1/22/2014 LI: "The Nyxborn Five"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Limited Information, which goes live Wednesday morning on magicthegathering.com.

Boon Satyr and Nyxborn Wolf -- definitely pushing bestow costs for a conjoined purpose.

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Eidolon actually seems much worse than Rollicker to me - a 2/1 for 2 just doesn't impress in this world of giant monsters and fast heroes, and having the same bestow cost as Nyxborn Triton is outright painful.


And I can't speak for anyone else, but I've cast Baleful Eidolon many a time as a two-drop - sometimes the big slow G/B or U/B decks don't get a lot of great early drops, and having something that trades for a lot of big threats and monsters is plenty good in its own right.  The bestowability is just tasty, tasty gravy.

From the article:


" This is a card not unlike Baleful Eidolon in that you really only look at it from its bestow perspective. You will essentially never cast it as a 1/2 for . It's a creature Aura first and foremost. And for three mana, it's a pretty darned good one."


I am pretty sure that should read Hopeful Eidolon rather than Baleful, Baleful Eidolon is actually still a reasonable card to cast as a creature because the deathtouch still kills whatever it blocks or is blocked by, the lifelink on Hopeful on the other hand is far less useful as a creature although as an aura that leaves behind a creature, it can be pretty good. Plus comparing Nyxborn Shieldmate with the white creature makes much more sense than comparing it with the black one. 

Nyxborn Eidolon is honestly a joke. Bestow cost should be 4 mana, considering two others also have a bestow cost of 5, for better stats. It is the only one that I feel is wrong, mostly for this reason, all the others are relatively fairly costed for their stats, both bestow and regular cost.

Forgive me, but here it goes.....


Nyxborn Eidolon is such garbage, well the bestow cost is, anyway.  Let's see, for 5 mana, you are getting an enchantment  that gives a creature +2/+1 with no special abilities.  If you are playing blue, the same bestow cost with grant you the same, with an added bonus of +2 toughness (+2/+3).  One might argue that the extra toughness doesn't really matter in the long run.   Even if that were true, the green version is the same toughness, but with an extra point of power for the same bestow cost (+3/+1).  What was the design thought behind this?


Actually, let me take it a step further and say it's a bad card all the way around.  A 2/1 for B with a bestow cost for 2B would not have been broken.  Why?  Because if you cast a 2/1 on your first turn it could still be taken out by any 1/1 creature, unless the 2/1 had some sort of evasion on it, or if the deck rolled with some sort of creature removal, which is usually not wasted on a vanilla 1/1.  It should have costed B as the creature cost, if only to cancel out white's offering if your opponent played it on the first turn.  As it stands right now, as just the creature portion of the card goes, white is far and away the best.  It cost only 1 mana, and as a vanilla creature portion of the card goes, it trades with higher cost creatures (Black and Green), or outright crushes the only other creature with the same converted mana cost (Red, 1/2 blocking 1/1 for days).  Blue is the only thing to beat it as a creature, but since blue cost 2 more, this is to be expected.  Heck, if it was a 2/1 for a B, red would have still traded with it, and you can't say the same thing for red vs white (from the above example).  A bestow cost of 2B would not have been all that powerful either, since Dark Favor nets you +3/+1 for 1B, along with one life.  So you are giving up +1 power for the extra mana cost and the life you don't lose.  Even Unholy Strengrh back in the day got you +2/+1 for one black mana.  You do get the creature after, but the creature is a frail one, as explained above.  My reasoning for the bestow cost is the following: (1)Unholy Strength effect (1) Variant (in this case, getting a creature from the enchanted creature) and (B) base creature cost.


Anyway, that is my rant, if you can call it as such.  I am just curious as to the design process behind some cards, especially when other cards are far and away better than them when they are the same rarity and the same mana cost, and in some cases, with a cheaper mana cost.

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