11/21/2013 PR: "TGIF (Tomorrow)"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Perilous Research, which goes live Thursday morning on magicthegathering.com.

So... Goodbye online focus? I didn't really expect it to be kept, since there's no more PE/Daily decklists data to be analyzed, but I'd like at least a word of aknowledgement. Even somethig apologetic like "you don't need to stop playing tournaments just because they're offline on Magic Online! There's Paper!" Or (even better) the article could talk about the differences between PEs/Dailies and the new 8-player queues, and how it might impact the metagame. Or instead of relying on PE/Daily data, the column could go after people doing well in these queues and asking for decklists to be put on the spotlight here.


Instead, the article goes on ignoring the existence of Magic Online and the fact that MTGO metagame has been the column's focus since its beginning and is (was?) the reason it existed in the first place.

Jacob has stepped away from Magic Online to look at offline stuff every few weeks since the inception of the column. The last time being on the October 3 column. And last week, at least half of the decks were from offline play.

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