2/7/2014 Walking the Planes: "Standing Out"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Feature, "Walking the Planes: Mr. the Wizard's Neighborhood", which goes live Friday morning on magicthegathering.com.

This episode was so good.


I really believe Walking the Planes is one of the best things posted on Dailymtg. Thanks to Nate and Shawn!


192884403 wrote:
surely one can't say complex conditional passive language is bad grammar ?

I loved BDM embracing his New Yorker-ness.

If you're on MTGO check out the Free Events via PDCMagic and Gatherling.

Other games you should try:
DC Universe Online - action-based MMO.  Free to play.  Surprisingly well-designed combat and classes.

Planetside 2 - Free to play MMO-meets-FPS and the first shooter I've liked in ages.
Simunomics - Free-to-play economy simulation game.

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