5/2/2014 LD: "Making Enchantments Matter"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Latest Developments, which goes live Friday morning on magicthegathering.com.

Once again, another article referring to something that could've been awesome if they hadn't made it suck.

This article felt like a veiled apology: afinity was OP, so we were sheepish on really letting bestow take flight. As a result, since bestow is a fundamentally weak mechanic, the whole enchantments matter design goal fell flat. Now we added constellation in the hope of an enchantments deck finally coming together but since we designed it all too long ago, it might not. Sorry guys, least we didn't make another afinity. So...there's that.

@Eric888: Yeah that's pretty much the way of it, funny because it's true. Yet I actually agree with him-at least they didn't recreate affinity!

I always feel the knee-jerk need to defend Mirrodin, not because Affinity wasn't that bad (it was, although I wasn't a Standard player), but because I really liked it for the flavor and design aspects.  I also feel like Kamigawa gets short shrift because it's power level was so much lower, even though it was quite innovative in most of its design.


I can remember a couple other good decks from Mirrodin Standard that were pretty strong - Tooth and Nail and Big Red were both solid contenders, at least.  Those decks both used a lot of Mirrodin cards; maybe that proves the point that Mirrodin was a higher powered block than either of the blocks before or after it.  I can't remember when the Kamigawa based decks like Heartbeat and Gifts Ungiven really started to take over, maybe it was only after Mirrodin rotated out?


But to me, the fact that Mirrodin was a local maximum in the power curve, is a bit of a development mistake.  For example:

Block A is a certain power level.

Block B is higher power, oh wait that's too much.

...So we'll drop down the power level of Block C

The mistake here was that by cutting back power of Block C so quickly, you almost ensure that block B is the best thing around for its whole two-year reign.  If Kamigawa had been more competitive with Mirrodin based on power level, I think we would've seen it at least partially displace Mirrodin in competitive play.

return to revinica never saw competive


i would like to see more evolve


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The funny thing is: Urza'S block felt alot more about enchantments then Theros ever will.

The reason is simple: Urzas block actually had ENCHANTMENTS. Cards like Treachery, Attunement, Y. Bargain, Opalescence....the list goes on, are alot more awesome then enchantments then a courser of Kruphix will ever be (while he will be a great creature, the enchantment theme is unnessecary) These creatures that have "enchantment" tagged on them are just feeling forced and their enchantment character is out of place.


Theros will be remembered as the monsterous and devotion block. Polukranos, Master of Waves, Gray merchant, Nykthos - these cards made your thoughts about deckbuilding fly.


I know: Sam can't really say: "Wow, we missed big time!" But I at least hope he realizes the mistake his team made...

most enchantments are conditional (they alter the board state)

they do not attack block or do damage on their own


DOD replaces human label with terrorist Blood-Chin Fanatic


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Matt Holck: That's testthewest's point.  Rather than making powerful enchantments that affected how the game is played, they made powerful creatures, and then just tacked on enchantment to them.

It's like what esper from shards of alara did... except they then gave cards that cared about artifacts in esper.  


A quick look through the Theros cards that mention enchantments in their rules text show the following:

4 of them are variants on naturalize/annul/etc...  and make just as much sense in mirrodin as they do here.

8 of them are about hating enchantments, either by destroying, exiling, protection or countering.

Of the other 5, 2 of them create enchantment tokens.  2 of them work with enchantments or creatures.


The only card that rewarded you for having an enchantment in your deck was this guy.


Devotion on the other hand, encouraged you to build around it.  It wanted lots of non-token permanents with mana-intensive costs.  Devotion is a mechanic people will remember.  Creatures that were weak to naturalize variants?  That was already a thing.

After my first draft, I would guess the rise to heroes

the other three colors got their +1/+1 counter hero

there are 19 cards with strive


DOD replaces human label with terrorist Blood-Chin Fanatic


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"In our attempt to avoid creating another Mirrodin, we created another Kamigawa."

heroic would love some targeting splice into the arcane spells


DOD replaces human label with terrorist Blood-Chin Fanatic


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Theros will be the block that turned Enchantment into a subtype.

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