10/14/2013 MM: "Drawing Attention"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Making Magic, which goes live Monday morning on magicthegathering.com.

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To answer this question, I present the restricted list from Vintage.erdana, sans-serif">


erdana, sans-serif">I suppose Mark is following his writer's instinct of "pick the best example possible", but point of order: because Vintage is an environment with a restricted list, tutors are inherently more powerful than they would be in a "normal" environment, because they can go pick various over-powered I win spells that "should" be banned.  Thus, good tutors need to be restricted, lest the "real" restricted card end up a 5-of rather than 1-of.  I'd think the Legacy banned list would be a more interesting point of comparison.  (Legacy has some banned card-drawing spells that aren't restricted in Vintage, like Gush, in fairness.)


erdana, sans-serif">Of course, the general point that too much card-drawing is dangerous is fine.


erdana, sans-serif">EDIT: And yes the new forums still suck at formatting, I see.  I can't fix the display issues even turning off rich text, it looks fine in the text box for me until it posts.

Wow, this card is super boring. Ummm why would any play this over con sphinx or other better card draw?


Because consecrated sphinx will make everyone hate you? Also because you're not playing blue?

I thought this was going to be a basic, list-based, non-insightful article.  But in it Mark hid this gem:

erdana, sans-serif; font-size:12px">The answer is that white is the color that has the most answers, so one of its weaknesses is that it has the worst card flow. 
Which is a great point not just for white but in terms of answer-flow in general.  You'll notice that although counterspells get the blame, hate for blue tends to peak it gets card advantage + removal efficiently.  (Or both at once.)

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Hey Mark, I think you skipped over two kinds of red drawing (and both are associated with goblins).  First, red literally tutors for goblins (or sometimes elementals).  Second, red can draws X cards and then discard X or X-1 cards at random, what I'd call the "Goblin Lore" mechanic.


Also, editors, there were a few glaring typos (though "erdana, sans-serif">Seven Was a Logically" might be a good name for a bad band).

Seriously, thats like asking why you dont just play Divination over Phyrexian Arena. Or hating on Magmatic Force because lightning bolt exists. Dont be retarded. This is a good card. What else would one ask the black piece of the cycle to do.

EyeballFrog wrote:

Because consecrated sphinx will make everyone hate you? Also because you're not playing blue?

If your not playing blue Y you playing Commander ... lolz ... you need that blue Commander ... can have other colors ... but has to have blue ...  so U can play sphinx! n00b.


(Sorry, practicing my moron-writing skills. I got called a "noob player" today, so I'm trying it out.)

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I could not afford the prequalifier toiday plus rules layers put mr off

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