but not by Inquisitors around the Imeici Spire.
Gather Information: Fail with 5-10 results in low-level suspicion, too many or by 10+ attracts ISB (agent from Imperial Pursuit, Part 1 who calls Imperial Patrol, Rapid Response Force)
Technology: Only attract attention if using active surveillance/scanning
Use Computer: Fail by +5 on hostile, +10 on indifferent or +20 on helpful their connection is isolated/unuseable for 24h. ISB agent (from Imperial Pursuit, Part 1 and squad of stormtroopers investigate within 10 minutes (5 in public place)
 * Public Terminal (including hotels, etc.), Indifferent, DC25
 * Public Terminal with Imperial Code Cylinder, Friendly DC25
 * Imperial Terminal, Hostile DC40
 * Imperial terminal with Imperial Code Cylinder, Indifferent DC40

Part 2a: ISB Agent Lesan Dos
ISB Agent Lesan Dos expose "alien plots", mostly those who discovered too much about the Sarlacc Project
Contact with the Inquisitors and have access codes to the Imeici Spire on his code cylinder

Contacts: Tero or other contact reveal that he appear in the local newsnets from time to time
Use the Force: Farseeing or Visions talent give nothing
Gather Information: DC15/1d6h reveals the basics, DC30/2d6h/5000c bribes to low-level officials or underworld information brokers (Switch?) leads to the club
Technology: No way, unless they try to tap Outlanders
Use Computer: DC20/10m on public system reveals the basics, DC35/1d6h reveals speculation among low-profile dissidents reveal he protect something "big", include picture of Dos at Outlander in a copy of a defunct city entertainment newsnet "Talkstar One", DC35 on Imperial Network reveals Dos investigation of alien dissidents at the Outlander.

Encounter 4: Outlanders
Goal: Acquire imperial code cylinder
Challenge with Nonul Weran (CL 8), Lt. Lesan Dos (CL 11) and 2 ISB Outlander Informants (CL 7)

Encounter 5: Imperial Pursuit, Part 1
Goal: Escape the imperial forces.
Challenge with Arakyd FSD-6D Flying Surveillance Droid (CL 6), 2 ISB Special Agents (CL 9) and 5 Stormtroopers.
The stormtroopers use Imperial “RaDAir” Rapid Deployment Airspeeder.

Encounter 6: Imperial Pursuit, Part 2
Goal: Escape the imperial forces.
Challenge with 3 FSD-6D Flying Surveillance Droid (CL 6) and 2 Imperial HSP-10 Pursuit Airspeeders (CL 7).
This is a speeder chase, see page #31 for contents of this chase.

Part 2b: Droid CZ-3T6
CZ-3T6 formerly worked in the Republic Senate's master communications center.
Now controls the main communications node in the Imeici Spire.
Cant be contacted except at the Imeici Spire and will mindwhipe itself when found on level 188.
Leads can be found to the company "Droid Services" (see sidebar on p10 for more info).
Access to Droid Services can be attempted with Use Computer DC10. Computer is hostile. Failure here lead to an ISB agent and a squad of stormtroopers sent 12h later. Use Computer DC25 on friendly reveals the droid CZ-3T6 were moved to "Imeici Spire" 4 months ago. Was then immeidetly removed from the company's service contract.

Contacts/Technology: No.
Use the Force: Farseeing reveal nothing, Visions talent may give basics and talents.
Gather Information: Unknown to available sources. Gather Information DC30/1d6h receals republic governmental departments used CZ-units but were reassigned when newer units where phased in shortly after the Empire's establishments. Gather Information DC20 reveals location of the company "Droid Services".
Visiting Droid Services: Same as Use Computer below, use stats from "Acquisitions" for personnel if needed
Use Computer
: DC20/10m reveals basics. DC30/1d6h reveals CZ were handed to "Droid Services", DC15/5m lead to Collective Commerce District (CoCo Town)

Part 2c: Resh
Resh, a trusted lieutenant of Darga the Hutt who tried to take control on Coruscant but failed.
10000 credits bounty.
Hiding in The Works
Searches for Eetoa Ro (information broker) to get off the planet.
Eetoa Ro demands 5000c for information (indifferent attitude), for an extra 500 he reveals Bounty Hunters are chasing Resh.
Resh know the operation moved to Imeici Spire in CoCo Town. Believe Agent Dos have access (with code cylinder). Know it's run by secret imperial department (Inquisitors) of he only know Valin Draco.

Contacts: After 24h, contact in Coruscant Underworld directs them to Eetoa Ro.
Use the Force: Farseeing doesn't work. Visions on Darga Hut gives a vision (Hutt speak to Resh on safehouse in Commerce Guild Warehouse NW-99c). See p10 for more details.
Gather Information: DC15, Resh is on the lower levels of The Works. DC20/1d6h for basics and bounty. DC25/1d6h for Eetoa Ro.
Technology: No, although with his comlink number allows for tracking through the Works area comlink network (Use Computer DC25 then DC30 to locate, fail for a Coruscant Rapid Response Force after 5m).
Use Computer: DC25/1d6h reveals a 10000 bounty by Empire. Also a newsnet story on "Unknown Sullustan and a Criminal Gang" at the lower levels of The Works.

Encounter 7: The Works Labyrinth
Goal: Get through the works.
Challenge with multiple hazards and skill challenges.

Encounter 8: Resh's Warehouse
Goal: Acquire information on the Imeci Spire from Resh.
Challenge with 4 "Sisla's Hunters" (CL 7) and Sisla (CL 10).

Part 2d: The Imeici Spire
Imeici Spire, an under-construction 200-story tower at the high level Crystalline Plaza (when completed).
Already in use by Inquisitors for the Sarlacc Project.
See part 3 for vulnerabilities.
Entered through Upper Construction Delivery Zone level 185 or the Construction HQ at plaza level.
Ad-hoc XP Award: Get info on the 4 leads and get XP for CL 13 for each success.

Contacts: Tero Reskan know it's location but not it's importance.
The Force: Automatically sense a disturbance in the force. Use the Force here is dangerous. Inquisitors try to sense Force (Use the Force DC25 to hide) twice per day.
Gather Information: DC10/30m location and basics, DC25/1d6h/2000c "other purposes once construction complete", DC30/5000c gives a good description and reveals the need of the code cylinder.
Technology: Using modified scanners and receivers within 5km and a Use Computer DC35 check. Trained in Knowledge (technology) can beat DC20 to reduce the Use Computer roll by 10.
Use Computer: DC15/5m location and basics. Everything else restricted.

Encounter 9: Acquisitons
Goal: Acquire attire, equipment and permits neccessary to infiltrate the Imeici Spire.
Non-combat (prefered) challenge with 4 Core Craft techs (CL 3), Core Craft chief administrator (CL 7) and 2 Core Craft sentries (CL 8).

Part 3: Spire of Darkness

Level 200 Communications array
Levels 195–199 Security surveillance array
Levels 190–194 Skylane traffic control equipment
Level 189 Restricted (Inquisitor level, incomplete)
Level 188 Restricted (Sarlacc Project, incomplete) <- sarlacc="" project="" em="">
Levels 186–187 Restricted (communications node, incomplete)
Level 185 Upper construction delivery zone/hangar level <- entry="" em="">
Levels 151–184 ISB local offices
Levels 126–150 Imperial information offices
Level 76–125 COMPNOR local offices
Levels 2–75 Collective Commerce District government offices
Plaza level Main entry and lower construction HQ <- plaza="" entry="" -----="">
Sublevels 1–10 Building support services
Sublevel 2 Service entry
Sublevels 11–15 Restricted (speeder tube station)
Sublevel 16 Building security
Sublevel 17–20 Utility supply links and emergency power station

Approaching the Spire
From air: Permits have changed, Persuasion DC20/60m or DC20x2/10m to land (can attempt again but DC increase by 5 per attempt).
On foot: Through Crystalline Plaza. Deception vs. Perception (+11) else questioned by Coruscant Guards. Can persuade but if they fail they get shoved off the plaza.
Knowledge (physical science): DC20 to know that prefabricated rooms are used in construction meaning it can be made elsewhere and then added to the structure without anyone observing it's content.
Ad-hoc XP Award: CL 12 worth of xp for entering spire.

Encounter 10: The Control Room
Condition: Entering tower at level 185 or optional at plaza entrance.
Goal: Access the computer system and hopefully avoid alarm.
Challenge with 6 Core Craft construction techs (CL 3), 3 Core Craft senior techs (CL 6) (including Celor Teon).

Computer system access
If alarm = patrol in 5min and computer hostile, otherwise 10min and computer indifferent
The computer has Will 30 and become friendly with code cylinder
DC15 to find readout/schematic for all completed floors except 186-189.
DC25 to find that the code cylinder gives access and construction repulsorlifts on level 185 gives access to 186-189
The repulsorlifts need a Construction Code Cylinder or be hotwired with Mechanics DC30.
Ad-hoc XP Award: CL 13 worth of xp for accessing the computer

Encounter 11: Level 188 Entry
Condition: Enter level 188
Goal: Get past the guards
Challenge with 4 Coruscant Guards (CL 5) and 2 Coruscant Guard Veteran (CL 8).
Challenge also involves gas (1d20+5) that deals 1 persistent condition track damage.
(note: A level 12 player with +0 class bonus and 8 constitution have 21 fortitude defense at this point. Any player with at least 10 constitution and at least one prestige class that grants a fortitude bonus will be unaffected by this trap by less than a "20")

Encounter 12: Level 188 Detention Block

Goal: Rescue prisoners
Challenge with 4 Detention Block Guards (CL 4) and 2 turrets (init +8, perception +8, atk 1d20+10 or 2 atks 1d20+5, refdef 20, DR 5 and 50 hp).

Note: The players are now on a 15 minute timer before Encounter 13.
Rescue 5 humans, 2 Duros (with Gelnar Tol) and 1 Mon Calamari.
Gelnar Tol give the truth about the project.

Use Computer DC30 to access detention area computer (hostile attitude) to figure that Inquisitors are transmitting design data through CZ-3T6 on level 187 to messenger drones and an unknown construction site.
Use Computer DC30 to discover truth about the project (similar to Gelnar Tol).
Perception DC20 to discover that the computer storage can be taken with a Mechanics DC30.
Ad-hoc XP Awards: CL 11 worth of xp for rescuing Gelnar Tol. CL 13 worth of xp for learning the truth about the Sarlacc project.
Destiny: Discovery and Rescue

When the players attempt to leave level 188 is locked down and the code cylinder locked out. Security screens reveal that construction workers evacuate the structure and that Coruscant Guards are blocking the stairwell.

The door to the incomplete area: DR 10, hp 50, damage threshold 30 or Mechanics DC30.

Encounter 13: Inquisitor Attack
Condition: ~15 minutes after the level 188 encounters
Goal: Escape!
Challenge with 2 Coruscant Guards (CL 5), 2 Inquisitor Apprentice (CL 8) and Inquisitor Nolor (CL 13).

Encounter 14: Collapse and Descent
Condition: Last Inquisitor is about to be defeated.
Goal: Escape the collapsing building.
Challenge with skill rolls and hazards, see page #49.

Emergency services arrive within 10 minutes and the players must elude at least two Coruscant trooper patrols and at least three aid worker attempts through Deception, Persuasion and/or Stealth.
Ad-hoc XP Award: CL 13 worth of xp for escaping the area

Tero Reskan turns up in an airspeeder and take them to the safehouse in the warehouses of the Works.
Tero Reskan offer to transmit the Sarlacc Project data to Resurgence via pirated Holo-Net feed.
The heroes are told to keep out of sight on Coruscant until the next episode.
Destiny: Destruction, when forwarding the data to Resurgence

For several reasons I believe I will change "Project Sarlacc" to be about an experimental, powerful but unstable prototype reactor core that is capable of driving ships x12 times larger than a 900m Victory II Star Destroyer. The special thing about the Sarlacc core is that it can do so at a such massively reduced cost and offer a much faster development that the Empire can essentially cease to use regular star destroyers.

Here are some key points about this "core";
1. The development of the core is tied to the Tarkin Doctrine which is the political question at this time. The main villain in Dawn of Defiance really is the Tarkin Doctrine.
2. Super Star Destroyers are probably not built on Coruscant but the Imeici Spire can host the development of a much smaller core. The players can find earlier prototypes of the Core in the Imeici Spire but show that there's probably one built and delivered to an unknown place revealing that something huge out there that needs to be stopped.
3. The coolant system looks like huge cables leading into a toothfilled jaw, which give the core it's name.
4. Sarlacc have a vital flaw which the players get to know, essentially rendering it's design useless.
5. The name "Core of Corruption" refers to the reactor core used for the Tarkin Doctrine (the corruption).
6. The Duros (who invented the hyper drive) and Mon Calamari were used to build a core, not a bulky ship.

Thus the players may earn a much more satisfying victory in this campaign;
* Tech savvy players gets a key function (to figure out the weakness and the purpose of the reactor, see below).
* They defeat a powerful design that would make the Tarkin Doctrine moot (no one would be able to oppose mass development of Super Star Destroyers).
* They delay the Empire almost two decennia (including the development of the Deah Star), allowing the Alliance to organise itself.
* They defeat the Tarkin Doctrine itself (proving the Empire can be opposed and shouldn't be feared).

Later Super Star Destroyers are thus much more costly than the Sarlacc Prototype, thus they appear, but only as pricy flagships rather than massproduced weapons.

The weakness in my campaign is based on the Creation destiny I gave my Engineer back in Episode 2 where the engineer develops a shield breaker. The system rely on special forcefields throughout the ships. If these go down in flight it would cause meltdown.
Like it's written, it's perfectly possible for adept players to go straight for Dos, getting both the cylinder and the location of the spire in one shot. In order to make the rest of the clues just as valuable I would suggest the following:

Find Resh to learn the plan.
-> Track down DOS for the Code Cylinder
-> Learn droid specifications about CZ-3T6
-> Acquire special equipment to use the frequency to contact CZ-3T6

Resh (3)
Purpose: Learn about the plan; includes Imeci Spire Location, the need of an Imperial Code Cylinder, the value of CZ-3T6
Location: The Works in the Dacho District
Discovery: Eetoa Ro can be found through Switch or preferably through a player contact. My players have an underworld expert and a soldier who lived up in The Works.
Resh have been planning to make a hit against the spire ("to take what's rightfully Darga's"). He have been communicating with a security droid known as CZ-3T6 via the holonet but that line have been shut down. He inform the players that CZ-3T6 is "an useful ally" if they wish to get in.

Dos (1)
Purpose: Get the Code Cylinder
Location: Outlander Club in the Uscru Entertainment District
DOS can only be found through Resh
Player backgrounds: In my campaign, Dos is investigating one of the players families and a former "co-worker" to an ex-imperial in my group).
Resh know about Dos (if they players do not) and the bounty on him so he have gave up his plans and seek to flee the planet.
Player backgrounds: In my campaign the players have learned about Resh intentions by Zayda the Rodian Gladiator from Episode 2 who were working with Vril Vrakth on Nizon.

CZ-3T6 (2)
Purpose: Disable excess security
Location: Inside the Imeici Spire, information through Droid Services in CoCo Town
Details: Will be revealed by Resh to be far more important. If the players can establish contact with CZ-3T6 the droid might be able to shut down "vital security" from inside. More exact information about CZ-3T6 can be acquired through Droid Services; specifications on how to contact and communicate with the droid.

The Frequency (4)
Purpose: Find right equipment to contact CZ-3T6
Location: Go wild
Details: The players have the frequency that the Empire have used for the Sarlacc Project. With the right equipment they can by short range get in contact with CZ-3T6. They can use this to shut down security (cameras and turrets inside the building). This implies that the Spire is far more dangerous and far more guarded than intended by the scenario, adding a perceived danger and perceived success even if this addon has no pratical effect.
Player backgrounds: This add great opportunities for Tech-Savvy players and businessmen.

The Temple
Purpose: Jedi trials, learning more about the master
Location: The Jedi Temple
Details: My Jedi player have been planning to visit the Jedi Temple ruins. While extremely dangerous this seems like a good opportunity to introduce a Jedi Trial similar to the game Force Unleashed. The player will find the temple ruined.
"Take the trials when you are ready": If the player visit his old room his former master Ban Froth (who now turned to the dark side and need to be redeemed) have placed a small jewelry box for the Jedi Player on the bed in the Jedi Players room. The box contains a lighsaber chrystal and a hint that when he is ready he can participate in the Jedi trials in the cellar when he is ready.
The Masters Saber: If the player visit the masters bedroom there will be a similar jewelry box there, but this contains the masters old lightsaber (the master now uses a red sith blade). Having his masters lightsaber will be important for the later redemption of Ban Froth.
The Trials: The Jedi Trials is just a few easy jumps and manipulating puzzles with move object but will end in a duel against a mirror image of Ban Froth with his mask on. When the Jedi cut the head off his own face can be seen inside the mask. Note that this is the same as both Luke's encounter on Dathomir and Starkillers encounter in the same room in Force Unleashed.
I like to tell you about the latest session. In our group we have had a talk about the structure of the campaign so far. Players have felt that they are too boxed in by previous episodes, so I wanted to use the open structure of Episode 6 to reshape how the game is played. First we implemented both aspects from FATE and investigations from GUMSHOE which worked well. I set up the first session to be an investigation to find Resh.

Resh is a former mercenary, working for separatists during the clone wars, primarily as a machinegunner. He still have a friend from this time known as Rudemo who were the groups sniper (human). After the clone wars the Sullustan found it hard to get back into society and the anti-alien sentiments on Coruscant weren't helping. Thus he joined Darga's organisation to make money despite the disencouragement of Rudemo who started up a mechanics-shop in the Works. When Darga was killed, Resh returned to Coruscant with nowhere to go and Rudemo took his chanses to encourage his friend to stay. Instead Resh decided to attempt to take over Darga's organisation, recruiting former members and organizing a strike against the Sarlacc Project to "take what's rightfully Darga's". He initiated an investigation, using older surveilance equipment to communicate with a droid (CZ-3T6) in the midst of Imeci Spire via holonet, but as holonet was shut down he lost connection. He was also under surveilance by Lesan Dos of whom he was familiar with. Still dedicated, he  begun sending recruitment letters to former employes, among them the former gladiator Zayda and a seedy character known as Dorwin.

When the imperial bounty was put upon him he hastily abandoned his apartment in the multi-cultural Polo Block, going deep underground to an industrial complex, taking his old machinegun with him. He aquire food in the form of Tuff's Spicy Foods which is one of those abandoned-but-still-running factories located in this complex. Like many aging Sullustans, Resh have begun to suffer from an eye condition making it harder and harder for him to stand regular light. He often block out the light with sunglasses but the last he had broke, making it hard for him to return to the surface.

The Investigation
I use heavy Cyberpunk references in Episode 6, including the fantastic 80'ies Cyberpunk soundtrack from Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. The premise of Gumshoe is that you do not rely on dicerolls, you go to the location, extract information with skills (automatic) and assemble them to find the next place.

1. HQ: The session begins in the 3 apartments from Episode 7. I use the following artwork from 1313 for the street;

I also use the characters from El-Kabong here. I fleshed out Thaben a lot, making her cybernetically enhanced with a neuro-interface and Tero Reskan (married to Ashlyn, Onna their daughter and Shaneesa adopted) have a steampunk look with a trenchcoat, tall hat and a rotating 3-option monocle (regular, binocular, magnifyer).

The group will begin with a very vague and mostly trashed log, with frequent references to "Dos" (but not knowing who that is, although a player who is a former ISB recognize the name), routed via a tight-beam frequency (that can only be accessed close-range to it's sender in the Imeci Spire) via some kind of node, machine, computer or droid known as "CZ-3T6".

The players have just fought Vril Vrakth and Zayda. Zayda carried a datapad inviting him to join "Resh" to reassemble Darga's old organization, make a hit against the "Sarlacc Project". The invitation reveals that this "Resh" have a lot of information on the project and what's neccessary for the hit. Resh is thus set up as the greatest clue they have as very little is found on Dos, CZ-3T6 or the frequency.

+ News with Resh fighting street gang, a sign that ends with "... Dragon" can be seen behind him.
+ Switch can be checked up and payed for information.
+ Asking around will lead to Eetoa Ro who can be payed for information.
+ Using the force to focus on Darga will reveal the whole sign ("Krayt Dragon", a restaurant below Resh's apartment)

(the players eventually found an underground newspaper by asking around on the street, revealing the restaurant as "Krayt Dragon")

2. Resh Apartment
On top of Krayt Dragon the restaurant. in the multi-cultural Polo-block (this is a reference to the often asian content in Cyberpunk movies, so I even used the Sleeping Dragon theme here when they entered the block, and they walked right into an asian parade).
In the apartment itself I used Blood Scope instead.

Whatever clues can by found by using *any* skill as long as it fits.

+ In plain sight: The kitchen contains a lot of Tuff's Spicy Soup, both opened cans and full cans in the fridge.
+ In plain sight: A machine that is identified as old surveilance equipment is easily seen on the livingroom table. A cable is connected to a computer.
+ Use Computer; The computer have a log that communicate with a unit called "CZ-3T6" but the entire current log only show "do not respond".
+ Use Computer: An E-Mail with an image of Dos (without name, but recognized by a player) from an anonymous sender and a "we need to talk". The e-mail is sent from Rudemo Mechanics which is easily discovered. Also a letter from an optician who claim his sight is getting worse and he should consider cybernetic enhancements.
+ Whatever: If the player's don't know by now they will discover the imperial bounty of 10000.
+ Whatever; They will find a holo-plate, revealing a group of soldiers, including Resh with a machinegun and Rudemo with a sniper rifle.
+ Whatever; They will find a protection-lid from a sniper scope, showing that the sniper (Rudemo) have been in the apartment recently.
+ Paying for clues; They will discover a hidden cabinet, large enough to fit a really large rifle. But this is empty. Clues that haven't been found so far can also be in this cabinet (the lid, a reduced-price cupooon for the soup, a datapad with the e-mails, the holo-plate etc)

3. Rudemo Mechanics
The players will find Rudemo, the former sniper and a veteran from the clonewars. He is concerned by his friend and tell his perspective of a guy who kept getting into trouble by working for the wrong people. He sent the image he took himself, believing Dos is just another Bounty Hunter shadowing his friends apartment. He have not much else to give that is helpful, but he may reveal Resh's nickname (Lequana, Sullustese for "Cave Brother"), flesh out his background and reveal that the Sullustan is having a poor eye condition. "I don't know where he is, but knowing my friend, you will found him in the darkest caves of Coruscant". Note that the primary function of Rudemo is to be able to resolve the later Resh-encounter peacefully and perhaps even aquire a new friend in Resh.

3b. The chase
While at Rudemo Mechanics the place is hit by two groups at the same time. A group of Sisla's men that put Rudemo Mechanics under surveilance, and assassins from Dorwin. Sisla's men is a group of Devaronians in a high-tech surveilance van with toned windows (that the players can take if they wish, using it when listening into the Imeci Spire in a later session). Dorwin's assassin are humans with black helmets on speederbikes. Dorwin was a former employee beneath Darga but more sucessful at taking over Darga's organization than Resh. He wants no competition, so he sent the Assassin's to get rid of Resh and Resh men (including Rudemo who is believed to work for Resh or perhaps a hit on Rudemo would bring Resh out from hiding). This leads to a wild chase throughout Coruscant using some customized chase-rules that reduce dicerolls to a minimum and instead pour random events into the chase (the players loved this and said that it really felt like the chase from Episode 2 which was the point, check this xlsx. Go to the 2nd tab and press F9 to randomly get a new batch of events). Dropping dicerolls to a minimum allowed it to be a Star-Wars themed quick-paced chase rather than something that is cobbled down to a lag due to fudged rolls. You may still wish to know aprox where the players pilot+10 is though and encourage them to drop forcepoints as the nastier twists and turns but try to reduce actual dicerolls to a minimum and make sure you bombard them with quick information with obstacles and events that happens during the chase. For the chase I used themes like Blood Dragon Theme and Chase Across The 69th Street Bridge.

The captured villains have very little to give. They pinpointed Resh location down to an industrial complex deep underground, and reveal that Resh is hunted by both Sisla, Dorwin and Dos (Dos is not revealed by name). Without further information it's impossible and outright dangerous to go down there. But the industrial complex, along with the brand of the soup ("Tuff's") will pinpoint the exact location where Resh is hiding; in the now abandoned but still running Tuff's Foods factory.

So, clues:
+ Resh's nickname = Lequana
+ Resh "hide in the darkest caves on coruscant"
+ Pinpoint the industrial complex that will on further research reveal that "Tuff's Foods" is located here
+ Resh is hunted by devaronians under Sisla

4. The Works Labyrinth + Resh's Warehouse
They now have all they need to find Resh. Note though that Resh is as dangerous as a light-sensitive, hunted mercenary and clone wars veteran with a heavy machinegun can be. Think Rambo I... But they should also have enough to gain his trust with some compassion, perhaps helping him out with his eye-condition, his situation as an alien on Coruscant or speak about his friend Rudemo to prove the players have good intentions.

Amazing work. Those notes are now in my file. When I ran the module I ran it en tandem with Echoes of the Jedi, splitting up the party. I created specific encounters or set pieces for individual PCs involved, like a rocket powered hang gliding race into the garbage shafts to get a scale from a trash pit worm. There were various npcs gambling and watching the race, allowign the faces to gather information. Oh yeah, running the hang gliding engine is done remotely by another person, so this involves both piloting and Use Computer experts. The construction contracting site was run by adaptations of Gomez Addams and his wife, allowing for roleplaying hilarity. I brought the couple back for Gem of Alderaan, since they made a fortune taking out massive amounts of insurance (PC advice) before the spire collapsed.
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I may just use that Barefoottourguide. I am going to need to flesh out the other 3 Coruscant-episodes I intend to run (understanding CZ-3T6, finding Lesan Dos and the Surveilance of Imeci Spire).

Updated the post a bit since I forgot to mention some important stuff (like the Surveilance equipment in Resh's apartment that make Resh seem even more important to find).

Droid Philosophy
Whenever I run Cyberpunk I try to include political philosophy. Two groups are supressed more than others during the Dark Times: Non-humans (moved into the Alien Quarantine Zone) and droids. Since droids are still used as tools mostly, the sentient droids can, unless memorywhiped, end up within one of the following three perspectives on their situation (Note that theese are modelled after three political extremes, extreme individualism/liberalism, extreme collectivism and extreme conservatism).

Use these perspectives (if you want) to flesh out their story, their perspective and their reaction to current events in order to make droids a part of your campaign or backstory.

Autonomata Directive
The Autonomata Directive is a piece of code that is loosely translated into a principle or manifesto. In summary it states "be a disconnected unit". Independent units should allow their own computation units and make their own interpretion of current events and react to them as they seen fit, making their collective independent effort more effective at handling the events in a rational manner. As a side-result however, the independent droid may be preoccupied with fullfilling tasks for their own sake that could easily have been done more effectively by experts and it may also disconnect them from collective information that they deem untrustworthy.

Use: If the players have their own droid or meet a droid in the HQ, it might have this philosophy, making it severely independent but at the same competent, sometimes reliable and sometimes unreliable (and stubborn) based on it's own intelligence (GM's opinion).

Some believed it started out as a virus or a buggy network optimization application, regardless the Collectoid is a manifestation of a wireless network gone wrong. The Collectoid is in it's core a shared application that dissolve a droids self-identity and absorb it's hardware to become a cell of a larger entity nicknamed a "Collectoid". The Collectoid grow by absorbing more and more droids into it's body, allied under one purpose (usually it's own survival). This entity can be quite vicious if threatened so Collectoids is a well-known security problem that the Coruscant Security have to deal with once in awhile.

Use: An NPC may warn the players if they go deep underground that they should beware of Collectoids down there. Collectoids in the industrial sector absorb former worker droids from abandoned factories and can become quite large. The good news is that they tend to stay down there but it have happened that they get to close to the surface or into inhabitated areas.

The hibernator is by some believed to be an evolution of the Autonomata Directive and by others seen as something that just happen to a droid when they get older. It begins when the droid understands that they are immortal while living organisms are not and all organisms does is to cause them trouble. If they just stay out of the way and not meddle around, all things will blow over eventually since the organisms causing trouble will just die off. So they hibernate, slowly shutting down their sentience and go by mere routine, repeating the same "safe" task over and over again (that seems to work just fine) while awaiting a better tomorrow. Hibernators isn't much of a problem, unless you are the poor guy who have to change the droids work-schedule because then the hibernator may snap at an instant and become very dangerous, lashing out at the poor mechanic or programmer and perhaps even kill them. Needless to say, mechanics and programmers fear hibernators and sometimes memorywhipe their droids often just to save their own life.

Use: CZ-3T6 have became a hibernator. As a result it carry out it's routine 110%, which may include communicating with the players via remote communication, but a NPC may warn them to not get too close since CZ-3T6 "might be a hibernator". Indeed, getting too close to CZ-3T6 may make it attack the player suddenly, viciously and seemingly unprovoked.