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This thread is for discussion of this week's Limited Information, which goes live Wednesday morning on magicthegathering.com.

I'm usually a fan of Marshall's article's but I just can't overlook the fact the he missed (presumably missed, it's relevant enough that he should have mentioned it if he was aware) 1 out of 3 of the functional modes for each card besides Gnarled Scarhide. In much the same way he mentions that you could use the Scarhide to prevent the opponent from blocking, the others can be useful to play on an opponent's creature as well. If you have the nautilus and a voyage's end, you can kill an opposing bomb for 4UUU.... and have the nautilus left over. With Spirespine and Sedge Scorpion, you can take out an opposing bomb for 4G... and still have a spirespine left over. This will come up less for the red and white versions, but it is still relevant if you have a lot of life and really need a blocker out of the way or are getting beaten down by a lone evasive threat.

The issue there is 4UUU and a second card. In Sealed, that's more likely, but in draft, frankly the voyage's end and a counter would be good too. My first reaction was to go and look for targetable abilities rather than spells, and Theros is a bit lighter on them. I mean, any pinger would make that thing a bestow bomb, but no such creature exists. I agree that this analysis should be in the article, though. Sutcliffe, sort it out.

The good thing is that you don't need to target it with a spell. An ability of a creature is fine too. Repeatable targeting abilities are fine as well. Kiora's follower, Shipwreck Singer, Siren Song Lire, Triad of Fates are the cheaper ones.

This set is crazy-complex with the number of opportunities to target your opponent's stuff with your "beneficial" cards, thanks mostly to this cycle.

Yet another exceedingly rare but plausible case might be: 1. Opponent bestows Spirespine on evasive, must-kill threat and attacks each turn. 2. You have an attacker that could kill it if only it ever blocked (maybe it has deathtouch, as mentioned before). 3. You draw Savage Surge.

Idk about this. Having to think about these things kind of doubles the complexity if you have any of this cycle in hand, because you have to look at both sides of the board. I prefer not having to think so thoroughly and in such a detailed manner during my leisure activities, lol. I want the complexity in Magic to arise over long-term strategy, not over the need to bookkeep a thousand mental notes on "remember, you could always put Crystalline Nautilus on their dudes" and so on.

Yeah, he pretty much missed the entire point of this cycle - all of the creatures have spell-like effects when bestowed, and all of them can be bestowed for profit on an opponent's creature.

I love these designs. Most creative and cool thing Wizards has done with Bestow so far. 

These are indeed very interesting. But I went the whole article going "He hasn't missed that, has he? Surely he can't have missed that mode, can he?" Particularly the blue one is easy to use in a pinch as removal for a bomb of the opponent's; even if you have to spend a combat trick to target the bomb, you use up two cards of yours but get a 2-for-2 because you're ending up with the 4/4 afterwards as well. And it's so, so good with Kiora's Follower, as was mentioned - works out something like a Dark Hatchling.

"Then, even after your opponent kills the creature you bestowed, he or she has to deal with the 4/4 that is left behind. I'm not sure there is a deck that wants such a thing, but if there is, this is the best possible version of it." Umm Bant Hexproof anyone? It seems perfect on the top end of the deck. And if your opponent just happens to have a Supreme Verdict or Devour Flesh to kill your hexproof menace, you get a 4/4 out of the deal.

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