Terrain for Star Wars

Has anyone tried making terrain specific to Star Wars?
I am just starting to construct terrain for DoD, and would like to see what others have created and get some advice on the construction.
What do you mean with terrain tiles? Maps?
Constructing 3'd terrain. sure most of the ground will be flat but bulding computer consoles, walls, buildings, speeders and on and on. think about what the warhammer 40k kids do but more star warsy

I've done a few bits & pieces, some with leftover bits & some
with things I have bought specifically for making 'stuff'.

I've made a couple of big bits of machinery (power transformes?)
from printer cartridges that I've glued together, added a few wires
as power conduits, & finally added a console of some sort. (A Gonk
droid cut in half & glued on works well).
I'll be using these in the Ugnaught encounter in the Tibanna refinery
on Bespin & I'm pleased to say they look pretty good.

I've also made a 'communications' piece from a drink cap placed on
top of an old Games Workshop paint-lid. On top of that I placed a
suitable piece of machiney from some unknown (but probably Star
Warsy toy). This was based on a piece of card & has 2 aerials
based on either side of it. Painted with black, drybrushed silver &
with a few glowing lights look excellent.

I have also broken down some toy guns from a $2 shop, & the barrels
have been made into very Star Warsy looking chimneys.

I think imagination is the key, but remember to put a control console
with anything you make & it automatically looks better.

Sorry, I don't have photos. I've been thinking about posting the
above & a whole heap of minis I've converted/painted, but don't
have a camera, or the technology to post them...

In the Models section you'll find an "edge piece" for a lambda shuttle, pink crystals, a Hardcell-like shuttle, and an almost complete set of "Arid Planet Buildings";) as well as a good sized collection of various vehicles.

I like to make cardstock models because they are easy to share, cheap to reproduce, and look pretty good on a table.

For outdoor battles I use a sand table, I'll post a couple photos when I get home.




Maxecat printer cartridges have given me an excellent IDEA. thank you Lexmark for the weird shapes.

Ghost of Man
I've tooled around your site and starwars Miniatures.com and I have done a few cardstock models I am happy with. The wife is encouraging me to build more sturdy stuff. She thinks I will enjoy it better. I have printer your Arid buildings set and have thought about piecing a paper set together of more hoite toite buildings like for alderaan, bespin, of coruscant.

The plan this weekend is to go to the hobby shop and see if I can get an El Cheapo model to assemble into something that doesn't match the picture.

If I make anything that doesn't embarrass me I will post it here.
Ok, in that case:

The Bushes are from a kit I picked up at my local mass market hobby store chain. The trees are lichen for the top (also from said hobby store) and wire for the trunk (the kind of wire that's actually multiple wires in one length of insulation) normally I'd suggest you paint the wire brown, but in my case the paint didn't take, so I used brown floral tape, which had the bonus of giving it a nice barky look.

Both the lichen and bush kit (as well as lots more toys) were in the model train section. The red walls in the bridge pic are plastic model walls for us in military dioramas, and the bridge itself is made from legos.
Trees are not an issue. There is a craft store, I believe it is a nationwide chain, called Michaels that sells trees as part of a Junior Scientist set for diaroamas. I buy a 3 pack for 5 bucks. Great deal. I then glue them down to woodsies and flock that with grass. works out well.
Hobby Lobby is what's in my area.

Sounds like you need to get into the pink foam insulation and plascard crazyness then.

Check out Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 site, they've got lots of terrain tutorials.

HirstArts sells sets of molds. You pour plaster in and when it dries, you have nice little building blocks for whatever custom building you want. They feature their medieval sets but they have plenty of sci-fi sets too.

TerraGenesis is a forum that's all about terrain, modeling techniques, and supplies.
Spent the day looking at TerraGenesis yesterday. got some ideas but almost feel some might be beyond my skill level
Some Stuff I made.


Pics of the newest Stuff.



Work in progress.

Has many paper templates for 3D terrain made specifically for SWM. Great site w/ lots of different resources. The carbon freezing chamber is gorgeous.
WOW! Fat gamorrean you do good work.
Siberianhole, I love Swminiatures.com. They really helped me flesh out the imperial prison in traitors gambit.
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