8/19/2013 FTL: "Brought to you by the Letter W"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's From the Lab, which goes live Monday morning on magicthegathering.com.

Wrong Forum link at the bottom.
Yeah, the link at the bottom of the article sent me to the thread for today's Draft Simulator.

As for the article itself:  It felt very much like the battle hinged on whether Grimfall went off or not.  The interaction between the two decks is minimal at best and Grimfall felt faster than landing an eight-mana sorcery.  Game 2 shows that Spawn World can keep up, though, and Grimfall didn't even miss a beat as far as I could tell.
I like the Grimfall deck. I hadn't realised there was the critical concentration of those effects now. Yow. And for bonus points, it's not even infinite; just dealing little blobs of 10 damage here, 14 damage there, oh, are you dead already? Reminds me a bit of my old Cerebral Vortex deck, which also made great use of Wheel and Deal, along with Teferi's Puzzle Box.

The Warp World deck is... I guess it's a modern take on an "old classic" idea. I know that many, many playgroups are already sick of WW + Anarchist = lolIwinamirite? Fists of Ironwood was the staple of WW decks that Mike surprisingly left out, at 3 permanents for 2 mana. But I guess Mike's version does get bonus points for attacking with an entire deck's worth of creatures all at once, for several thousand damage, again without going infinite. WW may be cheesy and painful but Craterhoof for 4000 is somewhat memorable.
I figured out an easy way to search for cards by collector's number in order to complete the challenge.

Simply google this and change N to any number:

mtg N site:magiccards.info
Here's a better way: Download this Excel spreadsheet I made of all the cards with collector numbers sorted by collector number and then color. I also applied some formatting to make it easier to see which cards share a number and where the basic lands are.

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