4/14/2014 Feature: "A Deveopmental Journey"

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This thread is for discussion of the feature article "A Developmental Journey", which goes live Monday morning on magicthegathering.com.

Prophetic Flamespeaker is so good! Not only is card draw generally better in red because you can play out your hand faster than other colors, a 1/3 double strike trample for 1rr would actually be playable in its own right. Of course, the double strike allows you to trigger the ability twice as well. However, the ability is slightly worse than just drawing a card as you can't keep the card in your hand past this turn. However, this is light years ahead of Shadowmage Infiltrator imo. If it gets through let's say you reveal one card with cmc 3 and one land, you play the land, and cast the card. That is extremely powerful. With each new set release the best cards from that set get put into cube to highlight the new set and I sincerely hope this card is in this iteration of the cube as the representative from this set.
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