Shardworlds: The OOC

Yup. So we're back again. This is for all those burning questions that you surely have about Shardworlds.

So that you can start choosing your deities beforehand, The open ones are currently Fire, Water, and Weather.

Deities will not be chosen on a first come first serve basis, they will be chosen based on roleplaying experience, or the detail of their other posts.

If you're not chosen in the first draft, don't worry. Shardworlds will be producing deities much more quickly than creation.
From the regular LoC OOC thread...

hey, also. I plan on taking storm and air and being a team deity, I kinda want to form an elemental pantheon so if anyone wants to be an elemental deity you should truck with me because it would be cool. you know, fire, water, air and earth.

just sayin'.

okay, so, Delfedd and I were talking.

We have some good ideas to make this less like a board game... namely tossing out movement speed because it's erroneous and not in keeping with the theme that we're friggin' gods.

So we decided you can spend creation points to get another domain for 2 CP, or a permanent DvR for 3. Power costs 1 and can't be raised beyond character creation.

We decided to remove the evolve physically option because it should be a flavor thing instead

basically what we're going for is Creation Points get awarded in the game by the majority thinking actions do merit CP; they're kinda like divine experience points, basically. you can buy domains and DvR with them. think that's cool?

Man, I wanted to do a god of learning and thought. But I also like fire.

Hm... a benevolent god of fire. Outside of Prometheus, not many of those exist...

I may want fire. If anyone else does, I'll just wait around until something more scholarly comes up. I think a sane intelligent god would be fun to play for once.
ok, i updated the rules based on the newest preferences ;)

movement rules are gone

evolve is out and will just happens as you see fit

the cost of a couple of actions changed, like raising DvR will now cost 5AP

Another thing
Does everyone think the second map i made is decent enough to use as the game map
here's the map again i made, now in the right ooc channel ;)

i was thinking of dividing the map in several pieces, so you get a few detailed maps

Why can't we shape the landmasses and oceans ourselves, like we did in Creation?
didn't know how the first one started, wasn't around from the start

but it could also be a blanck map if you want
Reason being is that we're limiting the deific powers.

We'd end up with either an island campaign or a desert campaign.

And also, we didn't really shape the oceans and such. The Idea here is that the Creator made the land and the water all seperate and such, just like he did in Creation.

Also, you'll notice that day and night have not been seperated, there is no moon, no sun, nothing like that. This is meant to be a baseline.
If people want to get in on this, please, start requesting deities now.
Nameless Animal God (Solo Deity)
(At this point, the gods have no names)
(DvR 6 Power +3) 29 Magical Beast (swarm) [AP: 3]
Home: The World
Alignment: Neutral
Domain: Animal
Portfolio: Animals
Worshipers: N/A
Favored Weapon: Slam
Physical form: A large, oozelike creature. As you get closer, you realize that it is not one creature, but a billion tiny ones, each surging over the other reaching for you. There is a hissing on the ground, which you realize is a thousand miniscule legs each pushing foward at the same time.
CP Remaining 2
Nameless Earth Deity

[DR:3] Demi Deity, elemental lvl 25, [AP:2]
Power: 2
Symbol: -
Home: The world
Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Earth
Portfolio: Earth
Worshipers: -
Favored Weapon: Claylike pseudopods
Physical form: A shapeless mass of clay and rocks
Creatures Created: -
Creation points left: 2

(I spend 1 creation point in power)

I might still change this and take an extra domain, but not sure yet
Nameless Air and Storm Deity

[DR 3] Demi-Deity, Elemental 25 [AP 2]
Power: 2
Symbol: -
Home: The sky of the world
Alignment: Neutral (grumble grumble)
Domains: Air and Storm
Portfolio: Everything to do with air, winds, and storms
Worshippers: -
Favored Weapon: Thunderbolts
Physical Form: A stormcloud
Creation points left: 0

(I spent my CPs on one extra power and my second domain)
You're not allowed to have class levels yet, sorry.
hey, I read a bit of the last thread and this game looks and sounds amazing. I'd love to join this game whenever possible.
Hello everyone, I've been a long time lurker of LoC. I've talked with Delfedd and while I am not expecting to make the first cut, I decided to try my luck and give deity creation a whirl.

Nameless Water Deity (Team Deity)
[DvR 3] Demi-Deity, elemental lvl 25 [AP: 2]
Power: 3
Symbol: -
Home: The water of the world
Alignment: Neutral
Domain: Water
Portfolio: Water
Worshipers: -
Favored Weapon: Watery Tendrils (Tentacle)
Physical form: A horizontal teardrop of water
CP Remaining: 1
(spent 2 CP on power)

(I forgot about the elemental pantheon idea, thanks Destrieth)
This will be where I'll keep track of my current AP and CP. Any edits will be here also.

Poshisra of Water, The Water's Source, Creator of Portals (Team Deity)
[DvR 3] Demi-Deity, elemental lvl 25/Artificer 1 [AP: 4]
Power: 3
Symbol: -
Home: The water of the world, the Water Sphere
Alignment: Neutral
Domain: Water, Portal
Portfolio: Water, Portals
Worshipers: -
Favored Weapon: Watery Tentacles
Physical form: A horizontal teardrop of water (When in water), A watery humanoid with disconnected tentacle limbs (When on land)
Creations: Waterclots, Aurasaras

Current AP: 0 (Max allowed is 8?)
Current CP: 2
Moth Igura

[DR:3] Demigod (plant 25) [AP:2]
Power: 1
Symbol: -
Home: Prime Material
Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Plant
Portfolio: plants, evolution
Worshipers: -
Favored Weapon: thorns
Physical form: A spherical, floating, cactus-like pod covered in huge thorns.
Creatures Created: mundane water plants.
Creation points left: 3
Moose Fisher, unless an old poster demands the water domain before midnight tonight, you will make the first cut, so to speak.

Welcome, dinoflagellata. You can join the game as soon as there is an open deity slot (which shouldn't be more than a few days). Maybe you can be the god of protists? :D
Boo @ solo water deity

You have to be a team deity so you can join my pantheon of Elemental lords!

otherwise it's just gonna be me and Camu D:
Boo @ solo water deity

You have to be a team deity so you can join my pantheon of Elemental lords!

otherwise it's just gonna be me and Camu D:

Whine, whine, whine. :D
A last minute update.

In Shardworlds, Alignment will be invisible for quite a time. Exactly how long, Camu and I have not agreed upon. In this way, players don't call their deities something that they're not. Which, frankly, happened far too often in Lords of Creation.

Mechanically, every deity will be spawned as a neutral god. After the definitions, every deity will gain the domains that they need.
Welcome, dinoflagellata. You can join the game as soon as there is an open deity slot (which shouldn't be more than a few days). Maybe you can be the god of protists? :D

I'm still waiting for WotC to print that domain . I will keep my hopes up, though
I would really like to join too! I've read most of the last LoC and I'd be really excited to be involved with this new shiny one.
Couldn't we also convert CP into AP? As long as the converted points don't result in going over the AP limit, I don't see how it could be abused.
Do you mean as a one time thing, or as a permanent boost?

If it's a one time thing, that sounds perfectly reasonable.
I think that could be fair

also I see no reason why team deities are limited to 2 deities per team at the start

I see why solo gods can't join teams for quite awhile, but team deities should be able to band up as much as they like otherwise the solo deities have such a big advantage (more CPs, more DvR)
1 extra AP costs 2 creation points (you can't raise your AP/week above 5)

Camu added this today, that answers our questions
ok, made an update for the map, this is a zoomed in piece of the area we are currently on.

Update include:
-The lake from Moth Igura
-The swamp (let me know if you thing the swamp still looks to big)


I'll change the max number that could go in a team
AlchemyPrime: You're in as the fire god.

DinoFlagella: You're in as the weather god.

Assuming that's alright.
Thanks, but someone else can be weather god, I'll pass on it. It really looks like Qualax already fills that role fairly well, anyway.
I'd like to apply for say, either a god of shadows or of lights. I have ideas for both.
We don't have a god of shadows or light. Are you sure you don't want to go weather and then branch out?

Destrieth controls the destructive aspects of the wind, nothing else.
yep, my portfolio is pretty much wind-based natural disasters and more mundane wind-ly things
I know ya don't yet, I was saying for the future. If Dino doesn't want weather, I guess I'll take it. Of course, I'll wait for confirmation from him (her).
Go ahead, d24478667, I'm fine.
Right. Write up your summary.
Unnamed Storm God (Team)
[DR:3] Demi Deity Elemental lvl 25, [AP:2]
Power: 2
Home: The skies; particularly clouds.
Domains: Weather and Storm (If that's okay; I know that Qualax already has Storm.)
Favored weapon: Ball lightning
Physical form: A dark cloudlet wreathed with lightning
Creatures Created: -
Creation Points left: 0
Yeah, that's fine)
Alright, do I start now, or wait till next turn?
Start whenever you want.
wow! I'm gone two days and already there's been so much progress kudos everybody!

Is there a god of darkness yet?
If nobody is making a fire god, I'm willing to take the fire domain for my deity.
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