3/13/2014 CT: "The Spirit of the Format"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Command Tower, which goes live Thursday morning on magicthegathering.com

BDM plays pickles lock in Commander. Why would you take anything he says about the format seriously? This article is about as phoned in as they get. News flash. If you aren't a jerk, you can play whatever you want. Why do we need a gazillion words about it? Why does this guy get paid to contribute to the mothership? This crap is terrible.

People who complain about a deck not being "in the spirit" of the game (even people on the rules commitee) are just spitefully defensive about their unwillingness or inability to create RULES that are in the spirit of the game.

If the game doesn't work (i.e., "isn't fun") when played well within the rules, then the game doesn't work. If you're having fun playing playing within the rules while restricting yourself and restricting anyone you'd deign to play with to your vision of the game, then it's not the game you like. It's your vision of the game you like. Have fun playing with your small subset of friends that think likewise.

My first three Commander (or rather, Elder Dragon Highlander, I made them before Wizards got involved) decks were all mono-colour.


Lin-Sivvi was a bit lame (Rebels toolbox was underpowered for multipower), but Godo and Azusa remain my personal favourites. Godo is a bit of a toolbox, sure, but running _mono red_ is an uphill struggle and I try to run oddball cards in it (whatever that enchantment that swaps owners of permanents constantly - because otherwise how does mono red deal with enchantments? )... Godo was always more of a duel deck though.


Azusa, though? IMNSHO, the purest spirit of the format there is. All she does is allow you to play lands faster. This means you can use card draw instead of mana rocks and then just run random stuff. Like Panglacial Wurm, or Gauntlets of Chaos, or Avarice Totem, or Amulet of Unmaking... stuff that costs more mana than it's really worth, but when you're playing mono-green, you take what you can get for creature removal (and use cool older cards while you're at it)


Possessed Portal is the one card in it I'd say is mean, and I don't usually _play_ it to be obnoxious - I let it go round the table once and then take my draw step normally. An annoying hiccup and way to clear some clutter off the board rather than an obnoxious lock. (and sometimes I threaten to keep it in play until [player who wants it gone] sacrifices [permanent I want gone]... but hey, one uses the tools that come to hand)

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