12/20/2013 Feature: "2013 MOCS Championship"

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This thread is for discussion of the feature article "2013 MOCS Championship", which goes live Friday morning on magicthegathering.com.

Spoilerseason starts 13th of January? Why so late? 


You don't have to spoil that much, but just throw us a bone once in a while before then, like this holiday-spoiler!

Re: Kiora


Even with her first 'protection' ability, I don't think she's gonna survive very long to make it to her ultimate when starting at only two loyalty (unless your opponent has a dead board, they shouldn't have too much trouble taking her out) ... her best use would seem to be to minus her twice to get two cards and possibily two additonal land drops; but, at a cost of four mana, are you still gonna need two turns of additonal land drops? Probably not. And four mana is too expensive for drawing two cards over two turns. 


This is my way of saying she's over-costed; they should've gone the Ashiok route with her and made her 3 CMC at 1GU.  

Great card for maze end turbo fog decks

The card itself doesn't seem that great, but the art is fantastic.

Someone PLEASE tell me that this was an early April Fool's spoiler.  Seriously, what a letdown for those of us who have been waiting for a Simic Planeswalker.  For arguably the most Johnny guild, this card has absolutely zero creative synergies at all, seems out of flavor with its colors (plus feels White to me), and to top it off, it's not even good.  Two Loyalty for a 4 CMC walker with +1 and underwhelming card draw ("card advantage" seems like a stretch).  Hello Lightning Strike, or even weenies for that matter. 


The icing on this disgusting cake- as someone else mentioned, this card may be best suited for a Maze's End Turbofog deck, which no self-respecting Magic player should even consider bringing to a tournament.  Excuse me while I throw up. 


Big time fail, Wizards.  Looks like Jace and Garruk will have to hold down the fort for Simic players until you get around to a walker that actually fits the guild...whenever that happens.  Come to think of it, Kiora just seems like a really bad Architect of Thought; it's not even a fresh and unique card!

Templar569 wrote:

The card itself doesn't seem that great, but the art is fantastic.


The waves have that Japanese art style to them. 

I'm reminded of the subtle distinctions that can make a card good or bad.  When I looked at Tibalt, for example, any number of things could have made him a stronger card without necessarily breaking him.  One was to make the discard ability NOT random.  Another might have been to put the random discard before the draw.  Still another would have been to make his +1 ability "Tibalt deals one damage to target creature or player, and one damage to you."  Any of those would have made him stronger than the final product we received.


Along the same lines, when I look at Kiora, there are three words that jump out at me in the +1 ability: "...an opponent controls."  Had those words not been there, she would have been much more playable.  Not only could she have protected herself by applying this ability to chump blockers, she could have protected herself or other planeswalkers in a protective bubble (see what I did there?).  Of course, perhaps that would have made her too strong, as she would have been able to target herself turn after turn all the way up to an ultimate.  So an alternative would have been to say "other permanent" instead of "permanent an opponent controls."  Frankly, I think she would have been better if the ability were limited to creatures and not permanents, but with the "an opponent controls" removed.


Most players would prefer a planeswalker that has less power but greater flexibility over a planeswalker that has more specialized power and less flexibility.  One of the reasons why Ral Zarek is so good is that his +1 ability can target anything.  For example, you can use him in 2HG to untap your partner's land and tap your own howling mine (to prevent the opposing team from drawing two on their turn).  Garruk Wildspeaker can untap ANY two lands; Tezzeret can untap and seek out ANY two artifacts.  And so on.


Personally, I love playing superfriends decks that revolve around planeswalkers combined with heavy board wipe.  A litmus test for me is "how effective is this planeswalker after a board wipe?"  Nissa Revane, Garruk Wildspeaker, and Ajani Vengeant, are great.  The most recent Elspeth and Garruk Primal Hunter are insane.  Kiora?  Not so much. 


Now, all that said, will I play her?  Absolutely.  Perhaps I am wrong, and perhaps removing "...an opponent controls" would have been too strong; only playtesting will tell.  But I don't feel any of the excitement that I felt with the last few planeswalkers.

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