9/30/13 From the Lab: Blood and Bidents

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This thread is for discussion of this week's From the Lab, which goes live Monday morning on magicthegathering.com.

Alternative and block-related option for the frst deck - find a way to get the Akroan Horse onto the battlefield, then steal it.  Increasing waves of weenies attacking by land.

Why is a deck with /Varchild's War Riders/ in it being labeled Standard?

Flourishing Defenses lends itself to an even more enchantment-y combo than this deck showcased. It's a card that inspired me to build a combo deck around it immediately the Shadowmoor prerelease was done. It played awesomely. The best combo is Blowfly Infestation (another enchantment!). On their own, these two just let you make elves for a while, not really achieving anything much. But with a second Defenses, you get infinite Elves; with a second Infestation, you get to wrath your opponent's board repeatedly. 

They all go great with Leech Bonder, Grief Tyrant, Fate Transfer, and, yes, Grim Poppet. I think it works best as a Shadowmoor block constructed deck. (You can always throw in some Giant Oyster for the old-school lols.)

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