12/9/13 - From the Lab: Setting It Up

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This thread is for discussion of this week's From the Lab, which goes live Monday morning on magicthegathering.com.

Those decks look pretty darn good!


The only change I really wanted to make reading it was to put a single mountain into Endless Belching deck. Yes I know you may draw it so the joke is lost but I love the idea of activating the belcher, hitting the opponent with an obscene amount to damage.


Then, if that isn't enough, put the mountain on the bottom of the library and do it again!


A great end of year article and it reminds me of something I thought a while back. These types of articles should be read by All magic players, even if Johnnie combos are not your thing (they certainly aren't my play style) as the lesson you learn from something like this truly opens your eyes to what interactions are available, allowing you to re-evaluate all cards you see, by thinking not only what it does, but how it will interact with others, a strong skill for all players.


Thanks for a great year and..


Happy Holidays!

Bwahaha. These decks were a lot of fun. Not especially reliable, and certainly not very sensible, but that's somewhat of the point. I love it. The interaction of Kiku, Night's Flower with Phyrexian Negator and Phyrexian Obliterator is hilarious: one of the very few times it doesn't matter which Phyrexian beatstick you draw :D The Time Spiral combo was perhaps somewhat stretched, but I guess that's something of the point. Personally I'd use Warstorm Surge rather than Pandemonium: you'll likely have 6 mana by the time you've got the Goblin loop going, and it's less likely to kill Ib Halfheart if you need to cast it before you have all the other pieces in play.

Relating to the Fungal Doom deck:

Primal Vigor might help your opponents and only doubles +1/+1 counters which aren't used in the deck at all. Therefore, Parallel Lives, which is 1 mana cheaper, should be a better choice.

Doubling season should be Ib's finisher! "Sacrifice two goblins: put four goblins onto the battlefield" sounds really nice. Also the deck's green sources shouldn't be forests to avoid being armaggeddon'd by a simple pyroclasm with Life and Limb out.
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