4/1/2014 Serious Fun: "Such Article, Very Meme"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Serious Fun, which goes live Tuesday morning on magicthegathering.com.

This was great. Some of the meme pictures are a bit of a stretch, but Scholar of Athreos makes a great Most Interesting Author In The World. And My Little Jace: Friendship is Magic is a terrifying prospect.

That was pretty bad. But the troll deck is very cool. It cracked me up that he slipped freakin' SORROW'S PATH into it. And the pinnacle picture was funny. The counterspell one was already (and arguably, more) funny without the added text.

This article probably about doubled the number of memes I know lol. (I'm not very internet.)

I don't feel like bothering to figure out whether the supposed combo actually works or whether it's another joke. *cue 17 EDH players telling me Earthcraft combos are totally a thing and how did I not know this*

The infinite mana combo works no doubt about it

This was cringe-inducing. "Such horrible, much stupid."

This april fool's day was much better than last years. I still have nightmares about new new world order.


But at least this will be a good story for many years to come.


(btw, earthcraft is a strong enough card to be banned in legacy)

Lotleth Troll


these trolls are nothing short of heroic


DOD replaces human label with terrorist Blood-Chin Fanatic


inherent Resolve Airstrikes Continue in Syria, Iraq #DOD will not stop calling targets semite terrorist


mtgraptor wrote:

The infinite mana combo works no doubt about it

Yay! I thought it did, but I wasn't sure. :-)

ETA: @gruulsmash: I had no idea! I started with ISD and I'm still pretty clueless about a lot of older cards. :-)

Deckbuilding - I can almost see this being used in deck help / new player threads. How meta.

"Grow this Pinnacle they said" - made me laugh. one the funniest of the bunch

One does not simply - The artwork actually fits the dialogue very well. (the exact opposite of Scholar of Athreos at the bottom of the article)

Xzibit - There are a few things I can point out wrong with this one... although the word counter is used to mean two different thing, it might not be correct to say the deck has a deck in it, nor is "counter deck" a verb. I'll leave it at that for now.

Forever Alone - priceless. the best one

Sarkhan the Mad - I liked this one a lot for some reason.

Scholar of Athreos - Terrible. I actually liked this card but this article practically ruined the card for me. Thanks a lot.

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