Trying to make a Green/Blue Standard deck. Ideas?

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I went to the pre-release tonight and picked green and got some good cards, so I went with green/blue. came in 49th place lol, but it was fun, so I wanna have a deck ready for next weeks FNM and I could use some help.

I would prefer to keep the budget somewhat low. maybe $50-$60? the most expensive cards will probably be the Green god since shes $15.

heres some of the better cards I have for standard (M14 too)

Thassas Emissary 1
Dissolve 1
VaporKin 2
Benthic Giant 1
Curse of the Swine 1
Horizon Chimera 1
Commune with the Gods 2
Nyleas Disciple 2
Ordeal of Nylea 1
Fade into Antiquity 1
Time to Feed 1
Leafcrown Dryad 1
Warriors Lesson
Arbor Colossus 1
Nessian Asp 1
Anthousa, Setessan Hero 1
Karametras Acolyte 1
Mistcutter Hydra 1
Nemesis of Mortals 1


Scavenging Ooze 4
Elvish Mystic 4
Seacoast Drake 4
Divination 4
Time Ebb 4
Deadly Recluse 4
Enlarge 1

I could use Bident of Thassa too since its very cheap.

i'm gonna try to throw something together in a bit, but feel free to list cards!

Green/blue can go 1 of 2 ways, in my opinion. First, is aggro. Using small creatures with evolve ( Experiment One ) that will constantly grow and some bounce ( Voyage's End ) to remove blockers, you can push through a lot of damage. On the other side of the coin is control, using Prophet of Kruphix to not only untap your land on your opponent's turn so you can play more spells, but to sneak creatures in at the end of their turn where sorcery speed removal ( Supreme Verdict ) cannot kill them. This deck would use lots of counterspells ( Dissolve ), only the most efficient creatures and ways to draw cards ( Prime Speaker Zegana ). The control deck is probably more expensive.

One thing in general when building a deck is to realize what cards are good and what cards are bad. A creature that does not have really powerful stats (usually stats that are greater than, or at least equal to, their cost, like 3 power for 2 mana) or a creature that does not have a very powerful effect, all the while still being cheap to cast are often the best creatures. Also, keep synergy in mind. You may have powerful cards, but if they conflict with one another, like running Supreme Verdict in a swarm deck, then your deck will fail. 

Good luck! 

yeah a lot of people go that way...but in all honestly i'd like to make a fatty deck instead of a counters deck, with blue being used for card draw, protection, counterspells, etc. thats what i'm working on right now.

if i go this way, i think i would like to have the Deadly Recluses rather than the Scavenging Oozes. i feel pretty safe with the the same time it feels like a waste not to use the Oozes

Not to bad. Maybe up the Forest count a little since most of the spells are Green and you have several with double G in the cost. The Horizon Chimera seem not needed. You could change those to something else, but I am not sure what. Maybe the green elf that gets counters based on devotion. I can't remember his name right now.

horizon chimera doesnt do enough and i wouldnt play witchstalker mainboard.


nyleas emmisary

simic charm

and divination are meh


enlarge would be better as a 1 or 2 off, its very vulnerable to removal. 


this deck is to slow too be agro so imo you should move it into midrange deadbridge goliath and arbor colossus are both great value and dirt cheap $$-wise

midrange lets you use pit fight. kalonian tusker is a good early drop that lets you put out pressure fast


however if you do go midrange rather than agro I wouldnt play the bow, if deathtouch isnt very important then it doesnt do enough.


one concern id have w this deck is that you're barely using blue. thats a large loss  of consistency for dubious gain. 3 spells that are affordable and make blue worth it would be plasm capture progenitor mimic prime speaker zegana - they arent free though, but if you cant afford them or come up w some other reason to play blue other than bident, id cut blue altogether

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