8/27/2013 RC: "Madman with a Box"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's ReConstructed, which goes live Tuesday morning on magicthegathering.com.

Thank a lot Mr Verhey, for making a deck with my favourite card in Avacyn Restored (a pretty disastrous set), Descent into Madness. One other path to go with Descent is trying to set up ways to draw a lot of cards, as you can exile from your hand as well, and exiling cards doesnt cost you mana like exiling permanents. Effects such as Underworld Connections and so on.

Also, Yuki Serizawa's Wurm's Path (1st deck in the list) deck could really use some Mutavaults in it, as a way to cheat on Descendants' Path.


192884403 wrote:
surely one can't say complex conditional passive language is bad grammar ?
Nice deck, I like this one a lot.

And Lab Sphinx is pretty entertaining too. Not super reliable, but the look on the opponent's face when you won that first game...
Doctor Who reference alert!
Nice deck list Gavin, but if I were you, I woulda went deep on this deck list, told him to play a little more blue, and combo with 4x Misthollow Griffin; exile them from your hand or side of the field each turn with Descent into Madness, then bring them right back since you can cast them from exile and have a flying army each turn (always wanted to see someone play that card in a deck) (also sorry I don't know how to do the card formatting thing, I'm new here)
Good article! Quite comprehensive and the deck looks like crazy times...    The Johnny part of my heart wants to build around Descent, but then the Spike part in the corner shakes his head sadly and points to 'Exile' in the text box and I just go back to playing with smokestack (not in standard obv).

Eimear_6 wrote:

Awesome article. Even awesomer (If it's not a word, it should be.) Doctor Who reference. Kudos there. :]

"Words of power never disappear. They sleep, awaiting those with the will to rouse them."

Coralus wrote:

Every week's article has a Who reference. :P Pretty sure last week's reference was Love and Monsters.

"Words of power never disappear. They sleep, awaiting those with the will to rouse them."

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