Lords of Creation: The Shard Worlds

Our story comes from the Book of Absaul-rote.

It is said Absaul-rote created the multiverse the same way scribes make a book, each page being the story of a world. In the early times of such a world, the Writer would keep an eye, and if needed, correct or aid the flow of that world, until he deems it stable enough to move on.

Many pages where written this way.

But it wasn’t always so, it is wispered that the Writer didn’t always work like this. For you see, the first page of the book is misssing. Torn out.

In ancient times the Writer was known as the Wanderer. He created the first page, but left it untouched, letting the story write itself.

Then something unforseen happened. It is unclear what exactly happened, except for those who were there.
Some say a great cataclysm happened, others say the Wanderer got angered by what he saw there, and in a desperate attempt, he tried to rip the page out of existance, correcting his mistake.

The page however, wasn’t torn out completely, and the story continued.

And it is at the beginning of this very page that our story begins.....

Rules of the game:

Lords of Creation: The Shard Worlds is played in a distant parallel world to Creation. It was created before Creation by the god Absaul-rote.
Unlike Creation, where the overdeity monitored the shaping of the world and the first-born deitys, this world was left unfinished and empty.
It would start to evolve by itself, without divine guidance, until the first gods would evolve into existance on there own.

Creating your deity:
As this nameless new world evolved, the first deity’s came into existance. Like all things, they start out as simple, unevolved. In the beginning your form will be amorph but as you grow, you will be able to not only shape the world, but also yourself.

Unlike Creation, gods will start out small, without any notable features. Each new god is born out of an aspect. Unlike the gods of Creation, these gods will walk the lands like mortals would.

As the world moves on, certain aspects (domains) will come available for you to make a deity from. The first ones will come available shortly.

When you create your deity, you will need to pick a name for the future and a symbol. Since none of the classes have been invented yet, you may not have any class levels.
Your first domain (primary domain) will come with the job.

list of domains can be found here:Domains

Some things to think about when you create your deity are the following.

This is your divine rank. It more or less states how powerfull your deity is and it shows how great your influense is in the world.

Power represents the bonus your deity gets to his DvR to determine your gods effective DvR. This is important to determine who’s the strongest of 2 deitys who are in conflict.
After creating your deity, the only way to upgrade your power is through the use of artifacts.
So for example, a god with DvR 3 and power = 2, will have a effective DvR of 5

Creation points:
These points are to make your deity more unique.
You can invest these to gain extra power or an extra domain. Or you could save them to use later in the game.
1 extra power cost 1 creation point

1 extra domain costs 2 creation points
1 extra AP costs 2 creation points (you can't raise your AP/week above 5)

Later on, you can gain more by doing great deeds.
From then on, you can also use them to buy extra DvR, this will cost 3 creation points.

Note: keep in mind though that, when you are about to go to a new deity rank
you can't buy the new DvR unless you have the max class level in your
previous rank;
(for example: a lesser deity can't buy or gain his 11th DvR if he hasn't got 34 class/monster levels)

Solo or Team play:
This is a new concept that will be introduced into the game. You now have to choose at the beginning of creating a deity if you want to play solo or in a team. There are several benefits and drawbacks to each style.

If you want to have the option of joining in a pantheon, you start out less powerful than other deities. When deities are in a pantheon, they can work together on things, sharing AP costs.
To say it simple, a team will have a common AP pool.

The "solo deities" can’t join in a pantheon, and prefer to work alone. This doesn’t restrict them to make an alliance with another deity or group.

A solo deity starts with DvR 6
start as a lesser deity
29 class/monster levels
1 domain
1 power
4 creation points

A team deity starts with DvR 3
start as a demi god
25 class/monster levels
1 domain
1 power
3 creation points

Gods can have the following ranks:
Supreme: > Div Rank: 21+ > Max Class lvl: 50 > Domains: 3/9 > Base Action Pts: 6
Greater: > Div Rank: 16-20 >Max Class lvl: 48 > Domains: 2/7 > Base Action Pts: 5
Intermediate: > Div Rank: 11-15 > Max Class lvl: 41 > Domains: 2/5> Base Action Pts:4
Lesser: > Div Rank: 6-10 > Max Class lvl: 34 > Domains: 1/4 > Base Action Pts: 3
Demi: > Div Rank: 1-5 > Max Class lvl: 29 > Domains: 1/3 > Base Action Pts: 2
Heroic deity > Div Rank: 0 > Max Class lvl: 25 > Domains 0 > Base Action Pts: 1

Raising DvR:
Gaining DvR will go differently then in Creation. You can no longer do this by spending AP.
One restricting factor is that you now first need the maximum class level from your current rank, before you can get to the next rank.

Every turn you gain a certain number of action points which relates to your rank as a
god.The points can be saved until next turn to perform actions that cost more than you are allocated.

Unlike creation, there will be no great AP hoarding. The maximum AP you could save it twice your total. For teams this is twice your team total.

Variable point cost
gain class level (1 per class level)

1 point cost
teach populous, nourish populous, nourish land, mold land

2 point cost
create populous, create land, guide populous, create portal

3 point cost
Attack another god, Begat god (requires another god or mortal of opposite sex), Gain Extra domain slot, Create concept (like positivity- but it would be good if it related to a domain. More than one concept can be related to any single domain)
Create sentient race (non sentient races still cost 2ap)

4 point cost
Create god

5 point cost
Create Plane (maybe as home or resource center)

Future rules will include...

For any questions so far, ask them in the OOC channel:

World map:

Zoomed map (western side):

List of the Gods:

Them (Solo Deity)

[DvR 6] Lesser Deity, Magical Beast 29 (swarm) [AP: 3]
Power +3
Home: The World
Alignment: Neutral
Domain: Animal
Portfolio: Animals
Worshipers: N/A
Favored Weapon: Slam
Physical form: A large, oozelike creature. As you get closer, you realize that it is not one creature, but a billion tiny ones, each surging over the other reaching for you. There is a hissing on the ground, which you realize is a thousand miniscule legs each pushing foward at the same time.
Creatures created: Black bags, sky eaters, Dovans, Fish

Moth Igura (Team Deity)

[DR:3] Demigod (plant 25) [AP:3]
Power: 1
Symbol: -
Home: Prime Material
Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Plant, Weather
Portfolio: plants, evolution
Worshipers: -
Favored Weapon: thorns
Physical form: a big, messed up spider/flower/vine thing
Creatures Created: numerous water and land plants, glowsacks, parasites

Qualax (Team Deity)

[DR 3] Demi-Deity, Elemental 25 [AP 3]
Power: 2
Symbol: -
Home: The sky of the world
Alignment: Neutral (grumble grumble)
Domains: Air and Storm, magic
Portfolio: Everything to do with air, winds, and storms, magic
Worshippers: -
Favored Weapon: Thunderbolts
Physical Form: A stormcloud

Aramorg (Team Deity)

[DR:3] Demi Deity, elemental lvl 25, [AP:3]
Power: 2
Symbol: -
Home: The world
Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Earth, Fire
Portfolio: Earth, Magma, Lava
Worshipers: -
Favored Weapon: Claylike pseudopods
Physical form: A creature made out of molten rock. it has large winglike flaps and tail, similar to magma rays. Creatures Created: Cilicits, Magma rays, Obsidian Reaver

Poshisra (Team Deity)

[DvR 3] Demi-Deity, elemental lvl 25/Artificer 1 [AP: 2]
Power: 3
Symbol: -
Home: The water of the world
Alignment: Neutral
Domain: Water
Portfolio: Water
Worshipers: -
Favored Weapon: Watery Tendrils (Tentacle)
Physical form: A horizontal teardrop of water (When in water), A watery humanoid with tentacle arms (When on land)
Creations: Waterclots, Aurasaras

Nameless Fire Deity (Team Deity)

[DR:3] Demi Deity, elemental lvl 25, [AP:2]
Power: 2
Home: The world
Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Fire
Portfolio: Fire
Favored Weapon: tentacle
Physical form: none, exists by 'jumping' from an flame to any other flame
Creatures Created: fire elementals

Unnamed Storm God (Team)

[DR:3] Demi Deity Elemental lvl 25, [AP:2]
Power: 2
Home: The skies; particularly clouds.
Domains: Weather and Storm
Favored weapon: Ball lightning
Physical form: A dark cloudlet wreathed with lightning
Creatures Created: -

[DR:6] Lesser Deity, Outsider lvl 29, [AP:3]
Power: 1
Home: The World
Alignment: True Neutral
Domains: Sun, Rune
Portfolio: Sun, Rune, Knowledge
Favored Weapon: Prehensile blades of light
Physical form: A truly gigantic titan body. Dark blue clammy skin, much like the farthest depths of Poshisra's oceans. His head, was elongated with the one cyclopean Eye dominating it (It's like an aboleth's head), the eye is now lost and splintered, so it is an empty socket which stay perpetually dark. Instead of a mouth, there were four tentacles, two to a side, which pulsed with thousands of lights. Four long spindly arms stretched from the gaunt body, each with three fingers ending in smoothed black hoof-like nubs. On Iok's back sat a carapace shell with monolithic spines which glowed eerily with intricate designs. And for legs, double jointed with two toes ending in larger black hoof-like nubs. Within each palm and glowing gold, stared out the simple depiction of a half-open eye, a circle with 2 lines depicting the lids and a round golden pupil in center. Surrounding each of these, similarly glowing gold, runes which described each of their names. This form now appears to those Iok wishes as a mirage from which fine details are seen blurred and distorted like a mirage. His upper right arm is currently gone. Used to fuel the creation of the time god.
Creatures Created:Night Scourge, Sea Scourge, Sigil Stars, Tenochs, Oriax, Sthnim, Septuagint

Morroj the Dark [Solo]

[DR:6] Lesser Deity, Outsider lvl 29, [AP:3]
Power: 1
Symbol: None
Home: Void
Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Darkness
Portfolio: Shadows
Worshipers: None
Favored Weapon: Entangling vines of shadows
Physical form: A Darker portion of shadow that seems to stand up off of the surface of where it would normally lie.
Creatures Created: Thickshadow

Liadon the Silver (Solo Deity)

[DR:6] Lesser Deity, Outsider lvl 29, [AP:3]
Power: 1
Home: The Void
Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Moon
Portfolio: Moon
Favored Weapon: Entangling, translucent tentacles of pale white light
Physical form: A great white orb that slowly rotates the world reflecting and distorting the light created by its sibling, the Sun Deity.
Creatures Created:Observers (moon rock)

Icil (Solo Deity)
(DvR 6) Lesser Deity, 29 Elemental [AP: 3]
Power: 3
Home: Ice Caps of the World
Alignment: Neutral
Domain: Cold
Portfolio: Cold, Ice
Worshipers: -
Favored Weapon: Projective Ice Spikes
Physical form: A large crystalline spider-like beast with only four legs and just a central smooth, clear ice sphere with a large eye inside suspended by semisolid ice. There are also ice spikes proturding out of the dorsal sides of the legs.
Her other form is just a flowing of small ice shards that allow Icil to 'fly' by being blown along essentially, although she can control her direction obviously.

Nyx, King of Deserts (solo)
(DvR: 6) Lesser Deity, elemental lvl. 29 (AP: 3)
Power: 3
Home: The world
Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Thirst
Portfolio: Thirst, Sand
Worshipers: Florinids (Correct me if I'm wrong.)
Favored Weapon: Waves of Sand
Physical Form: Black Sand
Creatures Created: Eyes of the Wasteland

It is said that in the begining the Creator was formless. It didn't have a name. It didn't even have a mind. What it did have, was the drive to create. Like a flower is drawn to the sunlight, so was the Creator drawn to create.

Perhaps the Creator had made other worlds before it created this one. And perhaps when he left he did so to create more worlds.

He sculpted an orb from the cosmos themselves. Earth, Wind, Fire and water, he bound them together. The sky was constantly a sort of life giving grey. The landscape was flat and featureless. The grey skies roiled with grey clouds.

But even in this bleak environment, life grew, and flourished. The seas where filled with algae, which where eaten by plankton. Even now, these unintellegent creatures began believing. Their prayers where lifted to the heavens, and deep below the earth, where the elements slumbered.

Soon they would awake.

Soon... everything would awake.
Deific starting locations

In the center of the island in the middle of the sea in the bigger continent there is a ziggaurat. This Ziggaraut houses the four elemental deities. It was created by the Creator before time began to stopper the Elemental Deities under the ground. Unfortunately, there was... a leak.

At the mouth of that same sea three deities are born at once. An animal god, a plant god, and a weather god. The animal god was born to the east, the plant god to the west, and the weather god above.
The deity made of clouds oozed out of the leak in the ziggurat. It had spent many years (its entire existence) trying to put that hole in the wall, and its work had finally paid off. It was free.

It drifted around, taking stock of this strange new place.
As dust settled over the naked world in the wake of the Creator’s departure, the blue seas began to turn green.

From the elemental chaos of the world, the earth had spewed forth seed, and the water had received it with open legs and a fertile womb. The greenness was thin, at first; a mere smattering of particles in the shallow saltwater. But it was there. And it was alive. All living things multiply, and so the greenness spreads.

Here is an important place in the formation of the world. Do you see that cove, just on the inside of the channel that connects the ocean with the inland sea? That is where the greenness accumulates. Due to some combination of factors-voidlight, nutrients, currents, and geothermal energy-the green and brown algae of the sea grows more thickly here. In many places, now, there are mats of algal bloom that cover the surface of the water or cling in great, slimy sheets to the bottom. But nowhere besides this cove is there such growth and variety.

As cool water brings the soul of the planet across the shore, the plants grow further. Some of them reach out beyond the rest of the growths, developing stems that wave in the current to outdo their rivals for sunlight. Some of these stalks grow out of the water, floating in coils on the surface. Through some trick of nature, other, tiny plants colonize the floating stems, pulling nutrients from the air and water from the floating stems. A kaleidoscope of greens, blues, yellows, and browns fill the cove. Some take in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide. Others do the opposite, breathing in the heavier gas and using voidlight to turn it into usable form, giving off oxygen. Thus, the cove did not choke.

The plants grow thicker, until one can no longer tell where one species ends and another begins. The entire cove is just a giant, growing mass. Soon, the ball of plant matter has swollen out of the water, filling the entire bay, displacing all the water, crushing into the seabed and up onto the shore. The giant, shapeless ball of life is pulling its life force from the ground and from the water, constantly spraying pieces of itself into the environment. Needing an outlet for its energy, the plant is making lesser plants.

Then, without warning, the ball of solid algae pulsates…and out shoots a pseudopod of congealed plants. The pseudopod grasps blindly at the sand and rocks, its millions of tiny roots and acids rasping at the stones of the shore.

Then, with a colossal effort, the entire mass rolls onto the beach, letting water come rushing back to fill the cove.

Spreading itself out, the plant mass breaths in, and feels every cell of plankton on the earth pull in their vital gases. It breathes out, and feels them all exhale. They are all a part of it; this nuclear creature is the core of everything green.

A god had awoken.
The sea was swarming with life. Billions of tiny microorganisms swam through the waters. A hundred could comfortably fit in a single drop of water, and each one was practically mindless. They had no mind, only a will to live. And yet...
They still died. And somewhere in their primordial minds, they feared death. And fear often leads to belief. The fear of the unknown... this fear drove a group of these microorganisms together. They clung to one another, fearing death more than anything else. The tiny animals began sharing signals, sharing ideas. And suddenly, there was Clarity. They understood that they could protect the other of their kind from danger, that they where the salvation of their people.
They also realized that they where all very hungry.
So they began to eat. They ate indiscriminately. Their own people or the tiny, stupid plants that they grazed on. They where not unintelligent; just very very slow. That suited Them well.
They decided that more colonies would be useful, for every microorganism or plant that was eaten by another microorganism... seemed to add to Their power. Only a small bit of power was gained each time, but it was enough. Things that where better at eating where in order.
They fashioned a colony of creatures. Each colony looked like a sort of dark colored bag. When a colony had acquired enough microorganisms and algae, it closed and devoured every creature inside. Because it wasn't very good at moving, they gave the bag scilla made of more microorganisms along the side. The bag moved by spinning rapidly through the water. When the bag ate enough, it split into two different bags.
(Create population: Black Bag 2 AP)
The Nucleus drew water from the parts of itself that were still submerged, but it needed more if it was to grow further. Instinctively, it oozed back toward the water, filling itself with water and salt and plankton. It soaked up trillions of tiny plants and animals from the new cove water. The plants, it integrated into itself. The animals, it caught with microscopic tendrils and digested with acids.

It needed more space, more nutrients, more room to grow. As it lay on the shore, half in and half out of the water, it yearned to go further, to spread onto the dry place as well as the wet, to cover the whole earth with greenery as it had already done to the seas.

Desperate, it called out for the earth to let it pass.

The earth listened.

The inland side of the cove depressed, forming a channel that flowed with brown and greenish seawater. The Nucleus floated and writhed through the channel, expanding it as it went. Soon, miles and miles of barren land had been turned into a brine swamp, and mats of sedentary plants choked all of it.

The Nucleus moved to the center of the swamp, a deep, watery pit the size of a great lake, and entrenched itself into the bottom. It grew vicariously through the prosperity of the swamp, and it grew physically larger as well.

(Shape Land: 1 AP)
The wind watched the planty-thing struggle its way from the sea and begin to mold the land. How very intriguing.

Delightfully grotesque, were the wind's thoughts as it formed the first words.

It drifted lazily to the hulking form and the giant felt a breeze pass by.

Hello, said a voice on the wind. It sounded wispy and ethereal.

You look very interesting. What are you? What are you doing here?

The voice of the wind floated around as it coalesced into a cloud.

"You seem so very heavy and bulky. How strange! What are you doing with the ground? Whatever it is, you're making this place much more interesting. I like that. I like interesting things. Teach me how to do that, I'd like to make things more interesting too," the cloud puffed. When it spoke, it sounded like a rumble of thunder instead of a wispy breeze, and hints of lightning crackled in its gray depths.

Whatever this wind-being was, it could change its aspects at will, and did often. After speaking as the cloud, the cloud dispersed and once again became a gentle breeze.

You can be my friend and show me how to do what you do, it said matter-of-factly, throwing about words it hardly knew the implications of.
The water tension on the surface of the lake rippled. The Nucleus knew of ripples, but never this spontaneously. It recoiled, pulling itself into the soil like an anemone.

Alien thoughts suddenly bombarded it. It realized, at that moment, that this was coming from a source seperate from itself. Something was alive beyond the borders of the green and living.

It struggled to make sense of the new thoughts, shaping its cells into a form that could process them, make sense of them, convert them into the same language that the Nucleus used to think to itself.


Bubbles showered up from the dark depths of the lake.


Pulsating harder, disturbing the mud and silt at the bottom of the swamp, it forced itself to make more sense, developing a more advanced internal biology in response to the newcomer.

"I am the thing that grows in the water. I know not what you ask. Who are you?"
The thing that grows in the water, it echoed. Did the wind just chuckle?

I asked you to show me how to do what you did. You did something. It's why I came over here, because I... felt you doing something. Something interesting, it continued. This word 'interesting' seemed to be of paramount importance to the wind being.

As for who I am, it whispered, I don't have a name. Yet. Can we give ourselves names? I think that would be very interesting. I'll call myself Qualax. It has an interesting sound. Qualax. How very very interesting.

It bubbled into a cloud again. "If I have a name, you have to have one too. That would be so very interesting, wouldn't it? We could call eachother by our new names."

The wind being seemed utterly fascinated and enthralled by these new concepts.
The Nucleus pulsed a little. The wind was always moving around, going fast. It didn't like that. It was a thing that grew slowly, in quiet, stagnant water. This whirling mind was utterly confounding to the Nucleus.

"I made the water flow over the earth," it said, "to give me places to grow. I made it happen because I wanted it to. I know nothing more than that."

"I am..."

It struggled with the concept of names. How could it just assign itself a random sound? How could a few vibrations in the air represent or summarize itself?

"...the Center," it said after a pause.

"I am the Center of the growing things."

Moth Igura. That is The Center in the tongue of the gods.
Moth Igura? it thought. Those words represented something else. How very interesting.

"Well, then greetings Moth Igura, Center of Growing Things. I am Qualax. I don't have anything else after that. Your name is much more interesting than mine, but that's fine. I can give it some thought."

It turned its thoughts to what Moth Igura said. "You wanted to. You mean if I want to do things, I can? That's... captivating!" it said, savoring the word it had conjured. Delightful.

The capricious being dissipated from its cloudy form and whirled up into the sky, moving around erratically; it converged again into a cloud, and soon began storming. Raindrops fell to the ground, nourishing the plants, and lightning cracked the now-dark skies.

Wonderful, it thought. While it stormed, the consciousness drifted away from the tempest it had created so it could admire it more fully. In it, the first 'creatures' could be seen; the thunderheads were as great rams, with horns that collided to produce great claps of thunder that could be heard for miles.

Stunning, it said to Moth Igura with grave import. It seemed to want the plant-being to agree with the sentiment.

[Create Populous: Thunderheads (2 AP)][0 AP remaining]
They rose to the surface of the of the water, runing over the bed of algae like a black puddle. They trickled uphill and raised their frontpart. The frontpart formed into the shape of his favorite colony, the Black bag, tendrils lashing and thrusting the green algae into it's mouth. They slithered all across the green matress eating

That was what they where. Hungry. No longer afraid, for none who belonged to Them ever died. The reason for this would have been a puzzlement if they wheren't so hungry, hungry, hungry.
Moth Igura (is that who it really was now?) had never thought about this before. It did not think about how it had altered the landscape to let itself grow. It had just done it.

The sky water was different from the sea water. It was empty of nutrients and salts, barren, just empty space. Moth Igura wondered what Qualax was trying to do.

"Yes," was all Moth Igura said.

Instinctively, Moth Igura was reshaping itself. To keep Qualax and his stupidity away from itself, Moth Igura grew a thick, impenatrable rind around its amorpheous form. A tough, gray skin, over a meter thick. All over the swamp, plants began to get tougher and harder.

Thorns emerged from Moth-Igura's rind. They studded its entire body, making it resemble an enormous, grayish spikeball. The larger stalks around it did the same, growing a thorny tangle over the surface of Moth Igura's lake. Throughout the swamp, and even in the cove it connected to, plants grew thicker, tougher, and developed thorns. Yes. That would keep the freshwater out.

There were big, throbbing plant bulbs the size of watermellons now. Some of them shot spore clouds into the air, letting the mad stormwinds carry them around. Some landed on the soil, and promptly died. Others, however, landed at sea, where they grew into more spiky, floating bulbs.

The black bags swallowed them...and had their inner cavities ripped apart by the thorns.

(Nourish Populace: 1 AP)
They felt it... Hundreds of deaths. All around. They didn't like it. So many of their... Children. For that was what they where. Children. They needed to care for them, and punish whoever had harmed them so. There where more hurts coming from That way, so They went That way.

Eventually, They came to an area filled with the greens. They began eating. It was different and delicious.
The greens here were delicious, but they were also tougher. In addition to the floating "hurts," there were thick stems attached to the soil, and other things growing from the stems. The black bag-like mouth could not swallow them, for it was designed for filter feeding. Soon, the stems and bulbs were so thick, that there was no room for the animal god to move forward.

(the animal god has a solid head now, so it can't just swarm through. You are blocked off a few dozen yards inland from the cove)
Qualax watched as Igura made its creations sturdier. It enjoyed watching its winds whisk them around.

That's fascinating.

A lightning bolt struck and then one of the bulbs caught fire! This caused Qualax to immediately whisk forward for a closer look.

Oh how interesting and new! It's eating your plants, said Qualax, delighted. It was delighted for a couple of reasons.

Qualax has three siblings.

(Fire god, here's a good place to jump in!)
Each individual part of Them let out a low, long keening. A strange noise coming out of a world silent but for the sound of Thunderheads crashing far away.

They had an excellent idea suddenly. They took the older, slower ones and put them in front. they stood staunchly together in line, ready to do battle against the seemingly unpassable barrier. It took a long time, and a lot of experimenting, but They discovered that by slamming the slow ones together, the greens would be eaten. The sound of a thousand creatures saying nom nom nom at once echoes through the swamp.
Qualax heard the low keening. Things were getting so interesting so fast! The wind blew over to where the sound came from.

It saw the thing-made-of-other-things.

The collective felt the breeze brush up against it; it was a startling, unfamiliar sensation.

Hello! said the voice on the winds. You're not a plant thing, so you're not Moth Igura. What are you doing? Why are you eating Igura? You're so different and so interesting! Do you have a name? I have a name. It's Qualax. It doesn't mean anything, but Moth Igura, the plant you're eating, it means something. Isn't that interesting?
Moth Igura felt something cutting its way into the swamp, leaving a trail of empty, lifeless water behind itself. Now that it was attuned to this, it sensed other, similar (but smaller) beings throughout the seas, eating holes in the algea. This world was so filled with irritations!

Soon, the swarm of microbes came into view.
They smelled the wind. One or two of Them heard words somewhere inside themselves. They didn't understand, and just pressed on deeper and deeper into the quagmire. There where even a few black bags here, and that made him excited. After They where done testing his new idea, They would be able to grant all Their children this gift!

They moved closer to the source of the Hurters. They where cautious, despite themselves. They moved closer and began trying to bite off the spikeys.
Qualax waited for the collective to make a response. It didn't! How insulting!

Qualax was getting bored, and boredom was anathema to the wind-god. It began to toss strong winds at the collective, picking them up and dispersing them to get its attention. Everytime the creatures reformed, Qualax sent a gust that scattered them in random directions, to which they frantically scrambled back together.

Qualax found this fascinating. It called out to Igura. Come here Moth Igura! These things are interesting. They like to eat you, why is that?
Moth Igura sensed the repugnant, ravenous thing that was moving toward it. Ah yes, it was of those Other Things. Those obnoxious, painful little specks that floated through the water, biting and chewing at the plants. Moth Igura wondered if this bigger thing was the Center of the biters, just as it was the Center of the greens. It had never thought the biters could have a Center. They weren't alive...just irritating.

Moth Igura realized that the big biters (black bags) it had sensed were all the children of this Center.

Shaking in silent wrath, the massive, spiky orb began to pulsate within its rind. A new orifice opened in its side, a segmented pair of flaps, which it used to push water at the newcomer, irritating and buffeting it around. Combined with the wind, its progress was barred.


Replying to Qualax, Moth Igura then said "Because it is bad."
Bad? the wind asked. It had never thought about things in those terms before.

Bad. Bad and good. What strange concepts to consider! If these things were Bad, then clearly Moth Igura getting rid of them was Good because they were Bad.

Yes, I understand. They are bad, the wind said with conviction. It liked the feeling of pronouncement that statement had. He had just made a judgment of value, and to the wind-being it was an epiphany. There were Good things (like Moth Igura!) and Bad things (the biters were Bad).

Qualax realized he had the power to do something about Bad things.

He retreated to the storm clouds and the storms turned... violent. The winds began to reach impressive force, and Moth Igura could see that despite its childlike personality, the might of the wind was impressive. It rocked the bulb back and forth, the gale force winds, and the biters found them both buffeted by wind and water.

It was the first hurricane, and Qualax was having the time of its life.
They where Quite annoyed by the blowing. And They didn't like it. So they got angry and started trying to bite harder.

Suddenly, his whole form shook with... meaning. Meaning surrounded them, and They instantly wanted to do as it ordered. They where so used to taking orders from whatever impulse hit them first, and since every part of Them wanted to "Go Away," they almost did. Almost.

The teeth, however, counciled to stay. They where wiser than the rest of Them, and had experienced far more. They questioned it.

"Why?" came the high pitched chittering of thousands of toothbeings.
Moth Igura's plants were being damaged by the strong winds, but the Center of the Biters was being hurt more. It found that it preferred Qualax over the biters.

"Because you are biting me!" Moth said to the intruder, "and you should not exist!"
A trickle of water started to flow out of the ziggurat leak. It collected into a nearby depression, the water level of this pond rising as time went by. Every now and then, the water would stir, as if it were dreaming. Distorted, flimsy, and forgetable thoughts and fancies drifted through the forming conciousness within its peaceful womb.

And then it awoke.

The new being could hardly move within where ever it was. It looked beyond... The world outside greeting the being with wonder. It wanted to explore; to touch, see, and hear whatever was further out. It gathered its strength and pushed itself out of its birthplace. Its first 'steps' brought it futher within the world beyond.

And then it slid back.

It was a being of water. The ground was too high to allow it to leave. No matter how many times it would try, it would fail. It was stuck; stranded to lie at lower ground while higher ground became torture to its curiosity. It stirred up waves within the pond, providing momentary distraction.
Qualax was the wind, and so when the water moved of its own accord, Qualax felt it. Its consciousness drifted over to the new pond. It recognized the new thing! It was different, yet familiar to him; they had been inside the ziggurat together!

Sibling! You're awake! I am so happy! This is marvelous! You must want to move! This will be so much fun!

Qualax was eager. He picked up the water-god through evaporation and carried it around, dispersing it over the land as the rain.
It suddenly got very not nice. They where blown all over the place, seperated but for the Bag and the Teeth. Tiny pieces of Them Crawled back together, reforming the puddle of a body.

"Bite... yes. We Bit the green. Yes. They are the Green. We should Bite you. They are not real. We made you in our teeth. Yes."
"You did not make me! I was here before you came!"

The huge, cactus-like sphere shook in fury, sending waves through the swamp almost as big as those caused by the wind.

"You always bite the greens, but I made spikes to kill you! Come closer and try to bite my Igura, I dare you!"

The spikes on Moth Igura's body grew longer, and began swaying back and forth in place, to cut anything that came close.
The toothed ones grew longer as They ground together. It was a bit like a form of applause. "They are part of Us, like our children are part of Us. We are everything. We are everywhere. We are They."
The water being was... curious towards this familiar stranger. The familiar stranger was offering to help it! It will be able to see the world beyond!

But then it was broken up, separating in many directions.
It hurt.
It hissed its displeasure as it hit the ground; water is meant to be together! The ground soaked up the water, the green things soaked up the water, and even the creatures soaked up the water!

The water being gathered itself within the ocean, but it was too upset over its lost parts to notice that it was still the same size.
The thorns were like dagger-blades now, and whirling almost too fast to see. The water around Moth Igura began to bubble profusely and heat up.

"You are Bad! You do nothing but kill and eat! You and your children are all the same!"

Moth Igura tore itself loose from the lake bed, the roots it had grown fusing together and forming a woody, spined plant of their own. Moth Igura was no perfectly spherical, and covered in humming blades.


Moth Igura rolled toward Them, its thorns carving away at the mud and stones as it charged through the swamp. The plants pulled out of the way.

Moth Igura built up speed and force, and then charged at Them, intending to crush the biters to powder and tear them to shreds with its spinning thorns.
Qualax was oblivious to the water's displeasure; Qualax was giving it movement, like the wind! How the water must be so grateful, it would certainly realize how grateful it was, yes.

It soon grew bored of this and the storm clouds began to disperse. Qualax's fury was over; indeed, he had almost forgotten why he had made the storms in the first place.

If the wind could have shrugged, it would have. It had noticed something peculiar about the two others (before its sibling that is!). They had real bodies. Qualax was the wind, but he could not touch things the way Moth Igura and They did.

Qualax was intrigued. It concentrated and pretty soon its form coalesced into something... substantial. It had somehow gained flesh! It had legs for moving, and arms and hands for grabbing. And soon it had a mouth to speak with.

"This is... amazing! I can eat!" and immediately Qualax picked up a plod of dirt in his hand. He forced it into his mouth and down his gullet.

They had been so adamant that Eating was paramount. It was interesting, but he didn't see the purpose for it. Maybe he wasn't eating the right thing. They seemed to think that Moth Igura was good to eat, so Qualax became the wind and drifted over to one of the smaller bulbs where he reformed into this new 'body'. He took a bite from the pod, using those 'teeth' (making sure to make the nom nom nom noise that seemed to be essential to the procedure) that They had created.

Qualax didn't find Moth Igura particularly appetizing. In fact, the hurties made it unpleasant. He began to bleed, and Qualax was quite distressed. This 'Eating' just wasn't for Qualax...
They where very very good at doing things. The journey through the swamp had taught him how to fight greens.

Using the Whipping cilla, They grabbed on to the Other one tightly, allowing it to whip Them around. Pull himself closer, breaking sixteen sharp parts. "What are They?" asked the teeth, wanting to bite but not doing so. "They are part of Us, and We want to know what They are doing to our children!" The teeth gnashed together, making the keening howl that they had done earlier. "oooh the children, how we miss them! They took them from us..."
Moth Igura bellowed as They grabbed it. It put all its weight ahead of itself, trying to grind Them against the rocks.

"You and your children eat the plants!" Shouted Igura, "I am the Center of the plants! You tried to eat us, so we grew spikes to keep you away. You started it!"

A single root shot out of the back of the sphere, planting itself against the ground. This gave Moth Igura more leverage to grind forward.
The Water Being sought out the Familiar Stranger, surging around the coast and creating large waves in its wake. The Familiar Stranger was different, but its insides must still be the same. It sent a wave after the Familiar Stranger, crashing onto the shore.
You... are so... free. How?
Qualax was upset at the punctures the bulb had made when he tried to Eat. He was done eating.

The water lapping at him made him shift his focus.

"I can teach you! Will it so, and you can do whatever you want! It's so much fun!"
"I am not part of you!" Insisted Moth Igura, "The greens are my children. I only hurt your children when you and yours tried to hurt mine! YOU are the aggressor here!"
They where having an internal argument. Some parts wished to tear appart the other one. It would be simple. Green things hardly put up much fight. But the teeth... well the teeth wanted to learn. Wanted to find out what Other was.

"What is it? What is not part of us? Tell us please."

(As an FYI, when they talks, "They" means others, and "Us" means "I")
I can... will it?

The Water Being thought hard. It wanted, no, needed to get onto land. It needed to see the World Beyond. It needed to stay together and not let the ground tell it where to go.

The Water Being formed a film around itself. It could make it onto land! Its excitement could barely be contained as it oozed next to the Familiar Stranger on the shore.

"Thank you so much! Have I met you before? I feel like I have. I feel... 'silly' for not thinking to change myself."
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